IPOH best restaurants Part 4: Yum Yum for halal, delicious Nyonya Thai food

Eating Thai food in Ipoh?

Well, I had similar reservations when my trusted Ipoh guide Brian bought the topic up. However over the years, I’ve learnt that if Brian recommends it, it will be good.

As it turns out, it was one of our better meals in Ipoh that week!


Steamed Fish – RM40.00
Butter Basil Prawns – RM18
Vegetables – RM8.00
Vietnamese Garlic Chicken – RM17

2 Coconuts and 1 iced water – RM13.20
Rice (4-5 pax) – RM4.60

Total RM107.07 inclusive of  5% Service Charge and 6% GST.

Yum Yum for halal, delicious Thai food-002

Yum Yum’s menu is an intriguing mélange of Nyonya and Thai flavours with Chinese influences thrown in. In operations since 1991 and owned by a Chinese couple, Yum Yum’s sister outlet in Kota Damansara, KL is called Little Yum.
Both outlets are pork-free and offers almost similar menu.

Signatures here include Asam Fish Head and on Fridays a special Siamese Laksa + a local dessert of the day goes for MYR 7.50 per set.
We were there on a Monday so there were no Siamese Laksa for us. Nevertheless, this was our first visit so we were game to try anything.

Following the boss’s recommendations, our lunch was great. A particularly remarkable dish was this Butter Basil Prawns (RM18).
You will be forgiven if at first glance you thought this was green curry. But nope, it isn’t!

Why have green curry (again) if you could savour creamy, robust pesto gravy instead. If you haven’t tried this, you should.
They do a chicken version as well if you do not fancy seafood.

basil butter prawn

RM40 for a whole fish is the norm these days and this particular golden promfret was a good deal for its size (RM6.50 per 100g).
Yum Yum offers 4 methods of cooking the fish – Gulai Tumis, Assam Curry, Assam Sambal and Superior Soy Sauce.

Yum Yum for halal, delicious Thai food-001

Steering away from the conventional, we opted for the “Yum Yum’s Golden Lime Sauce“. The fish was cooked to perfect doneness and smothered in fragrant mix of mashed ginger. The pool of sauce it rested on was delightfully appetizing and provided a nice jolt to our jaded tastebuds.

No recipe was shared, but the boss did indulged us on the ingredients used which include Bentong ginger, chilli and lime juice.

Yum Yum for halal, delicious Thai food-001

The Vietnamese chicken topped with homemade fresh garlic, chilli, spring onions was faultless as well. One can’t go wrong with a well marinated chicken, especially so when it was fried and sporting a crispy coat plus juicy flesh.
But it was the sauce that won us over; a pungent, spicy combo that imparted such lively flavours.

Yum Yum for halal, delicious Thai food-003

We enjoyed the fat, sweet beansprouts and we are glad that it was just lightly fried with salted fish so we could relish its natural flavours. The Mango Kerabu (RM4.60) offers the prerequisite zing for a Thai themed lunch.

Yum Yum for halal, delicious Thai food

Ipoh thai restaurant Yum Yum - halal thai -011

Another uncommon variety of meat available here is venison so you are seeking other options than chicken then give the venison a try.
For vegetarians there are tofu and assortments of vegetables cooked in many ways on the menu.

BELOW: Complimentary fruits as dessert.

Ipoh thai restaurant Yum Yum - halal thai -002

Yum Yum for halal, delicious Thai food-006

Yum Yum for halal, delicious Thai food-004



Yum Yum Restaurant Ipoh (Pork Free)
5 Persiaran Greenhill (New Town)
Tel: 05-253 7686
Business Hours: 12 -3pm and 6pm-10pm
OFF: Wednesdays
Prices: GST applicable.

Waze: “Yum yum
Parking: Roadside, quite challenging on weekdays.

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