Imbi Hawker Stalls @ open air carpark beside Honda showroom – I love the Ampang yong tow foo!

I seldom crave for Chinese food but when I do it has to be really good.
One of the few Chinese food that I enjoy and do crave for is dim sum and yong tau foo. There are others of course (siew yok, char siew, etc) but I really really love my yong tau foo and dim sum!
I have yet to uncover really good yong tau foo in TTDI/PJ area and though I have read positive reviews on a few places in Puchong, I’m the sort who will travel for burgers & steaks but not for Chinese /local cuisine.
And so I don’t think I’ll be trying any of those awesome yong tau foo soon. But hey, is anyone here volunteering to fetch me? I don’t mind if I’m not driving! 😀

But I digress. Where was I? Ah yes, about cravings.

Now one of the very few cravings I get from time to time is for this yong tau foo on Jalan Imbi, near the Honda showroom and the famous pork noodles at Win Seng Heng coffee shop.

yong tau foo - imbi hawker near honda showroom-002

This is a stall part of the many others at the open air carpark beside a Honda showroom (that’s how it’s described, that’s how it is known as, and that’s how directions are given to those looking for it), this group of hawkers here just take over the parking lot each night and start their business by 5pm.

From RM0.70 to RM0.80 to now RM1.00 PER PIECE, this stall does good business every evening. The fish paste is so tasty, the bean curd and vegetables used to stuff it is fresh and the sui kow (fried dumpling) is crispy and stuffed fat with filling.

yong tau foo - imbi near honda showroom

Service is well, self -service and just like any other hawker stall, you’ll have to grab a plate, select the yong tau foo you want and pass it over to the seller.  Then they will pour some soup over the pieces you have selected and hand you back the plate plus a serving of chilli and sweet sauce. Pay for it and you’re good to go.

The variety is pretty standard and might even be considered too little for those who are used to having more choices. Frankly, I don’t see the point of having many choices, since the basic paste itself is already so satisfying, I could just grab 5 pieces of the same fishballs and wolf it down happily. But if you must have some form of variety, there are stuffed beancurds, chilies, ladyfingers, brinjals and tau pok (beancurd skin).

Business hours are 5 pm – 10 pm. But the yong tau foo is very popular so I’ll suggest to arrive earlier if you’re hoping to grab yourself some. However if it does run out, alternatives are laksa, kuey teow soup, grilled chicken wings, congee, chicken rice, grilled seafood, etc to curb your hunger.


The hawkers takes a rest on Tuesday. Ironically parking is an issue here but I guess that’s expected when the parking lot is used as the hawkers’ “centre”? 😀

yong tau foo - imbi hawker near honda showroom-001

yong tau foo - imbi hawker near honda showroom

Any of you been here and love the yong tau foo as much as I do? Though it’s named Ampang Yong Tau Foo, I think this stall’s YTF is so much better than the famous one in Ampang!

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  1. ooo, i’m not a YTF fan unfortunately, but this location is perfect for me cos it’s near my office and it opens at night for after-work dinner 😀

    1. Rebecca Saw

      LOL! I doubt you’ll be here for dinner Sean!
      I’m sure your calendar is booked til next year with new restaurants and new outlets to try!

  2. Amber

    Oh I love yong tau foo too! 🙂

  3. jack

    Old school place. Did you find the “service” non-existent? LOL

  4. Estée

    You consider this the best YTF? Well well…it’s better for you to stick back to your burger and steak.

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Hi Estee!
      Actually the word “best” was nowhere in the post. Hhahaha. I did however said that it is one that I personally enjoy like and said that it’s better than the one I had in Ampang. Do feel free to recommend better ones (according to your tastebuds) cos your comment seem to suggest otherwise. I would love to try your recommended ones. Like I mentioned here, I do love YTF!
      As for steaks & burgers, don’t you like them too… darn I know I do!

    2. Uma Devi

      I do like it here too. It’s usually my dinner after work. My office is nearby, do let me know if you’re in the vicinity, we can go for dinner!

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