HONDA: the All-New Jazz – fun day of defensive and safe driving

It was an educational “women’s day out” with Honda Malaysia at their recently organized ‘Be SAFE & SMART in STYLE with the All-New Jazz’ session.

The aim of the exercise was to educate the fairer gender the importance of being safe, smart and defensive on the road but in a outgoing and easy-to-digest manner.
This was achieved through a practical hands-on experience session with the versatile All-New Jazz plus a informative presentation by Harvinder of Driven and

all new Honda Jazz - review - rebecca saw-008

Spot me? 😀

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The event focused on independent and on-the-go women.
In this day and age, it is no longer unusual for women to live alone and travel around independently, especially those living in the cities.
This has subsequently given rise to safety issues and the frequent reports of committed crimes has shown it to be a legitimate cause for concern.
With the information disseminated through this exercise, Honda hopes to reach out and make a difference towards the cause of ensuring safety on the road.


Our day started with some theories being discussed; from how your seating position affects your ability to control the vehicle to why wearing high heels is a bad idea for emergency braking.

honda - all new Jazz - defensive driving class

honda - all new Jazz - defensive driving class-001

What do you do when you’re caught in an unfavourable situation? What are the emergency numbers to call?



All of us drive out every day but how many of us are fully aware of what we were doing and whether our cars are functioning at its premium level?
I sent my car to my trusted mechanic for service whenever it is due.
BUT having some know-how on how your car is like and the basics of your car’s behaviour helps to PRE-EMPT any major issues/inconvenience that may arise from your car’s breakdown.


And we can’t stress enough about good driving habits; signalling on time, driving at your side of the road, maintaining a good distance from the vehicles in front and so forth.
These are just some of the basic courtesy we should cultivate as a responsible driver.


The session reminded us of how vulnerable we are on the road, and how certain technologies in our vehicles keeps us safe or at the very least, minimise potential hurt and injuries.


All in all, it meant being a responsible driver on the road, which in turn keeps you safe, and other around you safe too.


Once you’re off the road and having had arrived at your destination, there are still a few considerations that you should be aware of for your own personal safety.


Havinder kept his session short and sweet and right after the theories, it was fun time!

All talk but no action wouldn’t do, so all the defensive driving techniques were also put into practical practice with the All-New Jazz via three driving activities.

At the Shalom course, Harinver briefed us about the dangers of Oversteering and Understeering and how the VSA (Vehicle Stability Assist) technology in Honda vehicles corrects this situation and keeps the passengers of the car safe.

honda - all new Jazz - defensive driving class-005

What is Oversteer?
Oversteer is a phenomenon where car turns at an angle beyond where you’re heading.
Oversteer happens when the car’s rear tires lose grip in a turn while the front tires are still gripping. If the rear end starts to slide out from under you in a turn, that is oversteer.
Ever drifted?
That’s almost like it!

What is Understeer?
When you want to turn to right or left (say during a heavy rain ) and the car sort of skid to the front and won’t turn to where you want to but instead just lunges forward.
*PS: Laymen terms – hope it makes sense? 😀

honda - all new Jazz - defensive driving class-002


Next activity was to carry out full braking with Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS). We were told to drive as fast as we could in a straight line, and then braking suddenly so that the ABS come into force.
ABS is essentially an anti-lock braking system.

The point was to demonstrate how the ABS or Anti-Lock Braking System assist the vehicle to steer away from an obstacle while carrying out full braking.
On the other hand, a vehicle without ABS will understeer (or continue moving straight ahead) while the driver carries out full braking as the brakes are completely locked.
With ABS, braking is done intermittently (at intervals and this is “decided” by the system) to enable steering of the vehicle, away from the obstacle.

These hands-on tests provided the participants with a real life experience of the safety features in the All-New Jazz and tips on how to drive defensively and safely.

all new Honda Jazz - review - rebecca saw-007

Next we had the Space Challenge.
This is an interesting one. Who knew that the Honda Jazz has so much space?
The Jazz’s seats can be folded up or down into various modes to transform the interior into a versatile loading space.

all new Honda Jazz - review - rebecca saw-011

Utility – rear seats folded down and this creates 846 litres of flat space for large cargo such as bicycles and probably washing machines.
Long – front passenger and rear left seats folded to allow long items such as Ikea cabinet frames or super long selfie sticks.
Tall – rear seats folded up so that maximum cabin height can be utilized for tall cargo such as plants, floor lamps or a whole rack of hanging clothes too lazy to iron.
Refresh – all seats folded down to create a makeshift bed for two. Do not try this while driving (duh) 😀

1 Honda space challenge

My team for the Space Challenge!

all new Honda Jazz - review - rebecca saw-003

So essentially by adjusting the seats, your Honda Jazz can be like a pick-up.. well, almost.


Here’s what we were set out to do.

all new Honda Jazz - review - rebecca saw-004

And we manged to fit everything in!

all new Honda Jazz - review - rebecca saw-006

Hard work was rewarded with a lot of food and a massage.

all new Honda Jazz - review - rebecca saw-002

Here are a few more highlights of the all-New Honda Jazz. The cute labels made explanation much simpler.

Smart entry = keyless entry.
No more digging through handbag for keys as the sensor detects the key fob within a few meters of it and simply pressing a button on the handle unlocks the doors.

all new Honda Jazz - review - rebecca saw

Our country’s ding-dong fuel prices is a pain and Honda feels you.

all new Honda Jazz - review - rebecca saw-001.html?spref=fb

Sync your phones and keep your attention on the road.

all new Honda Jazz - review - rebecca saw-001

Easy ignation via the press button. Buttons for air conditioning controls? Too mainstream. The new Honda Jazz comes with touch panel control.
Those using induction cookers to cook will feel right at home using this. The panel gives the dashboard a smooth and clean layout.

all new Honda Jazz - review - rebecca saw-002

No more squinting with your eyes when using the headunit.
A large 7″ Touch screen found only on the V Grade spec tells you all you need to know about the station you’re on as well as other audio related functions.


It even has a HDMI slot that allows the screen to mirror any Android-powered mobile devices.
This means if you’re using Waze on your phone, you can see the map display on the 7″ screen.

all new Honda Jazz - review - rebecca saw-004

all new Honda Jazz - review - rebecca saw-005

More space in the armrest which also hides another another USB power port for you to charge more electronic devices.

all new Honda Jazz - review - rebecca saw-006

Cup holders nowadays function more than just – well, holding a cup.
We’ve got our phones, purses, Smart Tags, house keys, spare coins, lipstick, eye shadow and if you have an infant in the car, two or even four cup holders just isn’t enough.
Thankfully the Jazz has NINE cup holders placed at various positions in the cabin.

all new Honda Jazz - review - rebecca saw-003

Safety is most important of course.

Airbags prevent injury by deploying a cushion of air-filled bags and the V grade Jazz has 6 of them. Two side curtains to limit side impact injury, two frontal airbags for the driver and front passenger as well as two side airbags.

all new Honda Jazz - review - rebecca saw-007

rebecca - the all new honda jazz

Thank you Honda for keeping us occupied with an informative event on a Tuesday! 🙂

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