Hyotan Subang SS15 : Japanese Omakase for RM155++ for 2 pax!

RM155++ (RM190) for 2 pax for an Omakase meal?
Is this an early April Fool’s joke?

Well, folks, April is still a full 48 hours away so this isn’t a joke though I admit that I was personally just as taken aback as you are when I got wind of this promotion.

At that price point, this could very well be the cheapest Omakase in KL/PJ!


But of course, if you are an gourmet of fine Japanese dining (as anyone who appreciates Omakase would be), price isn’t really an issue right?

hyotan SS15 Subang - cheapest japanese omakase dinner-004

Still, it is nice to be able to stretch the ringgit if possible.

This isn’t Oribe or Sushi Hinata standards (Oribe Omakase @ RM350++ –> read HERE) and you shouldn’t be expecting it be so at that price. 
It is actually almost on par with Ishin (based on only sashimi comparison – my post HERE) though from photos alone, it is obvious that the sashimi cuts at Ishin were thicker.
But in terms of the bite, texture, freshness and flavour, all in all I actually enjoyed the sashimi at Hyotan more.

hyotan SS15 Subang - cheapest japanese omakase dinner-002

We actually tried Hyotan’s Omakase on our 2nd visit.
On the first visit, it was the Chirashi Don Set that left a positive impression and thus was the catalyst that got us eager to return for the Omakase.

Chirashi Don is commonly served with cubed pieces of fresh seafood over a bowl of rice.
What stood out in Hyotan’s Chirashi Don was the inclusion of thick slices of fresh fish instead of cubes, the seafood variety (9 types) in each bowl and of course, the price of RM42++.

In fact, this Chirashi Don set could feed 2 small eaters comfortably.

BELOW: Chirashi Don Set – appetiser of tofu with eggs, salad, pickle, fruits, chawanmushi, soup, soba with quail egg and of course the main course – the Chirashi Don bowl.


hyotan SS15 Subang - japanese omakase dinner-005

Here is a close up shot of the Chirashi Don. Isn’t it a beauty?
I had to swallow hard each time I look at it, especially if I’m hungry.
Expect unagi, salmon, tuna, crabstick, ebi (prawn), egg, mackerel, octopus and hamachi. I’m being greedy, but I do wish there is scallops as well!

hyotan SS15 Subang - japanese omakase dinner-001

Since we wanted a light meal, we shared this and added an order of Karage Temaki (RM7.00++).

hyotan SS15 Subang - japanese omakase dinner-003

They even gave us 2 bowls of complimentary ice cream as dessert!

hyotan SS15 Subang - japanese omakase dinner-004

We left with happy tummies and returned soon after for the RM155++ Omakase.


The 2 glasses of plum wine are not refillable but that didn’t matter to us since we are not heavy drinkers. The plum wine was rather sweet and I believe it was 10% or 14% alcohol (I can’t recall though the waitress did inform us).


2 servings of Ikura Chawanmushi was next as well as 2 servings of appetisers of tofu topped with savoury onions and tiny fishes.
The chawanmushi is eggy and smooth with gingko nut, chicken, fishcake and ikura. We would comfortably rate it as a “better than average” version.

hyotan SS15 Subang - cheapest japanese omakase dinner-001

Course No. 3: Sashimi Moriawase – hamachi, tuna and salmon. A safe, predictable spread of fishes which are of acceptable quality.
Do request for freshly grated wasabi. We were served with the powdered version at first and that kind of ruined this for us.


Course No. 4: Sushi Moriawase – california roll plus 4 different sushis; all good.

hyotan SS15 Subang - cheapest japanese omakase dinner-003

Course No. 5: Salmon Shioyaki or Teriyaki.
We chose the shioyaki (grilled with salt) and the chef deserves a mention for this nice portion of perfectly cooked salmon. The size is fair, the skin crispy and the salmon flaky without being overly seasoned.

hyotan SS15 Subang - cheapest japanese omakase dinner-007

Course No. 6: Tempura.

We dug into this basket and discovered 2 prawns and a few assortment of vegetables. At this stage we were both almost full!

hyotan SS15 Subang - cheapest japanese omakase dinner-006

Course no. 7: Negima Tare – chicken skewers.

We didn’t expect much, but both skewers turned out to be generously speared with chunky, tender chicken meat.
We both agreed at this stage that the omakase is value-for-money indeed.


Course no. 8: Dessert.

hyotan SS15 Subang - cheapest japanese omakase dinner-005

Conclusion: Would I return?
Yes I would!
My first choice would be the Chirashi Set but if I have to share, the Omakase is a good choice.
I would freely recommend Hyotan to friends too as I find their food pretty value-for-money for the quality served.

Service was exemplary. We were both well taken care of on both visits and overall the service felt very personalized as the outlet is small and they are all so attentive!

Rebecca saw Hyotan SS15-001

If you’re worried about parking here, be assured that it is not impossible to get a parking.
Hyotan is further up from where the popular Razuken used to be and while empty parking spaces nearer to Rakuzen are rare, it is still possible to find parking nearer to Hyotan.

Wet tissue : RM1.00 each.
Green Tea : RM1 /pax and you get a whole pot!

Hyotan SS15 Subang
63, Jalan SS 15/5a,
47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Phone:+60 3-5636 0326
Hours: DAILY: 12–3PM, 6–11PM.
Location: Opposite Ramsay Sime Darby Health Centre, previously known as Subang Jaya Medical Centre. It is at the row of shops where a few Japanese restaurants are located but Hyotan is uniquely positioned on the other end of the row near the corner that faces Subang Ria Recreactional Park and Subang Lake.

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