Ipoh: Keng Nam best white coffee! Others – curry mee, chee cheong fun, pulut kaya

I’v heard of the pulut kaya at Keng Nam and although it sounded intriguing it hasn’t been appealing enough to entice me to Keng Nam for it.

After all, pulut with kaya is like kuih kaya or pulut tekan, just minus the blue color.
Besides, the kaya is too sweet for my liking.


Still it is good to try at least once.

There is a version where you can mix kaya and curry over the pulut (glutinous rice) but to me it is like kunyit with curry while the kaya part is like pulut tekan.
However, mixing both curry and kaya plus the pulut – now that’s an option for my next visit!

We were pretty stuffed from our Foh San dim sum breakfast, and headed over to Keng Nam based on Joanna’s recommendation of Keng Nam’s white coffee.

The intention was for coffee, but we ended up ordering more food!


The wantan mee (just noodles and vegetables) is a shocking RM2.00.
Just RM2.00!


The chee cheong fun (RM3.50) was good, much better in the sense that it is not as oily as the others that I’ve had before.

keng nam coffeeshop - breakfast in ipoh - curry mee, chee cheong fun, kaya glutinous rice


You can opt for the chee cheong fun to be topped with curry plus pork skin, enjoy it the usual style which is with green chillies, sweet sauce plus red chilli sauce or with mushroom sauce.

The same stall sells yam cake as well; homely and loaded with chunks of yam, just the way I like it.


But it was this Keng Nam Iced white coffee (RM2.10) that had us all sighing in pleasure.

Not overly sweet or strong but with a rich aroma and a smooth finish, it resembles a glorious coffee milkshake.

Ipoh Keng Nam best white coffee, curry mee, chee cheong fun, pulut kaya-003


This is my favourite coffee in Ipoh now, and that’s a conclusion after having had Kong Heng’s, Nem Heong’s and Sin Yoon Loong.


This coffeeshop is coming to 25 years of operations and still going strong. It is a perennial favourite of local people of Ipoh, located away from the chaos of Kong Heng and Thean Chun where an unhurried breakfast is possible.

Other food choices include the popular curry mee, though I’ve only heard so-so reviews so far. Keng Nam’s eggs on toast is a gorgeous plate of sunny eggs over buttered, toasted bread.

The yong tau foo looks promising as well, so that will my breakfast on my next visit, alongside the mixed kaya and curry pulut!

Ipoh Keng Nam best white coffee, curry mee, chee cheong fun, pulut kaya-002


Just a warning though, the curry mee is pretty bland and oily – both dry and soup version. Ingredients are sparse too.

Ipoh Keng Nam best white coffee, curry mee, chee cheong fun, pulut kaya

Kedai Kopi Keng Nam
127, Jalan Raja Ekram,
30300 Ipoh.
Opens for breakfast til late morning.
Phone:+60 5-255 7328

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  1. B

    Are there any ingredients in the wanton mee?

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Hi B!
      Just noodles with the sauce and vegetables 😀
      You can request for more at the stall but this was the “basic”

  2. Sean EDKL

    if the wantan mee is RM2 now, i wonder what it would have been in 2006! 😀

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