IKEA Sale Preview on the 8th March for IKEA Friends

The IKEA sale is back!

Well, as you know, I’m an IKEA Malaysia Brand Ambassador (online only ok, and no, I can’t give you guys discounts cos I don’t get any either) and thus it’s part of my responsibility to share with you guys exciting stuff happening at Malaysian favourite furniture and fun store.

Other than the meatballs which everyone seem to love, Ikea’s household items are in almost every Malaysian’s home. Some cheap, some chic and some just plain innovatively useful, one can’t deny the draw of Ikea products.

So, when there’s a chance to buy Ikea’s items at an EVEN LOWER price, I’m sure that’s news worth sharing.



The IKEA FRIENDS preview sale is TOMORROW at 7am – 930am, even before the store opens to the public. I will be there (hopefully) & I will share about a few items that I think is worth buying during the sale period.

PS: The attachment above is an invite for IKEA friends only. The discounts are not for the public.

But the sale itself is for everyone! So come by from 8th to 25th March and BUYYYYYYYYY!!! :DD

Look what I bought recently –> HERE.

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  1. Akulah Pak Lan

    Saw this on newspaper this morning. Yeah sale time = girl favourite time

      1. rebeccasaw

        Same here 🙁
        Though i get to go early – a privilege but no money.. ahhaha..no point!
        Hw do u like the ikea bedsheets?

      2. Akulah Pak Lan

        Hey! I still owe u for the bedsheet la. See always forgot one. Remember me when we meet. Yeah, quality is good compared to the local one. But just only good to sleep. But can tahan lama la.

      3. rebeccasaw

        ah ok. well, it fits it’s purpose la

  2. kianfai87

    huhuhu IKEA gonna burst due to lots of people 😛

  3. Choi Yen

    Can I say every home must have at least 1 Ikea product? ;P

  4. Sean

    my ikea bed & couch & table have served me well since 2003, with no signs of wearing out yet! 😀

    1. rebeccasaw

      Ahh. tahan lasak also!
      No wonder Ikea is a favourite of many!

  5. FiSh

    how good if it’s an apparel sales 😛

    1. rebeccasaw

      LOL! Totally agree. Now, that one I’ll be more excited than this!

  6. Ken Wooi

    it’s gonna be soooo crowded with people!! 😛

  7. Selvi

    Hi, are you still sell ikea online? Can u ship to Miri?

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