HONG KONG : SOLO Mall – Western SOLO at Sai Wan

SOLO Mall is the ideal gallery for those seeking out-of-the-ordinary knick-knacks and overall boutique shopping experience.

HONG KONG SOLO Mall – Western SOLO at Sai Wan-002

In Hong Kong apparel and accessories brands are revamping stores and refreshing their window displays to keep consumers shopping, but the ones that are getting more attention are opening location-tailored venues that create distinct shopping experiences.

HONG KONG : SOLO Mall – Western SOLO at Sai Wan

Think about it, mini stores for special products other than the usual crowded area like Mong Kok and Central where the usual suspects of Giordano and Forever 21 stand tall.
Current travellers and shoppers are hoping to be surprised, hoping to discover that exclusive item to purchase and show it off on Facebook/Instagram.
Hoping to get that one (or more) item that no one else (or low chance of anyone ) owns.

HONG KONG SOLO Mall – Western SOLO at Sai Wan


In addition to that, shop that elevates the simple act of buying a dress to an art form; or a venue where shoppers can browse through a selection of flirty gifts and oddities for their loved ones.


On my recent Hong Kong trip, I introduced to Dragon Centre and SOLO Mall. I had written more on the Dragon Centre in another article (link –> here) , but SOLO Mall was certainly a unique concept. There are 6 SOLO Malls in Hong Kong, one each in Tsim Sha Tsui, Causeway Bay, Sai Wan, North Point and Aberdeen.

We were at the one in Sai Wan, where the Apple Dorm is.
For a mall like this, where every corner holds a surprise, shoppers are encouraged to visit early so they will have the time to browse every shop.
The mish-mash of variety is interesting and we discovered shops that sell rare and limited edition collectibles to vintage souvenirs to fashion concept stores.

HONG KONG SOLO Mall – Western SOLO at Sai Wan-005

solo mall hong kong

HONG KONG SOLO Mall – Western SOLO at Sai Wan-001

Star Wars: A Darth Vader!

HONG KONG SOLO Mall – Western SOLO at Sai Wan-003


Heck, there is even a shop that imports frozen pastries from FRANCE and sells it per slice in her little shop in SOLO Mall.
Truly Solo Mall is a place of surprising discovery.


I browsed through a number of shops, but here’s a few that I could remember:

他的玩具所(Shop: G007 )
– Collectable ad limited version of toys and figures including Captain Tsubasa
– Owner can help order and search limited version figures in Japan

BAEM Concept (Shop No.: G009 )
– Fashionable Cap/ Hat from Korea at price around $250+
– Available at Zalora (HK) Macau
– Also available on Malaysian Online Fashion Shop
– The only shop in HK
Facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/baem.kr/
Instagram: baemhat

Daily Bread (Shop No.: G7-38)
– Handmade bread and cake with Gluten-free flour
– Excellent Cheesecake, lemon tart, dessert from France, US etc

Vintage Store (Shop No. 87)
– Selling old HK style vintage and collections like cigarette can, old style soda bottles
– London bus, traditional fans, old style film poster etc
– The most valuable one: London Fire Brigade Model (Dennis F106 Pump Escape), worth around HK$6,000+

SOLO Mall at Sai Wan
Address: 129 Connaught Road West, Sai Wan

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