IPOH best restaurants Part 7: Yam Yam Restaurant for dai chow in Tmn Ipoh

Yam Yam Seafood Restaurant was one of the restaurants that offers almost all my favourite food in one venue – homemade fishballs, frogs (yes!!), claypot lamb and sweet and sour pork.

Sadly, food turned out to be just about decent, definitely not one of my favorites or one that I’ll be keen to revisit.
But to be fair, it wasn’t terribly bad, just that we weren’t impressed with our dinner.

ipoh dai chow restoran yam yam-001

My yardstick for any Chinese restaurant is their sweet and sour pork.

Yam Yam’s version was good; the tomato gravy rich and tangy with decent amount of not overly fried pieces of pork (always a good thing!) plus there were added diced onions and capsicums, all in all a good deal for RM15.00, since that is pretty much the standard pricing for ku lou yok in Ipoh.

lamb stew - ipoh dai chow restoran yam yam-010

Another dish worth recommending is their Lamb with Fu Chok (RM18.00).

Braised until tender with the flavours of the gravy permeating to the bone, the only downside was the bony pieces.
For RM18.00, we expected substantial amount of meat, not just pieces of lamb that made up in numbers, but had barely any flesh on them.

1 lamb stew - ipoh dai chow restoran yam yam

For something out of the ordinary from the likes of chicken, pork and fish, Yam Yam happened to be one of the few restaurants in Ipoh that offers frogs on their menu.

They do it quite well too, judging from our order of Steamed Frog with Chicken Essence (RM35).
The amphibians were tender but firm, lightly steamed in chicken essence; a type of preparation method that is unconventional, even for an unconventional dish such as this.

Just a forewarning though; it can be pretty bland and one might find the essence diluted.
I thought a sprinkle of salt would help but I was told that for medicinal purposes, you should eat this as it is (minus embellishment).
I guess that’s the way it was meant to be, so do keep your expectations in check.
If you wish to chew on more flavourful frogs, I suggest that you request for a different method of preparation.

ipoh dai chow restoran yam yam-005

1 ipoh dai chow restoran yam yam-002

Another of Yam Yam’s signature is their homemade fishballs.
Now I’m one crazy fishball fan.
In fact I would travel and visit restaurants and dim sum outlets just for the purpose of eating fishballs!

ipoh dai chow restoran yam yam-007

Yam Yam’s version is served in a light flavoured soup with vegetables, wolfberries and mushrooms. A standard serving of 6 homemade fishballs is RM9.00.

While I had no issues with the soup nor the texture of the fishballs, I found them to be a bit too salty and that ruined the dish for me.

ipoh dai chow restoran yam yam-004

Well, it wasn’t a bad dinner per se, just that each dish could have been stellar, but marred by little details.


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Restoran Makanan Laut Yam Yam
9, Lebuh Raya, Ipoh Garden South,
31400 Ipoh.
No fixed off days.
Hours: 11:00am-3:00pm, 5:00pm-10:00pm
6% GST.

Tel: 012 5651 510.

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