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Yesterday, ING Malaysia unveiled its new series called INGeasi For You, comprising 3 all-in-one, flexible investment-linked insurance packages that offer protection and investment options to suit one’s needs at the different life stages.

ING Malaysia - Meet Your Future Self FB App-001

The 3 packages are Discover, Achieve and Build.

Discover: When you graduate and join the working world
Achieve: As you advance on your career path
Build: As you start a family and have to plan for your future and that of your loved ones.


Now, I already have 3 policies, which monthly instalments in total adds up to more than my monthly rent. But is it worth it?

Of course it is! You won’t believe the ludicrous amount a medical bill can come up to, even if it’s for a minor health issue. The moment you’re hospitalised, be prepared to part with your life savings if you’re admitted into any private hospital.

However, with 3 policies, I might not require another. So what’s my interest in the “INGeasi For You”?

ING Malaysia - Meet Your Future Self FB App-002

The fact that the campaign coincides with the launch of the insurer’s official ING Insurance Berhad Facebook Fan page!

ING Landing Page (2)

At the launch, Joos, the CMO of ING Insurance said, “It is crucial that we embrace social media as an alternative channel to connect with our customers as Malaysians are amongst the most active social media networkers worldwide.

Now, I can’t agree more. At the launch ING also introduced their Facebook application that allows users to meet their future self, virtually. The application is designed to replicate the Facebook user’s profile and show their future in 5, 10 and 20 years based on their chosen goals and dreams.

Sounds good right? Thus I enthusiastically checked out the FB app as soon as I got home.

The landing page.

ING Landing Page (2)

ING FB page was launched just 7 days back so the numbers are currently at 532. Anyhow, I’m expecting the numbers to increase organically in the coming weeks, especially since they just launched this app.

Personally, I liked the idea of a FB app. A digital marketer myself, I like campaigns that calls for interaction. And an app is usually interactive.
What I don’t like about a FB app is this, having to allow the app to access your information. However, most apps will only access the basic information and the information is probably required to make the app interactive.

Go to apps

At this stage, you’ll have to select your 4 top desires out of all the below.

(1) Meet Your Future Self on Facebook
Based on your selection, the app will “unveil” your future. Choose the years you want to see yourself, be it 5, 10 or 20 years from now.

(1) Meet Your Future Self on Facebook 2

20 years.
The date on the album will show the year calculated from now.

ING 20years

10 years.
If you look to the right of the screenshot below, the orange buttons shows the years that you can opt to change so that’s exactly what I did.
Notice that the album below the dates are changed to Feb 22, 2022.

ING 10years

5 years. Notice that the buttons at the side is 10 and 20 years now?

ING 5years

Besides that, the red circle above is a link that will take you to another page as below that shows the 3 “INGeasi For You” packages as we have discussed above.
Click on the individual thumbnails to access more details about each package.


Below is an example of the INGeasi For You “Achieve” Package.
If you click on “Tell Me More”, you will be directed to another page with detailed explanation of the package as well as an option to download the full brochure of the insurance plan.

So yes, there’s an advertising element to this app as well.

(1) Meet Your Future Self on Facebook 5

So is there all there is?
Well, I was disappointed that the pictures were just generic pictures and the app wasn’t able to “pull pictures from my album” and personalised each picture a bit.

ING 20years (2)

But there was one part that I liked. Right on the lowest right, click on the “Take a pïcture” . Then you’ll see this.

ing 7

I don’t see the point of this, but well, maybe ING was just making collecting data? Anyhow, some people do leave out this detail in their FB profile, weirdly enough.


Ok, this does work. I was having a bad hair day so I didn’t take a shot. 🙂
For this, I chose 5 years.

ING 9.3

And this 10 years. I guess the picture showed the “progression” of my lifestyle from 5 to 10 years. The above 5 years picture shows me travelling the world, while the below depicts me behind the wheels of a yatch. So in 10 years I’m an owner of a yatch!

ING 9.2

Here I am in 20 years. Darn, I sure wish! -_-

ING 9.1

And of course, this being a digital campaign, there’s an option of sharing the app as well.

ing easi 1

Hhmmm.. frankly …
Oh wait, why don’t you tell me what YOU think?
Or go try it out yourself! 

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  1. Nikel

    sound very funny playing around with this apps..

  2. Akulah Pak Lan

    Insurance nowday is a must!!!!

    One is not enough. But ING found good way to attract people

      1. Akulah Pak Lan

        Yeah, one from company. The other one personal. But seems like i need to add more

      2. rebeccasaw

        Yup, think and decide carefully lo!

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