How to Make an Espresso at Home

How to Make an Espresso at Home

(Even if You Never Tried To Do It)

Everyone knows what an espresso is. Almost everyone has tried it. A lot of people like it. However, not many people actually know what the word “espresso” means. The story behind it is quite interesting. Espresso roughly translates to “when something’s forced out.” Pretty strange, right? Not really.  

Espresso is different than any other caffeinated drink out there in the way it is prepared. It requires you to use high pressure to push water through a thick pack of coffee. That’s how espresso got its name. Now that you know what it means, are you wondering how many people know how to make one?

What Do You Need to Make Your Espresso?

You need to leave your home if you really want to enjoy a shot of espresso in the morning, correct? That means you need a local coffee shop, a waiter, and a few extra bucks to pay for your espresso? Well, people who want to take some time to learn how to prepare it don’t need all of that.

Here are a few things you need to make a genuine shot of espresso:

  • An espresso cup
  • Fresh coffee beans
  • Milk and water
  • An espresso machine

When it comes to beans, milk, and water, you don’t need to go to the store for anything special. You can simply purchase some quality beans – just make sure there’s more than 50 because that’s how many coffee beans you need for a single cup – and a pack of milk.

In regards to the espresso machine, you don’t need anything special here too. However, we recommend going for something high-quality. You need to have a good espresso machine that fits your needs perfectly and that will last you for at least a decade.

Espresso Making 101: How to Make the Perfect Shot  

· How to Pick the Right Coffee Beans

When it comes to picking beans, there’s no right or wrong answer. If you still aren`t sure, just visit to be 100% sure. That’s because you don’t actually need any special kind of coffee beans in order to prepare an espresso. Espresso refers to the way you prepare the coffee, not an actual type of beans. But it doesn’t mean that you should buy the cheapest beans and hope to get the best results. Traditionally, espresso is made out of darker, single-origin coffee. Just make sure the beans are as fresh as possible.

· How to Grind the Beans Properly

Coffee ground is the basis for a good cup. Espresso is no different. As most professional barista would tell you, if you want to have the perfect balance of flavor and strength, you need to select the perfect grind size. When you’re adjusting the grinder on your machine, make sure to purge it for a few seconds and let it run. Once it’s purged, you can get the dosage right. A double shot should contain around 15 grams of coffee, give or take 2 grams, depending on how you like your coffee.

· How to Pull Of a Perfect Espresso Shot

Since this will be your first time making espresso at home, you should weigh the coffee. After you’re done, give or take a few grams of coffee and make sure that it is distributed evenly in the portafilter. Turn on the coffee maker and let it run for a few seconds before putting the portafilter in. Lock the portafilter and wait for 20 to 30 seconds before you pull the first shot. When you’re done with the shot, you might want to add some full-fat milk to your espresso to give it more flavor.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, you don’t need much to make espresso at home. The only investment you have is the espresso machine. Although it may seem like something you didn’t think about investing in, trust us, you’ll see that it’s worth it instantly.

As soon as your friends see your sweet coffee-making machine and have a sip of your tasty espresso, they’ll start hanging around you more than ever. Learning how to make espresso will also allow you to appreciate the taste of coffee in the morning.

After a few days, you won’t be able to imagine your mornings without a hot shot of espresso.

We hope you enjoyed our article and that you found it helpful. Have you ever thought about making espresso at home? Make sure to share your thoughts with us in the comment section below. 

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