In search of passive income: FOREX investment by Northwestern & Co

New year resolutions can be anything, they said, and thus mine would be “to avoid hospitalisation for the next 6 months.”

Rebecca saw - tropicana medical centre

It has been a crazy journey; setting up another business that deals with perishables while juggling 2-3 other jobs.

I was hospitalized in October 2016 for stomach ailments which was likely contributed by stress.

OCTOBER 2016: RM1, 923 in Tropicana Medical Centre


The bill : RM1, 923.90.

1 oct 2016 bill

JANUARY 2017: RM7, 979.65  in Tropicana Medical Centre

And just this month, I spent New Year eve in bed and another 3 days in hospital.

This time they ran a CT scan and a colon scope just to be sure there isn’t anything they missed in October, and the results were pretty much the same albeit an initial scare where the CT scan showed abnormal lump at the colon area as well as an enlarged uterus.

The bill this round was RM7, 979.65. 

As I’m typing this, I’ve been discharged and I’m finally well in time for the Chinese New Year.

The results from all the tests and scans shown nothing conclusive.
Both gastroenterologist and gynaecologist had pronounced me fit and cancer-free (for now) and they can’t do anything else for me.

I’ve gone on to seek alternative medication and traditional Chinese sinseh advice, which helped a lot and I’m finally well after being bedridden for a month.

My advise? Try Chinese acupuncture and stomach massage for stomach wind/gastric issues. It works for me. 

Within a month I loss 20 writing assignments (one contract with a company) and some outstation business due to my inability to meet my customers.
It sucks big time, because I work hard to close these proposals and I ended up not being able to commit and get paid for it!

That is the problem with a job isn’t it?
You have to be constantly hustling; otherwise there is no income!

For Hearts and Hands, it was a particular hands-on venture as I’m literally the:

1. Marketer – using all my social profiles to market my goods
2. Social media rep – handling queries and orders from 3 Facebook pages, 1 Instagram and 2 Whatsapp accounts on        2 phones (16 hours a day, it seems that people love to “PM PM PM ” at any hours they like)
3. Photographer/Videographer/image editor and video editor
4. Designer for labels. Not much, but just about 30 of them
5. Person-in-charge to source for printer, materials, plastic bags, hamper packagings, etc.
6. On-going research and meetings with homemakers to test their products and negotiate a fair selling price
7. Kitchen slave – from cracking eggs to stirring the pot to scrubbing kitchen floors
8. Delivery girl – as much as I avoid having to make deliveries, there are just some instances where you have to go that extra mile and deliver the goods to customers’ doorsteps.
9. R & D – always researching for better recipes, more innovative food or beverage creation
10. FINANCIER – this is probably the most stressful role, for every month, I’m running loss with salaries, electricity bills, purchase of equipments and wastage of materials for R & D purposes.

All that, and the current sale volume isn’t breaking even yet!

chinese new year

So all of my current work contributes to an active income.
If I don’t work, if I don’t move and cook, or sell or prepare proposals and marketing plans, there is no income.


At 30+ years old, I should know better than to think I could achieve what I did when I was a decade younger.

As a matter of fact, I’ve been seeking passive income ever since I was in my 20s.


MLM? I’ve done Shaklee and Nu Skin.
I still have both stock stuck in my house now.

Stock market? Oh yes, my favorite stocks were Air Asia and Maybank.
But I burned over RM10,000 on a wrong day.

Property investment?
I possesses neither the good financial standing nor desire to own a property as my monthly earnings are unable to support a high mortgage.

Besides, has anyone taken a good look at property prices recently?

FOREX: The way forward!

FOREX was the latest option that I got hooked on recently.

I started with the “dream” of learning to trade and fuelled with the thought of “a few hours of trading, make a few hundred USD and take the day off” I enthusiastically surfed online for a forex course.


As usual I crowdsourced through Facebook and a friend of mine, Nic Wang, messaged me to explain about his FOREX involvement.
Being a friend, he was all upfront and honest about the risks and so forth.

Instead he had recommended an automated FOREX trading system that guarantees a minimal amount of returns yearly.
I signed up for it of course.

It has been a year since, and it was doing well until Brexit.

ilq.34 PM.png

Another FOREX opportunity came into the picture when I met a Dato who introduced me to “his system”.
A few long meetings ensued and I was in agreement to invest.

That lasted for about a month before it was shut down.

One would have thought that at this stage I would have given up on FOREX or any passive income options.

But no, if anything, I’m even more determined to “find” that ideal FOREX solution.

There are others that had experienced astounding success, and thus I don’t see why I can’t!

It is easy to blame the system and luck and said you’re not as lucky as “that Mr Lim or that Dato”.
I personally believe that one has to find an investment plan that suits your financial stress threshold.

So, the question is, how much can you afford to invest?

The biggest deterrent for most of my friends is the initial capital required for FOREX investments.

Not many deal with a mere few hundreds or thousands. Most require a minimum amount of USD10,000 and with our current weak ringgit, that is a huge amount to be investing in any commodity.


The investment plan by Northwestern & Co is the most appealing so far and while I’m still far off from being a millionaire, I think this plan promised the best returns with the least risk.

You reap what you sow, so here, the amount you invest gives you a STABLE, almost guaranteed amount of return.
The best feature is the low entry amount, which is as low as USD500.

So what is Northwestern & Co and what exactly do they offer?


Northwestern & Co. is an investment management company in partnership with BlackBull Markets, a New Zealand-based Financial Service Provider (FSP) company licensed by ANZ Banking Group.

Their team of experienced traders based in New Zealand, Australian and Malaysia will manage the investments on foreign exchange trading portfolios, with high priority on risk-management.

2017 INVESTMENT PLAN.pdf-page-001

2017 INVESTMENT PLAN.pdf-page-002

2017 INVESTMENT PLAN.pdf-page-003


Northwestern & Co is based in KL, Malaysia and they provide stable, risk managed, and flexible investment plans, with a minimum principal investment of USD500.

The total profits made over the course of the investment period are channelled to their investors (YOU) in 2 forms: Monthly Returns and Maturity Bonus.

The 12-month plan offers a projected minimum of 40% return on investment.

The plan provides monthly returns beginning at 2.5% and it increases over the course of the investment period.

At the end of the plan’s tenure, the balance of profits is disbursed in the form of a ‘Maturity Bonus’. The final payout may vary depending on the trading performance over the investment period.

*As an investor, you may introduce other new investors and be entitled to a 1.5 % monthly commission for the duration of each successfully registered investment plan.

2017 INVESTMENT PLAN.pdf-page-004

2017 INVESTMENT PLAN.pdf-page-005

An EXAMPLE: RM100,000 investment

Just for easier calculations, let’s say you start the 12-month Standard Account investment plan with a capital of RM100,000.
Your returns on investment are:

1) Monthly Returns
Q1 (Month 1-3): RM2, 500 each month = RM7, 500
Q2 (Month 4-6): RM3, 000 each month = RM9, 000
Q3 (Month 7-9): RM3, 500 each month = RM10, 500
Q4 (Month 10-12): RM4, 000 each month = RM12, 500
Subtotal from 12 Monthly Returns = RM39, 500

2) Maturity Bonus
Projected minimum of 1% = RM1,000.

Hence, the total projected returns from 12-month investment plan of RM100,000 = RM40,500 (40.5%)

Now, that is PASSIVE INCOME!

I’ve signed up and invested RM5, 000 back in end November 2016. As of 2nd February, 2017 I’ve secured my first month payout for Jan 2017, with the next scheduled monthly payout trackable through my own secure account!


This is by far the most comfortable investment platform so far.

Like I said, I’ve been burnt by a few investments that I’ve made over the last 15 years, trying and trying in vain to have a secure passive income source.

Northwestern & Co is based in KL, Malaysia and it is backed by BlackBull Markets with physical offices in NZ and KL.

The investment plan is sound with steady returns.

You’re assured that you won’t lose your deposit overnight to a fly-by- night company as it is secured through the FSCL of NZ. All in all it is reputable enough so I’m willing to invest again, even after the many scares/losses that I’ve experienced.

If you would like to join me, do drop me a message on or email me [email protected]. 🙂

I’m a staunch believer of passive income since I’m a single, self-reliant female.
After 2 decades, this may be one of the more reliable and secure investment option!


CAVEAT: (EDIT from original article since there were so many skeptics after I posted on FB ) :
I’m an investor myself, so the RM5,000 is my personal money. However, if you choose to sign up, you will be dealing with the company directly and you should enter the game at your own risk.

Please prepare the following to sign up:

1) BlackBull Market Investment Form (download from completed by you.
2) Identification Card photocopy
3) Proof of Residing Address ie. utility bill
4) Active bank account details
5) Deposit investment fund (minimum RM2,500.00) via Cheque, Telegraphic Transfer or Online Transfer, made to “BlackBull Markets Academy”
Maybank 5-640-525-263-28
RHB Bank 2-14231-0006378-9

Please include “NWC Client” in the first reference column, “I/C Number” on second reference column and provide us the proof of deposit.

Send all the documents above to [email protected] or contact us at +603.2419.0777.

*Please note that it will take 3 to 5 working days to process your application.

2017 INVESTMENT PLAN.pdf-page-008

2017 INVESTMENT PLAN.pdf-page-009

What is BlackBull Markets?

BlackBull Markets is a member of the Financial Services Complaints Ltd (FSCL) third-party financial dispute resolution service, providing capital protection of up to $200,000 NZD per case. All client funds are held in Segregated Client Trust accounts with ANZ Bank, one of the top 10 safest banks in the world.

2017 INVESTMENT PLAN.pdf-page-006

2017 INVESTMENT PLAN.pdf-page-007


So there you go. All about Northwestern & Co.

I’ve just started investing and had not thought about sharing this until today.
I’ll want to share about the returns but it has been only a month so far.

Still, starting with RM125.00 a month is better than nothing and I certainly won’t be getting this amount for my RM5, 000 in a Fixed Deposit!


I hope that via sharing this you will be motivated to seek reliable alternative incomes than your current day job.

I’ve thought long and hard while I was laying half dead in my hospital bed waiting to be discharged; thinking of how I can recover peacefully without stress, how nice would it be if I’ have passive income and I can work on my hobbies without having to worry about income as much.

Is it possible?

I think it is. But you got start soon and do it right.

Invest in the right plan and slowly make your way to be financially independent. The path to financial freedom starts with proper planning via several stable passive incomes from smart investments.

Contact me via OR [email protected] if you need to know more! 🙂


1. The information provided by Rebecca Saw and its associated companies/sites (Blog, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) are meant for educational purposes, and at no instance to be regarded as investment advice.

2. You are advised to practise due diligence before making any financial decisions.
• Rebecca saw and her associates/associated sites (Blog, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) are not liable for any losses incurred from your investment activities.

• All forms of investments carry risks. Such activities may not be suitable for everyone.
• Past investment performance is not necessarily indicative of future performance, even if the same strategies are adopted.


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