IPOH best chinese restaurants Part 10: Sin Hup Kee @ Jalan Leong Sin Nam

Sin Hup Kee is one of Ipoh’s most famous Chinese restaurant, popular with both locals and visitors from other states.
It is of course; a must-try in our list, since I’m compiling a list of Best Ipoh Chinese Restaurants.

Brian joined us for lunch and picked the recommended dishes.
We started with their signature stir fried chicken (“Kon Thin Kai“) which Brian forewarned us that “it used to be way better back in the days“.
Well, a lot of food were, as many restaurants started loosing their attention to detail or are cutting corners for commercial reasons.

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Whatever it was, Brian was right.
It is nothing finger-licking good though I can see why many would like it; sticky, sweet, slightly crispy on the outside but not the deep-fried crispy.
It is an easy to like dish, great for kids and ideal for those who prefer non-spicy stuff. Besides, Sin Hup Kee can truly claim this as their own, and it is natural for anyone to order the signatures of a Chinese restaurant, especially if you are a first timer.

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If you noticed, I’ve consistently ordered sweet and sour pork in almost every of the 10 restaurants that I’ve been to.
I’m just a sucker for it.
Sin Hup Kee’s version is pleasant enough with thick, not merely batter coated with thick tangy gravy.
RM8 (S) – as below. You can order RM12 (M) or RM20 (B).

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For some greens, or rather fibres, we had a plate of fried beansprouts with salted fish.
This simple dish was adeptly prepared with the crunchiness of the beansprouts still intact. Besides, with Ipoh’s fat, juicy beansprouts, it takes an idiot to kill such an elementary dish.

RM6 (S) for this, else you can opt for RM8 (M) or RM10 (B).

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I love this soup.
It was quite a large serving (as evident from the bowl size) and it was only RM4.00!
In the depths of the flavourful soup many slices of tender lean pork, fishcakes and assorted vegetables lurked within.

Salted Vegetable Soup. RM4 (S). RM5 (M). RM6 (B).

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If you had noticed, the pricing at Sin Hup Kee is particularly competitive. Aside from fish (seafood is expected to be costly), most of the other dishes were below RM10.
This, in spite of the clean, comfortable seating and fully air-conditioned outlet that is supremely popular both for lunch and dinner.
It is worthy to note as well that the proprietor does not cut on portion for the sake of lower prices. I personally thought that the portions were pretty standard compared to the other restaurants in Ipoh.

All in all, a meal at Sin Hup Kee can be expected to be reasonably priced and good, not exceptional, but good.
For lone diners, there are many one meal dishes to choose from and that certainly explains the office crowd during weekdays lunch.

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Sin Hup Kee Restaurant
17 Jalan Leong Sin Nam,
Ipoh, Perak.
Tel: +605 2423128
Hours: 11:00am – 3:00 pm
5:00 pm – 10:00pm.
Close: Tuesday.
Waze : “Sin Hup Kee”.

Puchong branch:
I think it’s closed already? Tried calling but no answer.

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  1. Sean EDKL

    ooo, we have completely opposite views about sweet-sour pork … it’s actually a dish that i practically never order (cos i find the sauce often cloying, but maybe i’ve just been trying the wrong it at the wrong places) …

    1. Rebecca Saw

      HAhhaa! I have this obsession for sweet and sour pork really!
      But I agree that if its not done right, it can be a mess of batter in cheap, thick, starchy tomato gravy which is damn unappetizing! 😀

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