Influence Asia 2015: My Cheong-Saree by Saree Sense

I had an fabulous time at the Influence Asia 2015 and 50% of the reason was this amazing piece that I wore for the awards day.
Nothing boasts the confidence more than looking absolutely fantastic and being one of the few wearing an outstanding dress in a ballroom full of other stunning influencers!

Rebecca Saw - saree sense

It was an “Asia” influencers’ event, so this wonderful dress by Saree Sense was apt; an amalgamation of Asian culture with its clever union of the elegant Chinese cheongsam with the subtle sensuality of the saree.
If you are a Malaysian, one might wish there was an element of the Malay traditional dresses such as the kebaya or the baju kurung to complete the muhibbah theme, but I thought it lovely as it is and was extremely thrilled to have had the opportunity to wear it.

SG - Saree Sense - Blue lotus

Here is the Blue Lotus on
You can find the complete details on this intricate piece as well as the price.

saree sense singapore - blue lotus

The designer Subashini Balakrishnan is a true blue Singaporean who took her inspirations from the day-to-day facets of life in Singapore.
She has a saree designed from HDB flat (I kid you not!), one inspired by the King of Fruits, the durian and another by the MRT!
A computer science graduate (*waves* Hey Suba, me too! LOL!), Subashini embarked on her passion for design and sarees in 2014 and has since gaining recognition for her ingenuity.

I met her in person for the first time when she came over to drape my saree for me. All our earlier correspondence was just via Whatsapp, yet she was able to get ensure the Blue Lotus fits me.
She had the blouse adjusted to my size and well, the beauty of the saree is it is highly adjustable to fit your body.
As for Suba herself, she is one kind, humble, friendly and likeable lady.
It is an honour for me to wear her design and I hope, oh no, I know for a fact Saree Sense will be formidable as a brand in both the local and international arena.
Just this January 2015 this very same Blue Lotus Singapore Saree made it to Miami as the Reigning Miss Universe Singapore, Rathi Menon represented the country at the 63rd Miss Universe Pageant.

Rebecca saw - Singapore saree sense

Thank you again Suba for entrusting me the honour of wearing your incredible saree. I LOVE IT SO MUCH.

Want to outshine everyone like I did?
Check out and look for Subashini!

Last but not least, my utmost gratitude goes to Sara Ann, my friend who kindly introduced me to Subashini and Saree Sense, all else all of this wouldn’t have been possible.
Thank you Sara.

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