HONG KONG Shopping: Dragon Centre Sham Shui Po – great for bargain shopping

Cheap, quality shopping under one roof with a mind-boggling variety – sounds good?

dragon centre - shopping hong kong

Well, this is it. The Dragon Centre Hong Kong.
For Malaysians, this is your Sg Wang Plaza.

dragon centre - shopping hong kong-002

dragon centre - for good unqiue cheap shopping

A smattering of well known midrange brands plus a horde of unique boutique stores ensures an enjoyable shopping experience.
Unless you are adverse to shopping (then why the heck are you in a mall?) there is little chance that you will leave the Dragon Centre empty-handed.

dragon centre hong kong - for bargain shopping

You know you are in the right location when the locals make up almost 70% of the mall patrons on a busy weekend.
This is the mall to dine, shop, play and even ice-skate!

We spent an afternoon here and I bought 2 bags (HKD130 each – RM70) and some baking items.
Yes, there is almost everything under the roof here and I wished I had more time.

2 dragon centre hong kong shopping

BELOW: Never let me see a shop that sells baking items. I won’t be able to resist buying the whole shop.

dragon centre hong kong shopping-004

More details: Baking Jane (Apple Mall, Shop 7027A)
Selling different baking utensils and ingredients including butter, baking mode.
Facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/bakingjane


One of the highlight of the Dragon Centre is the 7/F Apple Mall.

3 dragon centre hong kong shopping-004

This is alike a self-contained section of boutique shops. One of the highlighted shops is D3 Gallery which opened in August 2010.
D3 Gallery is a place for the art and design enthusiasts to pursue taste, uniqueness and creativity. It also provides a platform to the local young designers to work out their dreams and build their own brand business.
Coincidentally D3 means Dream, Designer and Dragon Centre.

dragon centre hong kong shopping-002

dragon centre hong kong shopping-001

dragon centre hong kong shopping

Yes, take your time and browse. You will never know what you could discover.

dragon centre hong kong shopping-003

dragon centre hong kong - for bargain shopping-002

Parents will find the ‘play time’ at the Sky Fantasia on 9/F a useful location for their kids.
Different machines offer a game of basketball to doll picking to earn tickets for prizes and more exciting ones like those with guns and rifles.

dragon centre - shopping hong kong-004

Being “adults“, we amused ourselves by blowing the brains off some soldiers and blasting some aliens to smithereens. It is liberating for the soul, that much I admit.

kill - sky dragon centre - shopping hong kong

sky fantasia - dragon centre - shopping hong kong-001

sky fantasia - dragon centre - shopping hong kong

More, err.. “proper” games for the kids are aplenty. These machines are all coin operated so you buy your chips and you can play any game you wanted to by slotting in the required amount of chips.
Most of these games reward you with token which you can then exchange for a variety of prizes from soft toys and accessories.

dragon centre fantasia games floor -002

dragon centre fantasia games floor -003

dragon centre fantasia games floor -004

dragon centre fantasia games floor
Example of games: Happy Rainbow, Air Hockey, Pirate Boat, Time Crisis 3.

dragon centre fantasia games floor -001

Of course I tried to be cute, much to the amusement of the parents around me.

dragon centre - shopping hong kong-005

The next feature of Dragon Centre that I would like to highlight is the Sky Rink on 8/F.
As you may already know, I’m rather fond of anything, and I mean anything, that is related to health and fitness.

I love to skate and this 17,000 square feet dedicated space to ice skating is like a dream come true. We have a few rinks in KL so after this trip I’m all excited about researching about the possibility of training on ice.

dragon centre hong kong ice skating rink-001

The rink is real ice and admission fee is cheap (by Hong Kong standards) at just around HKD55-65 (RM30 onwards) and you can skate the whole day!

dragon centre ice skating rink

We happened to be in time to watch these kids’ ice hockey training session which was a pleasant surprise. I was amazed at their dexterity on ice as well as their coordination and balance.
Gosh, I felt so motivated to get on the ice just watching them then.

dragon centre ice skating rink-001

dragon centre hong kong ice skating rink

And I would have, for the fees for the use of the ice rink is so reasonable!

My advise when visiting Dragon Centre?
Give yourself at least 4 hours to explore and enjoy the thrills of discovering the bargains and likely one-of-a-kind items that you may not be able to find back in your home country.
There is a large food court on the upper floor which offers plenty of options for sustenance so keep on shopping!

dragon centre - shopping hong kong-001

dragon centre hong kong

Address: 37K Yen Chow Street, Sham Shui Po HK
Website: http://www.dragoncentre.com.hk/index
Retail Complex hosing 9 levels of retail activities. Total area amounts to 840,000 square feet of retail space for shops, food outlets and entertainment facilities under one roof.

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  1. Sean EDKL

    wow, you really covered the entire mall and all the best stuff it has to offer! gosh, i haven’t ice-skated since i was a student in penang in 1999 at kompleks bukit jambul … and even then, i was just so horrible, all i did was keep on falling on the ice, heh 😀

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