Ikuzo Ramen, SS2 – Petaling Jaya – Affordable porky ramen in KL?

I went to Ikuzo Ramen about 1-2 weeks after it opened in SS2.
With only Marutama Ramen as a gauge (I have eaten ramen elsewhere of course but it wasn’t at a pure ramen outlet), and without even stepping in the 4 main ramen joints in KL then, Ikuzo Ramen was already a flop in my books.

IKUZO Ramen 1-016

It’s convenient location and rather budget- friendly prices were the main reasons I went. SS2 is a mere 15 minutes drive from TTDI and slurping on bowls of ramen for less than RM10 each was enticing enough.

IKUZO Ramen 1-017

Yes, Ikuzo Ramen offers value for money meals, that’s without a doubt. Prices here are almost of the typical coffeeshop benchmark yet the outlet is cosy, clean and offers free WIFI!

IKUZO Ramen 1

Frankly, good ramen doesn’t come cheap. Ramen are mostly handmade with quality flour and the accompanying broth packs a punch if prepared according to the strict procedure of the traditional ramen broth. Thus I had lowered my expectations when I made the decision to visit Ikuzo Ramen. It wasn’t fair to expect hearty rich stock and handmade noodles for the price.

But I couldn’t forgive soggy/mushy ramen in passable soup or the stringy slivers of meat either.

Below: Yakiniku Ramen. RM8.50. It would have been worth the price if I haven’t had to keep on pulling slivers of beef from my mouth because it was simply “un-chewable” due to the stringy .

IKUZO Ramen 1-011


IKUZO Ramen 1-002

Below:  Tonkatsu Ramen. RM7.90.

IKUZO Ramen 1-012


IKUZO Ramen 1-003

I love a good tonkatsu and this one was quite passable. After I did get an acceptable size of pork katsu.

IKUZO Ramen 1-013

The soup however, wasn’t even close to decent. I hardly ever add oil to my food, but in my attempt to salvage my ramen, I added drops of chilli oil.

IKUZO Ramen 1-015

The saving grace was the vanilla ice cream float in chocolate! *Thumbs up*

IKUZO Ramen 1-008

We swore off this place and went on to discover the ramen goodness of Menya Musashi and Gantetsu Hokkaido in Isetan Food Market, 1 Utama. Ikuzo Ramen became a distant memory, unpleasant and never broached upon again.

This was until I received an email from the good people of Izuko Ramen. Apparently, these teething issues are now behind them, and with better trained kitchen staff and SOP, they assured me that my next bowl of ramen (and all potential future ones)  would be cooked properly. Do come over again, they said, and allow us to explain Ikuzo’s concept of ramen, which is dissimilar to the ones you have tasted.

Alright, I thought. Why not. Since my dining companion for the previous session remained scarred, I had to re-visit with different company in tow this round.

Ikuzo Ramen really pride themselves on their “No MSG” rule. This, I feel is indeed something worth blowing their trumpet for. Frankly, not many commercial establishments would be bothered with such quality control. The figures on the P & L sheet normally takes precedence.

Ikuzo Ramen 2-004

The menu has been tweaked to reflect the changes as well. Some items remained while some are gone. Thankfully, the refreshing Ikuzo Special: Ginger green tea– fresh ginger (strong ginger taste) – RM3.90 and Green tea /Chocolate milk – low-fat milk  – RM4.90 is still on the menu.

Ikuzo Ramen 2-001

If you’re a fan of ginger (even if you’re not you’re likely to fall in love with this too!) then the Ginger green tea is a must!

Ikuzo Ramen 2-005

A myriad of appetisers then appeared as we waited for the ramen to be ready. The cold cucumber whets the appetite while the carnivore in me chomped happily on the pan fried gyoza and the pork spring rolls. Both were crisp and scrumptious!

Ikuzo Ramen 2-008

Ikuzo Ramen 2-006

BELOW: I love the gyoza; porky, very thin crisp skin, non-greasy and tasty!

Ikuzo Ramen 2-007

As we ate, the Ikuzo Ramen team explained the concept of their outlet. The outlet, they felt, has been unfavourably compared with other ramen outlets. Ikuzo does not intend to compete with the big guns like Menya Musashi, Santouka and etc. Their concept is more of MSG-free, “slightly localised” ramen and catered to the masses with its affordable pricing.

That, however doesn’t mean that the quality of their ramen are inferior.

Ikuzo’s ramen is made from Rye Flour. Japanese ramen and Korean jajangmyeon all have their origin from Chinese-style noodles. They vary according to their region of production, ingredients, shape or width, and the manner of preparation.

In Ikuzo, the 2 types of ramen served are:

Thick (Hokkaido)
Thin (Tokyo)

Ikuzo Ramen 2-011

Ikuzo Ramen 2-016

And these ramen are usually matched with:

Tokyo RamenShoyu-based soup
Hokkaido RamenMiso-based soup

The main ingredient of most of these noodles is wheat flour. In Ikuzo, they use rye flour for its obvious high nutritious values. Rye is rich in iron, protein, calcium, vitamin Bs & E and it is also high in fiber. Rye cereal has a very low Glycemic Index (GI) of only 34. Low-GI diet is associated with reduce risk of obesity.
The super high fiber content gives a different twist to the texture and feel of the ramen made from rye flour as compared to those made from wheat flour.

Here’s what we sampled during our lunch.

Ramen (All IKUZO Ramen’s prices from RM5.90 – RM10.90)

  1. Cha-Shu Ramen RM8.90 – Shoyu paste
Ikuzo Ramen 2-009
  1. Curry Ramen  RM7.90 – curry paste
Ikuzo Ramen 2-013
  1. Hokkaido Ramen RM8.50 – Miso paste
Ikuzo Ramen 2-014
  1. Curry Tan Tan Ramen RM6.90 – with mala spices
Ikuzo Ramen 2-017
  1. Tokyo Ramen RM7.90– Shoyu paste
  2. Yakiniku Ramen RM8.50– Shoyu paste

Condiments are on the table for you to gussy up your ramen if you wish.

Ikuzo Ramen 2-002
  1. Chili paste
  2. Sliced garlic
  3. Pickled chili
  4. Shicimi
  5. Ginger
  6. Ponzu
  7. Peanut
  8. Fried shallots
  9. White pepper
  10. Chili Oil
Ikuzo Ramen 2-003

So as you can see, Ikuzo’s ramen is slightly localised in term of flavour. I much prefer my Menya Musashi and Gantetsu Hokkaido Ramen if I’m craving for hearty heavy ramen, but for everyday meals under RM10, I’ll grab an Ikuzo Ramen anytime! Cheap, convenient and no – MSG! :DD

Ikuzo Ramen 2-024

The packaging for take-away is very user-friendly too. The soups are packed separately in sturdy tupperwares.

Ikuzo Ramen 2-025

Ikuzo Ramen 2-026
In a nutshell, Ikuzo Ramen has a different concept in comparison to other ramen joints so there’s isn’t a point for comparison. Hop in here if you want a light and relatively healthy meal with friendly prices to boot!
Last but not least, kudos to Ikuzo Ramen for stepping up their game. It’s good to know that they value feedback and took appropriate measures to improve their menu.

Ikuzo Ramen

52, Jalan SS2/61, Petaling Jaya, MY.
03-7873 3110
10:30 am – 11:00 pm

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  1. Sean

    interesting explanation for the concept. and i didn’t realize that they now offer takeaway packages too. that’s pretty neat! 😀

  2. ulric

    Hello…hello…u forgot to mention the scoops of Yuzu ice-cream in ur drinks lar 😛

    Hopefully ur dining companion was not scarred for life and sweared off ramen…hehe =)

    1. rebeccasaw

      Oh it’s vanilla! They ran out of yuzu that day 🙁

      1. ulric

        Haha…so potong stim! 😛

      2. rebeccasaw

        Yes lor! Like they want me to go back again like that 😛

  3. Pureglutton

    You didn’t try the beef ramen the 2nd time? I’m wondering if their slivers of beef are now more tender?

    1. rebeccasaw

      Ah, they wanted me to try the 4 main ones. I didn’t ask for the beef either as there were too much food already. I’l probably try again when I tapau – since SS2 is nearby and I tapau food often 🙂

  4. hildamilda

    I just went there last Friday, the price is actually quite cheap but I don’t really like the soup. The noodles are not that nice as well ~

    1. rebeccasaw

      Hahah,, it takes some getting used to. For RM10 below, no complains. Just like your average pan mee price but without MSG and freshly made noodles. Can’t complain at all.
      Like I said, if you prefer the Menya, Santouka kind of ramen, then it’s best to steer clear from here. 😛

  5. Cindy Tong

    i pin this in my phone…really wanna try it real soon and lets’ see how the ginger green tea impress me as I HATES ginger..LOL

    1. rebeccasaw

      Be careful to not compare this to the other ramen outlets yea.. It’s really localised, no MSG, and cheaper so it’s a different segment of ramen all together.

      1. Cindy Tong

        okie cant wait to try liow…i jus went to santouka in Pavillion…haha

      2. rebeccasaw

        Hahha.. if I’m not mistaken you mentioned before that you work near Pav! Santouka should be easy for you to visit then

  6. Janie

    Just gave this a try but was sorely disappointed. Ordered the yakiniku as a side dish but it was overcooked and not tasty. Had the Cha Shu ramen and the Hokkaido ramen but the soup was bland, the noodles had no spring and no bite. Only the tamago egg was quite alright. as for the condiments, the fried garlic was stale. Tried the green tea milk float but it was so-so only. Won’t be a second visit to this place :/

    1. rebeccasaw

      Sad to hear that. Anyhow, I have already said in my post that this ain’t the real Japanese ramen but a much “lighter” version. Still, no excuse for the overcooked items, stale garlic (which happens at most food joints cos they don’t replace whatever condiments on the table til it’s empty) & the overly soft noodles.

  7. 0902qoo

    The Taste is super bad !! Cheap price with no quality!! Again, ‘ cheap thing no good’! I will never go back!!
    Please introduce the quality food, don’t intro the unpalatable food like this! And gv the honest comment.

    1. rebeccasaw

      When i had it, it wasn’t unpalatable. And it was my honest comment that it is NOT authentic JApanese ramen . I already said it’s cheap & again, dont expect too much.
      Do note my “Their concept is more of MSG-free, “slightly localised” ramen and catered to the masses with its affordable pricing.” .
      In my first visit i even wrote” We swore off this place and went on to discover the ramen goodness of Menya Musashi and Gantetsu Hokkaido in Isetan Food Market, 1 Utama. Ikuzo Ramen became a distant memory, unpleasant and never broached upon again.”
      And also “In a nutshell, Ikuzo Ramen has a different concept in comparison to other ramen joints so there’s isn’t a point for comparison. Hop in here if you want a light and relatively healthy meal with friendly prices to boot!”
      So please, read carefully before u leave such comments on my blog.

  8. JW

    I like their PR spin to get you to review their restaurant again and yes, their food can be without MSG and they don’t need to be competing against the big boys of ramen, but the last time I tried their meal, I thought it wasn’t good at all sadly. Their gyoza was decent though but their ramens was poor! I feel like it was cooked without love. My pocket was fuller when I left but I wouldn’t have minded to pay a little bit more for a better tasting ramen. Just my two cents.

    1. rebeccasaw

      Hhaha yes the PR well, that’s PR for you.
      I would agree with you. I’ll pay more for good food than settling for mediocre/ok food that’s a bit cheaper. My fav for ramen is still ippudo in Sg and it’s nowhere near cheap. In KL, Menya Musashi, Ippudo, Gantetsu, etc are hardly cheap by any standards but satisfying.

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