I Love Samsung Galaxy SII : Get the talents to act your words on video!

So have you check out the new Samsung interactive and fun micrositeI LOVE SAMSUNG GALAXY SII” that I posted about last week? Yes ? No?

THE SITE:Ā  ( http://www.samsung.com/my/lovegalaxysll/ ).

Samsung microsite2
Well you should! I surfed around a bit after viewing some videos from actual Samsung Galaxy SII owners. All were happy and have found their SII to be a worth investment. (Now how I wished I have one too…. šŸ™Ā  )

Other than the videos, the interactive part that I was talking about is this:

I Love Samsung Galaxy SII Video

The talents in the video you see below will actually act the words you key-in at the bottom left the boxas highlighted/circled in RED. Turn up the volume on your computer & hit the PLAY NOW and be entertained!

I Love Samsung Galaxy SII Video3

Try it! It’s fun. Especially when you used “certain” words. Hahah…you didn’t get the idea from me ok! :P

Oh, another thing, have you noticed the right column of the screenshot below which I have circled it in RED again?
(the person who posted the request) is just like you and me.
She checks out Samsung’s I Love Samsung Galaxy SII site; and she decided to put in a request on the ACTION REQUEST BOARD. Basically, anyone can do so!
Valerie requested Samsung to get a ballet dancer and dance with the Galaxy SII. I thought it was good idea; imagine the fluid movements of a ballet dancer with the Samsung Galazy SII in her hands.
It would have been an interesting video to watch. Now, I do hope Samsung chooses her request!

I Love Samsung Galaxy SII Video2

I put in one of my own as well. A ONE cart-wheel with the Samsung Galaxy SII in the other hand. I wonder if Samsung is able to get anyone to do that! I’m keeping my fingers crossed that my request is chosen!Ā  :P

I Love Samsung Galaxy SII - submit request

So hop over to http://www.samsung.com/my/lovegalaxysll/ by clicking here –
Key-in your preferred words to get the talents to act the words. Then click PLAY NOW (at the bottom left the box), sit back and be amused!

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  1. floyd

    seem like a lot of fun, haven’t checked it out till today and i think i’ll do now. My wife loves her S II but i kind of prefer the iPhone. Finger crossed, announced next week and available end-Oct.

    1. rebeccasaw

      Yea, it’s a nice touch of Samsung to do something like this. At least it’s not a matter of just buy the phone & then nothing else.
      This microsite aims to engage SGS2 users, giving them some sort of fun & a feeling of “community” among SG2 owners.

  2. dila

    i think hor, only Samsung has this kind of marketing campaign – interact with their customers. their PR/marketing ppl very smart!

    1. rebeccasaw

      Yup, kudos to Samsung Malaysia for the effort! The phone already damn good, marketing even better!

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