Indulgence Restaurant & Living, Ipoh – my Designer Breakfast the morning after

I woke up this morning and asked myself “What’s for breakfast?”.

Immediately visions of thick fluffy french toast and poached eggs came to mind. I’m a huge huge fan of western breakfast. Give me toast, eggs, sausages and muesli anytime. Other than the occasional nasi lemak & dim sum, my immediate preference for breakfast is Continental or American.

designer breakfast - indulgence Living & Restaurant Ipoh-10

It was while I was pondering where to head to for a good American fry-up did flashbacks of my indulgent Ipoh trip came into mind.
Oh, I love Indulgence Restaurant and Living. I love my Qatrynka suite and I love my wonderful breakfast the day after.
Let me share with you the breakfast that awaits me when I woke up from my slumber on the four-poster bed.

indulgence living and restaurant, ipoh-03
Every Breakfast set comes with a choice of coffee/tea or fresh juice. Served from 9am onwards until 12pm, breakfast is not available on Mondays/Tuesdays as Indulgence Restaurant is closed on those days. However, but the restaurant remains opened for hotel guests.

There’s a plethora of items to choose from the menu, but mine was as predictably as carbo-licious as possible.

designer breakfast - indulgence Living & Restaurant Ipoh-9

Here’s Andrew’s morning pick-me up – Julie’s signature Hibiscus Latte, with my pancakes in the background. Julie has been incorporating hibiscus into her menu and cooking recently, as she has partnered up with another friend who has a hibiscus farm in Malaysia.

designer breakfast - indulgence Living & Restaurant Ipoh-2

This Hibiscus Latte was a tad sweet, but what it does is it perfumed the latte with its floral scent and gave the coffee an overall pleasant floral sweetness. It might have been more suitable for me, since I like my coffee sweet. Andrew could barely finish it.
My healthy choice of beverage for breakfast is a Strawberry Milkshake. And Indulgence Restaurant serves a very mean, luscious and thick one too.

Oops, not so healthy after all? Nahh.. it still is I’m sure.
There’s protein from the milk and vitamins from the strawberries right?  😉

designer breakfast - indulgence Living & Restaurant Ipoh-1

My pancakes takes 20 minutes to serve, but not to worry, it was already informed beforehand on the menu.

designer breakfast - indulgence Living & Restaurant Ipoh-7

These pancakes were definitely worth the wait. It was incredibly fluffy and light, thanks to use of purely only egg whites in the recipe. I’m not sure it should rightfully be named pancakes either, as it’s more of an egg souffle. I love bananas with pancakes and this was even better as they came drizzled in caramel.

designer breakfast - indulgence Living & Restaurant Ipoh-3

Andrew’s choice of breakfast actually topped mine! We both loved this dish. I wished I can remember the ingredients in it, but vaguely I could recall eggs & spinach. The sardines (not the Ayam brand ones, mind you!) were hardly fishy, something which I didn’t like about sardines. These gourmet ones were flaky, meaty and plain delicious.

designer breakfast - indulgence Living & Restaurant Ipoh-4

designer breakfast - indulgence Living & Restaurant Ipoh-5

If I could make such wonderful breakfast each weekend, I would!

Good news is, I’m moving to a new place next month! It has a big kitchen and I’m thrilled knowing that I could bake, whip up American brekkie and slowly doubleboil nourishing soups each week from Feb onwards!  :DD


Time to put my Ikea Malaysia Ambassadorship Card into good use too! I have been at lost as to what I should buy the last few months as I have almost everything I need at my current place.

ikea card malaysia

Well, the new kitchen would need new kitchen utensils so it’s Ikea shopping time!

designer breakfast - indulgence Living & Restaurant Ipoh-8

By the way, I’m thinking of attempting caneles with my new oven. Anyone one of you here like Caneles?

designer breakfast - indulgence Living & Restaurant Ipoh

WebsiteIndulgence Restaurant and Living, Ipoh

GPS:  N04° 35′ 37.50″, E101° 4’37.48″

14, Jalan Raja Dihilir
30350 Ipoh Perak.

All pictures taken with:

Samsung NX11

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  1. Sean

    wow, this truly seems like a breakfast worth the two-hour drive to ipoh! the hibiscus drink sounds very enticing, and the egg ‘pancakes’ look incredible! 😀
    wow, good luck with the move too. i can imagine you’ll be spending tons of time in the kitchen, baking lots of goodies. maybe macarons sometime! 😀

    1. rebeccasaw

      Yups! Worth a drive! If one can drive there for dim sum, one should drive there for Indulgence Designer brekkie!

  2. henrytan

    Hibiscus Latte? hibiscus? wow! i never know it could be mixed in drinks!
    and your pancakes are making me hungry! TT

    1. rebeccasaw

      Yups, hibiscus latte, hibiscus sambal, hibiscus puree.. Julie has a lot of “hibiscus” theme going there!

  3. minchow

    Exquisite! I could do with both in a single sitting! New kitchen looks roomy indeed, you’re gonna have much fun in it. Happy New Home!

    1. rebeccasaw

      Haha.. the portions looked small but they are actually quite filling 😛
      Yes, will be blogging abt my new home soon 😀

  4. Bengbeng

    i ike yr spacious kitchen. lots of projects can be done there

  5. Charmaine

    I can imagine how tasty the pancake is *drooling*
    Have a happy long holiday! <3

  6. JunFook

    I wish I have such breakfast….T____________T

  7. Isaac Tan

    i see you’re living the life! would say the american dream, but we’re in malaysia though. Enjoy your big big kitchen Rebecca!

    1. rebeccasaw

      Heheh I’m loving the kitchen!
      Have a good weekend Isaac, wherever you are!

  8. missyblurkit

    food looks gorgeous. can i come for makan at your new place?

  9. Nava Krishnan

    What a way to start the day with these lovely food and the smoothie to boost the energy. Both of the pancakes and the one with sardines looks very tempting. Btw, Pak Lan recommended your blog to me.

    1. rebeccasaw

      Hi hi Nava! Oh Pak Lan such a sweetie I tell u! 🙂
      Yes, the food was lovely! Are you from the North too?

      1. Akulah Pak Lan

        Uhuk2..I heard somebody talking about me..

        Nava is a food+fashion blogger also. She travel a lot. But never meet her before.

      2. rebeccasaw

        Ahhh i see! What’s her blog?

  10. Simple Person

    did u move the bed? LOL…
    i have not tasted indulgence so far…
    if i am in ipoh n i will have plenty of local food in my list to eat ……
    since u got d big kitchen . so i guess that u will blog more on ur good cooking .. ahem ahem…

    1. rebeccasaw

      Yes, plenty of good cooking frm my kitchen soon! And No I didnt move the bed 😛
      I agree, a lot of people when they go Ipoh – will eat local food, but for special meals with gourmet ingredients like this, I think only Indulgence has it!

  11. Caren

    i am thinking of baking some Caneles, but i don’t know where to get the mould in PJ area.

    1. rebeccasaw

      Hi Caren! I know what you mean! It’s hard to find. I’m thinking of importing…

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