International call rates to go “ Whoa! “ over!

I realized I have not posted on iTalk Whoa for a while. Remember that I posted on (HERE ) how I normally used the iTalk Whoa interface as my twitter client + email + sms + VOIP dialer?

Well, that has become such an ingrained daily routine now that it’s automatic. And so is using the phone dialer function in the iTalk Whoa portal itself whenever I need to make an international call for the company.

Yes, COMPANY. I created an account for my company on And I got my clients to call me back on the iTalkWhoa too!

Because iTalkWhoa is a web based portal, I’m able to enjoy these same rates if I’m making the calls from anywhere in the world. Hence same for my client’s side if they so wish.

Let me give you an example. During a pitch we had with a Singapore-based company recently, I mentioned that I would be in touch not just via email but if a lengthy conversation/explanation is required, they can email me requesting for a teleconversational chat.

Naturally they thought I was joking & laughed it off. Till I showed them this.

Note: Rates are online HERE.

italk rates1
italk rates2
italk rates3
italk rates4
italk rates5

Singapore for RM0.09 / minute!

It seriously translates to quite a substantial amount of savings. Rather than using my mobile or the company line.

So you know what the Singaporeans did? All of them signed up for iTalk Whoa. And since iTalk credit can be bought at Maybank2U, CIMB Clicks and all stores displaying iTalk ONLY in Malaysia, they top up the credit (and buy as much credit as possible) whenever they are in Johor!

Morale of the story?

We got a good product here & even the Singaporeans knows how to take advantage of this. So why not us Malaysians?

Even when I was in Thailand, I was calling back to talk to my boss & getting updates via iTalk Whoa, cheaper than SMSes, or paying for roaming charges.

Right now, iTalk is running a promo til the end of the year.

iTalkWhoa  Calls Promo

Only these selected countries.

Previous rates : China (RM0.11, calling fixed & mobile line), US (RM0.14, fixed & mobile), UK (RM0.14, RM0.77) , Canada (RM0.14) & Australia (RM0.30, RM0.81). Now ALL for RM0.07/minute.

I foresee a lot of value for Australia. There are so many Malaysians who has relatives, friends & err..even BF/GFs in Aussie! Spread the word ppl! Good things are meant to be shared!

So, how to use the VOIP in iTalk Whoa portal?

Via the cute pink phone icon (is a shortcut) which is the VOIP dialer which is found in the MAIL tab!

iTalkWhoa  Phone

Click on it, a dialer will pop up…….


And dial away!


Best part about this is; it allows me to monitor the usage pretty easily.

How easy? It is via top up of credit! Just like your prepaid mobile. Finish credit means call over! 😉

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  1. Leo

    it’s cheap alright! For my business I am still using phone & sms as the mean to communicate with my clients! You know la.. China apek doesn’t really know the technology! Well, but lately I have made a few new clients who knows about all those email and MSN 😛

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