HONG KONG cheap accommodation: Apple Hotel, Causeway Bay

The Apple Hotel in Causeway Bay sums up everything that’s so charming about Hong Kong – it offers a quaint ambiance, implements the ideal of ruthlessly efficient use of space and boasts of an amazing locale.
Nestled unobtrusively amidst the urban sprawl the Apple Hotel would have gone unnoticed if not for the honking huge billboard emblazoned on the side of the building.

apple hotel hong kong reviews

That aside, you’ll have to take a lift and go through a set of stairs to gain access to the hotel proper.

Once you’ve made a booking online, you’re ushered into what passes for the lobby, a tight corridor manned by the onsite concierge who’ll usher you into your room.

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HONG KONG cheap accommodation Apple Hotel, Causeway Bay

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Each room comes with all the usuals including a compact bed, a full standing shower and a toilet along with a smattering of amenities like a soap dispenser and free Wi-Fi though it is how strategically located the hotel is that makes it so appealing.

HONG KONG cheap accommodation Apple Hotel, Causeway Bay

HONG KONG cheap accommodation Apple Hotel, Causeway Bay-002

The moment you step out, you’re already in the heart of downtown Hong Kong with everything that the city can offer at your beck and call.

time sq hong kong - apple hotel

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If you’re travelling alone and are looking for a strategic base of operations for your exploration of the city, this locale is ideal.
The rooms tend to be booked way in advance though so you’ll have to book early. Swing by www.applehotelhongkong.com to find out more.

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apple hotel causeway bay

Apple Hotel
Address: 1/F, 54-70 Lee Garden Road,
Phoenix Apartment, Causeway Bay
Website: http://www.applehotel.hk/

Booking Price: Around $400 per night – (monthly rental preferred).
Free safe – Password lock.
Independent Bathroom.

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