In Style Hong Kong Expo 2017 – Mandarin Oriental KL

During the In Style Hong Kong event at Pavilion last week, I was exposed to some Hong Kong brands and products.
Besides some rather quirky and interesting items, I also learnt that there is a series of events are still on-going in an effort to promote Hong Kong’s creations from October to end November 2017.

Today’s In Style Hong Kong Expo at Mandarin Oriental KL was certainly one of the highlights of this month long event.  I got to see more of Hong Kong products nicely displayed within mock up of a shopping street complete with chairs and roadsigns. As predicted, I was taken in by kitchen, food and fashion products!


BELOW: Shopping, shopping, shopping.

The above was an innovative brand that taps the advantages of lightweight, water-resistant “cork material” and used it to make handphone covers, bags, purses and stationeries.
I was rather taken in by it, and had wanted get a backpack. I think the handphone covers and passport holders make unique gifts too.

China and Hong Kong are synonymous with fashion and cultural wear like the qipao/cheongsam. There was a booth with vogue cheongsams which made use of dramatic prints which drew me like a moth to fire. Unfortunately these were not on sale but fret not as most of the items displayed during this In Style Hong Kong Expo are available to be ordered online via their  e-commerce sites.

This was another item that had me interested – besides the fact that they were handling out food – the Roti Robot that churns out discs of flatbreads in minutes!

That sure takes the lengthy wait out of bread baking.

This is an extremely easy to use appliance. All you need to do 3 steps:

  1. Put the flour, water and oil in the respective containers.
  2. Select how number of rotis and how hard and soft you need the rotis!
  3. Press the start button.

Voila! Fresh bread! 🙂

There were a number of innovative cups that could boil water to coffee making and what-nots, essentially eliminating the need for a boiler and cup. These cups keep your beverage warm or cold as you like too!

Other popular items were cutesy stuffs, watches, technology gadgets and DIY kits.



The Hong Kong Trade Development Council helps individuals and businesses to grow their brand presence in Asia and beyond through Hong Kong.
Promo events such as In Style • Hong Kong is a large scale signature promotion campaign organised by HKTDC with the aim of highlighting Hong Kong’s vibrant and unique lifestyle and creativity. In Style • Hong Kong showcases Hong Kong’s branded and design-led products in addition to presenting their world class services; which together have since established Hong Kong as a leading trendsetting city in the region.

So on 7th and 8th November, many entrepreneurs and trade folks took the opportunity to mingle and network with brands owners/reps with future potential deals in mind. Name cards were exchanged, products were examined upon, queries answered and there was even a glamorous In • Style Hong Kong Grand Gala Dinner to cap it off!

Check out HKTDC’s website for more opportunities and events!

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