HK Station at Sg Wang – Free a trip for 2 to Hong Kong!

Hello hello and Merry Xmas all! :DD

merry xmas 2012 - rebecca saw

How has your year-end been?
Clearing leaves, going for holidays, spending time with the family? I don’t know about you, but I certainly do not need the year end period to crave for a holiday.

I want to be able to go for holidays every month but that’s not be very realistic (unless you’re a billionaire) knowing budget, time and the usual constraints of other commitments.
But having a free return flight ticket helps! Remember how Tony gave me a return flight ticket to Japan?

airasia japan ticket from Dato Tony

I didn’t have budget for Japan, but with the flight covered, I finally got to set foot on Japan soil and I did had a blast in Japan for 12 days. With careful budgeting, I kept my expenses below RM5,000, inclusive of hostels, transportation and the kobe beef, sushi, sashimi, ramen, etc!
You can read about my Japan adventures HERE.

Accommodation was expensive and I had to stay in dorm sharing hostels all the way. I believe that during for any travel or holidays, the flight tickets and accommodation is the 2 most costly item on the itinerary. When both are covered (for example my Europe trip where KLM Airlines Malaysia covered my flight to Paris and Amsterdam and my hotel stays too!) a trip is very possible.  I managed my 10D9N Europe Paris-Amsterdam-Belgium trip under RM5K too!

With all the talk about budget and holidays, where am I getting at here?
Well, I’m saying that with a bit of luck and effort (nothing come free darling) you can get a half paid holiday too. The latest one that I saw was by HK Station in Sg Wang.

HK Station Sg Wang Contest (3)

If you’re not familiar, let me give you a heads up about HK Station.

HK station at Sg wang - rebecca saw blog

HK Station is located on the 6th floor of Sg Wang Plaza.
The whole area evokes the ambiance and lifestyle of Hong Kong. Eateries and fashion houses here stocks the latest and the highlight is the 100+ shops they have up here. The variety of products is mind-boggling!

HK station at Sg wang - rebecca saw blog-001

This is the lift that takes you up and down to the HK Station floor. It’s modelled to look like a MRT station!

HK station at Sg wang - rebecca saw blog-015

HK station at Sg wang - rebecca saw blog-014

I paid a visit last week and browsed around.

HK station at Sg wang - rebecca saw blog-011

HK station at Sg wang - rebecca saw blog-010

Clean, fully air conditioned and with really bargain pieces to boot, I had a swell time. Chic, Kawaii, edgy, structured, trashy, laid-back, you can get it all here.

HK station at Sg wang - rebecca saw blog-009

HK station at Sg wang - rebecca saw blog-003

A lot of items were between RM15 – RM30.

HK station at Sg wang - rebecca saw blog-002

I particularly like this outfit. 🙂
The top is RM29, stretchy and comfortable and the leggings (RM25) were very modern chic!

HK station at Sg wang - rebecca saw blog-013

HK station at Sg wang - rebecca saw blog-006

I believe some of these items are cheaper than blogshops and design-wise these are pretty original.

HK station at Sg wang - rebecca saw blog-005

But I spent the most time at the shoewear section. A lot of the selections are so edgy and cool!

HK station at Sg wang - rebecca saw blog-008

HK station at Sg wang - rebecca saw blog-007

And let’s not forget the Cosway fans.

HK station at Sg wang - rebecca saw blog-012

With all that variety, it isn’t difficult to splurge at least RM50 here. And with the receipts you are eligible to enter the HK Station Snap Shot and Win contest!

HK Station Sg Wang Contest (6)

Here are the terms and conditions.
As for the partner that you would be going with, you’ll just have to key in someone’s details for now. You are allowed to change the details afterwards if you chose to go with someone else (that’s if you’re the winner of course).

HK Station Sg Wang Contest (5)

I checked out the gallery and realized that there were only a few entries so far. Perfect; higher chances for me to win if I join! 🙂

HK Station Sg Wang Contest (1)

So friends, head over to HK Station FB Page and give that contest a go!

HK Station Sg Wang Contest (7)

HK Station Sg Wang Contest (2)

Last but not least, good luck! :DD

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  1. Sean Eat Drink KL

    oh yeah, i’d wanna be on a permanent holiday too (but with a permanent salary, heh). hope you get some really nice trips in 2013! 😀

  2. Mark

    HK for 2? Sounds good. But I hardly shop in Sg Wang!

  3. George

    The mechanics is a pain. Not sure if it’s worth the trouble

  4. Stephanie TYL

    Oh oh i like some of the dresses here!

  5. Tammy

    woohoooo goin to join! i wanan go hong kong shopping!!!

    1. rebeccasaw

      Pls do! As you can see, there aint much entries to compete with you 🙂

  6. Edwin

    I think you should join for sure. Hong Kong is a fabulous destination for food and shopping, right up your alley 🙂

  7. Tobias Heroth

    i really love the taste of beef, it is so yummy that most of the time my dish have beef in it.-

    1. rebeccasaw

      Ahh Tobias? Well, I do know there are some shops with beef on their menu here if that helps?

  8. Izola Lapolla

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