Hotel in Gold Coast, Australia : Sofitel Gold Coast BroadBeach

Awaken from my slumber as early as 4.30am (Gold Coast time) I would open the balcony doors of my 22nd floor and gaze out to the beach.
The wind carries the sounds of waves and the scent of the sea right where to where I am, heavy-lidded and languorous on my Sofitel MyBed, contemplating my next move.
Back to sleep? Some writing? Check my emails? Change and head out to the beach?

Gosh, choices, choices, choices.

sofitel gold coast -431

sofitel gold coast - 430am

The Sofitel Gold  Coast Broadbeach is strategically situated in the cosmopolitan hub of Broadbeach. A 4 minutes walk takes you to the beach and that’s a good 10 kilometres stretch of it.

the beach - surroundings of sofitel gold coast-002

On the left and right of the hotel are the restaurants and bars, the retails complexes and individual boutiques and the trendy cafes.
Traffic is minimal, and the air fresh with an occasional strong breeze.

Walking around is recommended, though there are cabs and buses available.

surroundings of sofitel gold coast-003

surroundings of sofitel gold coast-004

surroundings of sofitel gold coast-005

From Chinese to local to Italian pizzas, Arabian wraps and Spanish tapas, food in the Gold Coast can be a multi-cultured affair.

surroundings of sofitel gold coast-006

My morning routine takes me across the road from Sofitel to the beach.

surroundings of sofitel gold coast

It was in November then. Movember remember – the moustache? 🙂

movember - surroundings of sofitel gold coast-007

A small park is right on front of the hotel, great for rollerblading, cycling and for the shade.

surroundings of sofitel gold coast-007

surroundings of sofitel gold coast-008

Passing the park is the Robert Gatenby Broadwalk, just by the beach.
This is perfect for those who do not want to get their feet in the sand, yet still able to enjoy the sun and seabreeze.

surroundings of sofitel gold coast-010

surroundings of sofitel gold coast-009
My agenda on the beach is clear; a lung-bursting, leg and glutes busting run. The soft sand added resistance so it was a good change from my usual jogs, and the sunny outlook and happy good looking people around me was a good source of cheer.

the beach - surroundings of sofitel gold coast-007

If one can’t be happy on the beach, where else there is to be merry? 🙂

the beach - surroundings of sofitel gold coast-001

I tend to be able to clock more kilometres during a beach run though it is more challenging to be fast due to the sand.
I could run longer as the whole activity of running is just more enjoyable on the beach. It is motivating too to see fellow runners and fitness enthusiasts training every morning with such gusto and their physique reminded me of my own goals.

the beach - surroundings of sofitel gold coast-004

From my observations activities on the beach are very organised. No one interrupts any tourist to peddle their beach activities.
The beach is patrolled and there is a guard of sorts at every few hundred metres diligently watching out to the sea.
Groups of surfers and those involved in the beach activities were briefed properly and the instructors does look the part of accomplished professionals.
Since I didn’t take part in any, I won’t be able to conclude for sure, but from the looks of it, I myself would be convinced enough to part with my money!

the beach - surroundings of sofitel gold coast

the beach - surroundings of sofitel gold coast-008

the beach - surroundings of sofitel gold coast-006

As the beach is very long, there are pockets of space for privacy.
This mum gave me a shock when I saw her baby slide down the sand and play around naked!

the beach - surroundings of sofitel gold coast-003

After all that play I head back to my safe haven. You can be assured of a warm welcoming smile as you step into the lobby of Sofitel Gold Coast.
The lifts are fast, even during peak breakfast and check-out hours so that was much appreciated. I’m a very impatient sort of person & I hate waiting for lifts.

Back in my room the shower has good pressure which made cleaning up an efficient affair.
The amenities are pretty complete; toothbrush, razor, soap, shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, shower cap and includes vanity items like nail enamel, cotton buds and balls which are great for make-up removal & self-grooming.
As for towels, a complete set of 2 face towels, 2 hand towels, 2 bath towels is provided.

Sofitel Gold Coast BroadBeach - Australia - Review-002

Gold Coast - Sofitel pics

I love hotel rooms with balcony. I feel most alive with fresh air and sunlight.
My room is spacious, not just in terms of space but also for storage areas. A big wardrobe takes care of my clothes and shoes storage during my stay.
A comfortable couch, another table and chair outside on the balcony as well as a long desk gave me options of how and where I’ll like to work, surf or just read.

gold - sofitel gold coast broadbeach

There is also a small top with a powerpoint near the mini bar so that made coffee-making convenient.
The mirror above it became my make-up mirror and a full-length mirror right at the door works best for checking yourself out just before you leave your room. 🙂

Sofitel Gold Coast BroadBeach - Australia - Review

Sofitel Gold Coast BroadBeach - Australia - Review-004

A note of welcome, a bowl of fresh fruits and a platter of chocolates made my day. Thank you Sofitel!

Sofitel Gold Coast BroadBeach - Australia - Review-003

The Sofitel MyBed is also known as the “floating cloud“, aptly named for it is soft yet firm and supportive enough for a most restful sleep.
It’s generous size and all-natural hypo-allergic materials, unique goose down and feather components as well as the soft bed linen plus plush pillows provides a truly “buoyant” slumber experience.

Sofitel Gold Coast BroadBeach - Australia - Review-001

Gold Coast - Sofitel Broadbeach  2

For the modern digital traveler, I have good news for you.
There are sufficient powerpoints around the room for all your electronic gadgets!
For those who charge their phones /tablets and need them by their side during the night, there are charging points right beside the bed on BOTH sides!
There are no bedside tables so that save space. The powerpoints are rested in a compartment slot which is perfect for guests to keep their gadgets while they are being charged.

Gold Coast - Sofitel Broadbeach 1

The complimentary items are marked as such in the photos below.
Tea are Ronnefeldt while the coffee is Robert Timms and Nestle. Hot chocolate packs (my favourite drink though Nestle isn’t my top choice) are offered too.
Another noteworthy point to make here is the additional power adapter provided for travellers incase they need an extra or if they have forgotten to bring theirs.
I certainly made good use of it and I’m glad I do not have to ask the concierge for it. Other hotels may provide travel adapters but one has to request from the lobby and more often than not, there are none available because it is all loaned out.

Gold Coast - Sofitel Broadbeach  3


There are 2 pools here, one heated to a delicious, enveloping warmth of 24 Celsius all year round. This is on the 3rd floor of the hotel while the gymnasium is on the 2nd.

Pool - sofitel gold coast-003

pool - sofitel gold coast-002

The pools are your view for your daily breakfast.
Bistro on3 offers a relaxed ambiance and a decent spread for breakfast. We loved the pancakes and healthy fruit shooters.
You can order a freshly brewed cuppa (or few) or hot chocolate as it is part of your breakfast price.

Gold Coast - sofitel broadbeach breakfast 1

breakfast - sofitel gold coast-001

Gold Coast - sofitel broadbeach breakfast 3

A bowl of muesli with plain yogurt and fresh fruits is my daily kick-starter.

view from the room - sofitel gold coast-001

That is usually followed by some pancakes and whatever else that may have caught my fancy from the buffet spread.

breakfast - gold coast sofitel

The key here is to start your meal with the healthy stuff, and hopefully you too full after that to crave for the bad stuff. If you are still hungry, don’t deprive yourself. Go ahead and stack your plate with bacon, cheese, etc.
You will find yourself eating less anyways, because that bowl of muesli would have taken up some space in your stomach.

Gold Coast - sofitel broadbeach breakfast 2

I ate these delicious fruit and nuts bars every morning cos they are just so good. I doubt they are very healthy but these are my “cheat bars“! 🙂

Breakfast - sofitel gold coast-002

Sofitel Gold Coast is also home to one of the few Gold Coast restaurants to be awarded the much acclaimed “Chef Hat” for their Room81 Restaurant Bar and Cafe.
We had dinner on our first night in Gold Coast and was suitably impressed with the quality, creativity and flavours of the food.

Gold Coast - Sofitel Broadbeach 4

Dinner began with cocktails. Anytime is a good time for cocktails yes? 🙂

Sofitel Gold Coast BroadBeach - Australia - Review-006

Sofitel Gold Coast BroadBeach - Australia - Review-005

Dinner: Kingfish ceviche, pan seared quail breast, roasted milk fed veal loin, green tea smoked ocean trout, caramelised sweet potato gnocchi and lastly the “Chocolate Sphere” – a Room81 special of cacao barry 72% chocolate sphere with chunks of honeycomb, a long pliable white chocolate (texture almost like soft cheese!), blood orange sorbet, cubes of blood orange jelly, tiny spheres of caramel crunch (the small brown balls) and chocolate dust.

Singapore - Gold Coast Day 1

Room81 Restaurant Bar and Cafe

Room81 Restaurant Bar and Cafe-007

More in-depth review will be up in the next post on “What to eat in Gold Coast” as that would be all about FOOD! 🙂

Room81 Restaurant Bar and Cafe-002

Room81 Restaurant Bar and Cafe-006

**This trip was made possible by Accor Hotels, Scoot Airlines & Gold Coast Tourism. Thank you for the wonderful experience!

Below: My travel companions from Singapore – Beatrice, Irene and Sara! We are the happy girls! 😀

sofitel Gold Coast - 50th anniversary


NOTE: There are 4 parts to the Gold Coast travelogue:
1. What to do in Gold Coast, Australia: Shop, beach, swim, golf, Currumin National Park
2. What to eat
3. Where to shop (where I shopped!)
4. Our accommodation : The Sofitel Gold Coast Broadbeach.

Stay tuned as I update my drafts of all the above. They should all be published before 31st Dec. *fingers crossed* 🙂

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