IKEA SALE for July 2012!

The IKEA sale is back!

As usual, expect fabulous price cuts for your favourite IKEA items and furniture. Too bad there ain’t discounts for the meatballs huh? 😛

Below: Enjoying IKEA meatballs wherever I go. Guess where I was? 🙂

ikea in the netherlands-040

So here’s the juicy news as promised – Sale will start on the 5th July and like before, there will be an IKEA FAMILY (new IKEA membership card to replace IKEA friends) preview from 7am – 930am on 5 July.

Postcard July12

So PLEASE dear readers and friends, sign up as IKEA FAMILY before the Sale starts so that you can enjoy the Sale Preview!
Grab those items you been eyeing for before someone else does. We all know how crazy the IKEA SALE can get don’t we?? 😉

Postcard July12

The IKEA FAMILY membership is free anyways. Please find more info on IKEA FAMILY here: http://family.ikea.com.my/en/index.asp

Last but not least, guess what I bought recently?

ikea wardrobe - rebeccasawcom

Who says you can’t have a walk-in wardrobe for an affordable price of less than RM600? At IKEA you can!  That’s the details for my next blogpost! 🙂

So who wants to go for the IKEA Sale Preview at  7am – 930am on 5 JulyDrop me a comment and see you guys for breakfast? :DD

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    1. rebeccasaw

      Really? IKEA beds not bad> When you want to go?

      1. Akulah Pak Lan

        during weekend of course…not that pack i think..

      2. rebeccasaw

        Oh no..nanti stock habis..
        Eh wait.. beds will still have stock i guess..

  1. Sean

    heheh, my ikea wardrobe (a small one though) has lasted me nearly 10 years and counting, and i’m a satisfied customer! 😀

    1. rebeccasaw

      10 years! Well, that’s not surprising, as the new one I just bought was supposed to be up to 25 yrs!

  2. cleffairy

    Rebecca, i wanna go for this preview sale, can ah? End of mth pindah house. Nid furniture.

  3. Yee Ling

    Yes….will be going there this weekend…

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