IDC Ice Dreams Cafe @ Damansara Kim – NEW desserts & flavoured affogato (salted egg yolk)!

I have a stupid question to ask.

Is the heat in the Klang Valley making you sweat buckets, keeping you hidden in air conditioned quarters and got you feeling parched all day?

If the reply to the above a positive “yes“, then I’ll like you to check out IDC Ice Dreams Cafe at Damansara Kim.

Trust me, in this heat I dream of ice all day.
Ice in my drinks, soaking in ice-filled bathtub and working in icy cold rooms. That, and ice cream.

IDC Ice Dreams Cafe Damansara Kim - NEW desserts,flavoured affogato-003

IDC Dreams Cafe is missing the ice-filled bathtub, but pretty much checked the box for all the rest.

Sipping on this soda is like hugging the air conditioner with your tastebuds“.
Uh huh.. count me in for this one!

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 2.18.51 PM.png

Iced beverages are aplenty, while their ice cold desserts and creamy New Zealand imported ice creams is one of the best commercially available ice creams around.

You can choose to go as basic as just enjoying the Kapiti ice creams on its own.
And no, no one would judge you if you decided to order 10 scoops at one go.

Besides, Kapiti range of ice cream are beyond the usual predictable flavours so you can always have some fun trying out new flavours.
I like the lemongrass and ginger flavour, the feijoa and pear sorbet (not icy kind of sorbet) and the spicy apple crumble.



Should the need to get your caffeine fix arises, IDC’s unique affogato flavours are definitely worth considering.

IDC’s ingenious affogatos are not new, just in case you’ve been wondering.
However, for this visit, I was given the honour of trying their new menu so if you haven’t been here, you should.
And if you have been a regular, then all the more you should drop in to savour the new creations.


Rosemary-infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Smoked Sea Salt, savored with Cheese Peppercorn Biscotti, paired with Kapiti Vanilla Bean Ice Cream. RM15. 

IDC Ice Dreams Cafe Damansara Kim - NEW desserts,flavoured affogato-001

Adding oil to your ice cream may come across as a weird thing to do, but it works.
It seriously does, I promise!

Here’s how you should eat it:
1. Pour in the oil onto the ice cream.
2. Break the cheese peppercorn biscotti and swirl it into both ice cream and oil.
3. Take a mouthful of all 3 components and savour the sensations in the mouth!

You would be aware of the cold and creamy sensation plus salty and sweet flavours first; all these owed to the rosemary infused oil with the vanilla ice cream.
Then as you bit into the biscotti, its peppery and savouriness flavours come forth. With each chew, the savoury biscotti meld with the salty, creamy cold ice cream, all in all making each mouthful a fascinating delight to the senses.

Curious now?
Well, there is a deal going on for this particular IDC affogato – just visit IDC from 26 April to 1 May and you get this delicious dessert for ONLY RM10!

IDC Ice Dreams Cafe Damansara Kim - NEW desserts,flavoured affogato-002

The next novel creation is the Honey Cereal Salted Egg YolkRM15. 
As someone crazy about anything salted egg yolk, I had high expectations of this “molten salted egg yolk affogato“.

IDC Ice Dreams Cafe Damansara Kim - NEW desserts,flavoured affogato-004

The “liquid gold” is poured over a big dollop of Kapiti vanilla bean ice cream and honey sweetened toasted cereal.
I’ve had salted egg yolk gelato before and thus I was not perturbed by this combination. The grittiness of the salted egg yolk sauce was acceptable, the sauce not overly sweet plus the salted egg yolk flavour was unmistakable.

This would be my 2nd favourite after the rosemary olive oil infused one earlier.

IDC Ice Dreams Cafe Damansara Kim - NEW desserts,flavoured affogato-005

The Pandan Rice Cake with Gula Melaka (RM15) is alike having mochi with ice cream.
It reminded me of ondeh-ondeh and if the pandan rice cake were indeed coated with grated fresh coconut, it would have been an even more intriguing dessert.

As it is, it was pretty ordinary, as the rice cakes does little other than adding a chewy component to an otherwise ordinary dessert.


As the molten salted gula melaka was thick, it solidifies a little when it hit the cold ice cream so it became “chunks of toffee” embedded in the ice cream!
However I did like the Kapiti lemongrass and ginger ice cream very much as it is one of my favourite flavours from Kapiti.

Hmm.. how could this be improved I wonder?
A little runnier gula melaka maybe? Or perhaps do away with the gula melaka and substitute plain pandan rice cakes with ondeh-ondeh (with liquid gula melaka inside) instead?
Then pair it with another ice cream flavour, say, like coconut?

Anyhow, that’s just my personal thought. Try this and let me know what you think!


Last but not least is everyone’s favourite chocolate dessert – the brownie.

Brownie Chunk Espresso Salted Caramel- RM15.
I like this very much and that is mainly due to the Kapiti’s affogato/vanilla/Anzac coconut ice cream which has a rich coffee flavour, rendering this version the closest to the standard espresso based affogato that we all know.


So there we have it; all 4 new creations of IDC to be launched next week.
So remember this, walk in from 26th April (Tues) to 1st May (Sunday) and grab this intriguing dessert for ONLY RM10.

I may gush all about it, but YOU got to try it to believe how good it is.
Heck, if you are not impressed, do let me know too.

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 2.18.45 PM.png

Outdoor seating – great for rainy days and nights.


Otherwise, hide indoors in air conditioned comfort!


Parking is a challenge here but possible. The situation is better after 6pm.

IDC Ice Dreams Cafe Damansara Kim - NEW desserts,flavoured affogato

IDC Ice Dreams Cafe
OPEN: 1pm – 11pm – Tuesdays to Sundays.
CLOSE: Monday.
30 Jalan SS 20/10,
47400 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

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