Hong Kong – Mcdonalds breakfast and corn pie

While I’m never an advocate of Mcdonalds or any of its food, I have an obsession for Mcdonalds in other countries.
There is always some form of local element in the food menu which makes it well, somewhat “exotic”.

In Thailand it is always about the PORK burgers while in Paris I had a McBaguette. In Australia a Wagyu beef burger called out to me and I gave in.
Yes, it was way juicier and flavorful compared to the other burgers on the menu.

In Hong Kong it wasn’t so much the burgers that tempted, but the breakfast.
Adapted to Hong Kong’s eating habits and tastes, the breakfast sets offers soupy elbow pasta (which they call ‘twisty pasta’) and PORK sausage Mcmuffins.

Good Morning Breakfast – Mixed Veggies & Egg, Mini Twisty Pasta.
Grilled Chicken Twisty Pasta – juicy grilled boneless chicken patty together with twisty pasta
For both you can either opt for the hot chicken or tonkotsu broth.


mcdonalds hong kong - breakfast

Other than the usual menu, don’t miss out on McCafe’s offerings as it offers one of the cheapest, yet drinkable coffee around.
The menu is vast too, with salted caramel lattes to soy green tea and Hot Tiramisu Latte.
There are also macarons, on top of tempting savouries like Crayfish & Egg Mayo Croissant.

Another item I like to try from Mcdonalds are their pies.
The taro pie (in Thailand) was good, and so was this corn pie.
Unlike our sad pies in Msia, this corn pie (HKD7 – RM3.50) wasn’t greasy yet fried to a delightful crispiness.
Stuffed generously with sweet corn, the accompanying creamy sauce isn’t sticky or cloying or overly sweet.

HONG KONG mcdonalds

While I wouldn’t advise skipping an authentic Hong Kong Cha Chaan Teng to eat at McDonald’s, it’s a good option to have when you’re looking for something quick and familiar while traveling.
Besides, who said it isn’t local when fast-food chains often tweak their menus to appeal to local palates?

Last but not least, WIFI is offered in all Mcdonald’s (pssstt.. you can access it even without ordering anything) though only for maximum of 1 hour each time and for the maximum visits of 4 times a day.

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