I’m off for the Honda Insight Media Test Drive to Melaka!

Good morning!!
Here I am at The Bee, Jaya One, all geared up and excited to the max for another round of test drive with Honda Malaysia!

honda insight blogger test drive

A row of Honda Insight beauties ready for us..

honda insight blogger test drive-1

Yups, again in a Honda. My previous media drive with Honda was in July 2010, when a bunch of us had a blast in a half day drive in the Honda Freed.

honda freed - best team1

Oh memories! And who can forget my infamous picture? Hehe.. ;-)

honda freed - team winnin pic

Incidentally, I was at the Asian Auto Ambank – Fuel Efficiency Awards 2011 Dinner just yesterday nght and the Honda Freed won the 1st price for the Compact MPV segment, gurgling only 6.1l of fuel for every 100km drive.


The Honda Insight won too! It came in 3rd place in the Hybrid category, at an impressive 4.6l/100km, behind Toyota Prius 3rd Gen and Lexus CT200H. Congrats Honda!

And today we shall see the Honda Insight in action!
Our itinerary is looking good; starting off with briefing at The Bee (NOW!) and upon flag off we are headed for Avillion Port Dickson for lunch. The Amazing Pace game runs concurrently with the first leg of the drive, with each driver behind the wheel for about 40 minutes before passing it onto the next driver.

Lunch is at Avillion Port Dickson. This is going to be my first time at Avillion. I have heard much praises about the resort and finally I’ll get to see what’s the fuss is about.

Our luxurious rest stop tonight came in the form of  Philea Resort & Spa, the first and largest log resort chronicled in the Malaysia Book of Records, which prides itself on being an eco-friendly resort. Built using natural resources, I was told that Philea is an indulgent and modern wellness retreat built within pristine greenery.

Oh my, I can’t wait! Stay tuned alright, as I will try to update as much as I can. Follow me on Twitter @wackybecky and FB for live updates!

Tomorrow we are hitting Thistle Resort at Port Dickson before finally arriving back in dusty KL at 4pm. So it’s a 2D1N trip, all thanks to Honda Malaysia! 🙂

Meanwhile, check out my wacky Honda Freed experiences below. Pics and videos included! 🙂

1. Sneak Preview: A day out in the Honda Freed

2. wackybecky in a Honda Freed

3. VIDEO – Honda Freed Day Out in summary!


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  1. Andrew

    wah, updated on the same day! Have fun Becky! 😀

  2. yanmie

    Have fun dan safe journey, mesti best :yahoo:

  3. Sean

    ooo, hopefully u’re in my hometown already and enjoying a good old-fashioned malaccan lunch (with a sweet, cooling dessert!) 😀

    1. rebeccasaw

      I wish!
      It’s all pre-planned out so no, no going off for makan adventures. Got an itinerary to flw!
      But the itinerary is good so far!

  4. Akulah Pak Lan

    Wearing the same shirt color, same jeans and shoe? Hehehe… Ops! Kantoi.

      1. Akulah Pak Lan

        Demm!! look at the wrong pic (tutup muka malu)

  5. ujang9897

    memang best..!!!

    philea resort the best..=)

  6. kujie

    Makan makan yang paling best!

  7. puanbee

    suka tengok gambar , kreatif sungguh 🙂

    1. rebeccasaw

      Aww.. thks so much Pn Bee! It was nice meetng you in person that day 🙂
      We will meet again for sure! 😀

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