Ikea Christmas Gift Ideas – my Top 10!

I had recently acquired a new oven and headed to IKEA to grab some kitchen utensils. With Christmas just around the corner, IKEA was decked out in full splendor of Christmas; cute plush toys, the merry hues of red and green and many many Christmassy items on display! :DD



Other than jewelry (Pandora) and chocolates (Royce’ Chocolates) as gifts, I thought I’ll compile a list of the best Ikea paraphernalia as Christmas gifts since Ikea is such a popular shopping spot. With its fair pricing and cool designs, it’s easy to spot something that will suit that someone on your Christmas list! 😀

1. Red comfy pillow – RM19.90.
On the bed, on the couch and at the back of the office chair. This is so versatile and one can’t deny the Christmas cheer of its vibrant colour! 🙂


2. A set of mini-colorful cups – RM44.90.
Cute-sy items always touches the heart; and these cups comes conveniently packaged in a box and thus easy to wrap.



3. A set of mini-colorful bowls and plates -RM47.90.
Ok, cups ain’t that useful? Perhaps a set of bowls and plates would be! A plus point here is that the colours are subtle; ie only at the rims and on the insides, thus making it easier to match with any table top decor you may already have.



4. Red Blanket/ Throw – RM19.90.
You’ll be surprised how useful this is; thin, light yet provides warmth & comfort when you need it most! I travel with it as it’s perfect as a blanket during a chilly bus ride.


5. Snowflake Glass Plate – < RM20.
What could possibly screams of Christmas more than snowflakes? Check out these showflakes prints on see-through glassware! *Love*



6. 5 pieces Kitchen Utensils Set – RM11.90.
Ok, I admit this aint’s as Christmas-sy, but if you’re a practical person like me, you’ll appreciate a good set of kitchen cooking utensils anytime. I had a set before and it’s pretty long -lasting; not to mention affordable too.


For frying, soups, pasta… almost everything you may need for that kitchen god(dess) friend! 🙂



7. Snowflakes Decorative Lights – less than RM30.
As you would have realized by now, the kitchen section is my favourite department of the whole IKEA showroom. But for my last 4 items on the list, I’m moving on to non-kitchenware, starting with these lovely lights with the intricate snowflakes design.
These are so pretty no? Drape it over your Christmas tree doubling it up as decoration or welcome your guests to your home by hanging it in the garden or on your doorway.


8. Decorative lamp – Less than RM25.
More lights for Christmas, symbolizing hope and a new beginning for the coming year? 🙂


9. Flower in a pot – RM 11.90.
This may not be a common gift item but that’s precisely why I thought it was suitable. It’s a lovely shade of vibrant red for Christmas cheer and also a sign of “a new lease of life” with 2013 looming ahead!



Else you could grab one of these colorful vases for less than RM15 each and allow your recipient to select his/her own plants.


10. Mini Christmas Tree – Less than RM70.
This is a fabulous gift and I’m sure I do not have to explain you why. Reusable year after year, you may not even have to buy the recipient of this tree any Christmas gift for the next few years!
Hahah.. just joking of course. Or maybe not. :DD


So what did I buy?
Well, I’m not the sort to give Christmas presents and a meal at a great dining outlet while catching up on life happenings is more my kind of thing. But since I was at Ikea, I grabbed some individual Christmas items to re-pack into a hamper for a good friend that I know I won’t be meeting for Christmas as she’s traveling to see her son in Australia. For an “older” lady, I figure she would love these colourful scented candles in her lovely home.
My buy: Gift Pack – Santa Advent Calendar (RM39.90) + Christmas Tree White Candle (RM7.90) + Love Shapes White Candle (RM8.90) + Heart Shape Candle with Glass (RM9,90) + 36 Scented Candles in Green or Red (RM8.90 per pack).
Total value of gift pack = RM75.50


This Santa Advent Calendar (RM39.90) is really cute with cut-outs that allows you to mark your days on the individually cut-out boxes, though only for a month. But I’m sure she will love the cheery Santa on her work desk.


Oh, I’m thinking of this cut-out DIY Cardboard Christmas Tree – RM50 too. It’s just a little shorter than I am (that’s short ok)  and foldable back to its original form after the Christmas season is over.


To decorate, just stick on ornaments, stickers etc. Great for families with little ones and you don’t have to worry about it getting spoiled as this is more of a one off item! 🙂


And if you’re a frequent IKEA shopper, get the Ikea card like I did. 🙂


In case you didn’t know, the vending machines in Ikea sells the cheapest can drinks in KL/PJ! See how much we bought? LOL!


One last thing – check out this special Christmas promotion for the month of December. Each day certain items are sold at a special rate. Spot anything you like? Go grab it! 🙂



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  1. Sean

    Ooo i need new pillows for my bed, my current ones are eight years old already and yellowed!!! Maybe I should consider a trip to ikea 😀

    1. rebeccasaw

      Ohhh I git IKEA card, pls come grab frm me!!

    2. ALAN

      Or use different shampoo!!

    1. rebeccasaw

      Not from Ikea for u, I must get u something nicer! :DD

      1. ALAN

        Wow !!! Can’t wait 🙂

  2. Winnifred Eischens

    i like gift ideas which can give some lasting memories.`

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