IPOH: Boutique hotel under RM50/night – 27 at Concubine Lane

The charming and old but definitely lovingly kept 27 at Concubine Lane may not be your average boutique hotel with all the sparkles and decor in place to recreate the nostalgic vibe.

At 27 at Concubine Lane, it is as real as it gets.


On the ground floor, the walls, window frames, the facade (front of the house), the heavy tall doors  and beams plus fixtures were maintained in its original state since its very first owner.
In fact, this wonderful home is still in possession of the same family, now in its 3rd generation.


Take a look at this video and tell me if 27 At Concubine Lane is homely? 🙂

However, out of necessity, renovation were done to the back of the house where the kitchen, washroom and back door are, but done cleverly to preserve the entire look and feel of the house.

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There were no cement floors, no water or electricity before the renovation; said John, the kind Britishman who is currently caretaker of 27 at Concubine Lane.
John also oversees the day-to-day affairs of the charming boutique hotel.

We did the kitchen, showers and back door. The loft where you are staying as well as the private rooms are new.
What we did was to bring it back to life, making it a liveable space, but none of the “overdone” decor like how current boutique hotels are like“, John remarked.

It is true.

In fact I couldn’t tell the old and the new sections of the house apart.

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Lovingly maintained and standing solid, this residence exuded a homely feel, welcoming guests to its inner sanctuary.

No doubt a new water system is in place and the washrooms were renovated before, and I’m glad for it, for the shower pressure is fair, there is hot water and the entire washroom area is clean and comfortable to use.


sensodyne - 27 on concubine lane


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The kitchen and pantry area where the airwell is and it is my favourite spot of such old houses. I just enjoy the light and air that ventilates the inner sanctum of a home, especially via natural means.


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The lane outside is busy on weekends and bustling during lunch time (Wong Koh Kee is here and so is Ding Weng taufufa) but the commotion doesn’t get pass its tall wooden doors.


Inside the house, it remained peaceful.
It is as though I’ve stepped back time, for the moment I stepped into the hall of 27 at Concubine Lane, I felt at ease, and more than eager to drop my bags and sit back for a cuppa.

John, the person-in-charge launched a brief and loving tale about this little abode as soon as we stepped in for our check-in.
He leads us to our dorm and showed us the washroom, the loft and explained some house rules.

Both John and Stephanie also inquired if we would need food or sightseeing recommendations, but there is no need, since I’m so often in Ipoh and have the most reliable guide in Brian Law.

Here, watch this video. It would give you an idea of what to expect if you book a dorm bed for RM30/night in 27 at Concubine Lane.

Private rooms are AIR CONDITIONED but the dorm where I’m at is not.
The WIFI is fickle and slow, but when it works, it connects and uploads are fairly acceptable.

Rates are RM150/night for Saturdays, RM120 for Sundays and weekdays are RM100/night (as of May 2016).



The dorm sharing room at the loft is an open space with beds. Each bed gets a bedsheet, a pillow, a towel and a blanket.
There are ample power sockets around though I would suggest that you bring a extension cord if you travel with as many gadgets as I do.
There is a cloth rack, a large mirror and a cupboard for you to keep your items, though unlocked.
There is a fan over each bed to keep you cool since the loft is not air conditioned.

All in all, it may look sparse, but hey, for RM30/night, I have no complaints.
In fact, I loved it.

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Parking on the roads near 27 at Concubine Lane is free on Sundays or for a minimal fee on weekdays. Be sure to get your parking coupons ready.
Anyhow, there is a large parking space within 5 minutes walk so parking isn’t a big issue.

BELOW: Look out for this parking space near Hor Yan Hor and Han Chin Pet Soo.


Complimentary sachets of 3-in-1 tea and Ipoh coffee (yes!) are in the fridge and the 3 residence felines could keep one company, but 27 at Concubine Lane’s location in the busy streets of Ipoh old town is opportunely near to the popular Kong Heng and Thean Chun coffeeshops as well as the iconic, photogenic areas of Plan B and Yasmin.
Thus there is plenty to do and see.

Finding food is never a problem as many coffeeshops and cafes are within walking distance; namely Kong Heng, Thean Chun, Sin Sean Lee, STG Cafe, The Wheelhouse and many more.


So feast on eggtarts, Ipoh curry mee, thick Ipoh coffee, Ipoh chicken rice, Ipoh hor fun and pork satay, just to name a few!



27 at Concubine Lane
27 Lorong Panglima, 30000 Ipoh, Perak
Hours: Mon-Sun: 7:00 am – 11:00 pm
Contact: + 6 012-221 3202

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  1. Sean EDKL

    love the first shot of you striding down the colourful lane … really nice! 🙂 and the loft of the hotel actually looks quite charming too 😉

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Hehhehe.. tq tq. credits to the photographer!
      And yes, this house is particularly authentically charming! So homely really!

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