Heineken: “Imagine” #ImagineKL showcase at Slate @ The Row

Heineken KL launch its latest campaign “Imagine” #ImagineKL showcase at Slate @ The Row. We being treated to embark on a journey of sense of taste from the beer, sight, sound and touch from the act piece displayed.

Heineken work with a diverse range of young artists from the field of fashion, motion design, film-making, sculpture, photography, graphic design and sound art to fill the space that ignite ours senses.

When first walk in I’m captured by the big sheet of plastic which wrap around two piece of clothing, namely ‘untitled’ by a local fashion designer Jeo Chia. After hearing the explanation, I feel like for every piece of clothing we wear, it send a certain message and energy to the space we occupied. and these energy somewhat tells stories of a person.

Heineken Imagine 01

The Heineken icon; ‘Popping Star’ by Biji Biji Initiative use Heineken beer bottles and reused them to create the icon as what only can be seen from a distance away, when seen close up, it’s only those used Heineken beer bottles being stalk together.
But with some bottle popping out from one another Biji Biji able to form a ‘Star’ which given the name ‘Popping Star’.

Heineken Imagine 03

Another of Biji Biji initiative is the ‘lasersonic’ pass hands through a beam of lights and it generates tones and make up music electronically.
So pluck the air like plucking guitar strings and create a tune of my own.

Heineken Imagine 10 - 02

And last piece of artwork that captured my attention is called ‘Walls Have Ears’ by Yan Jun. where he uses ordinary pipe that often ignore in our daily lives to collect ambient sound and reprocess them.
Microphone hidden in the pipes collect ambient sound and deliver it to the enter console and reproduce into jagged soundscape.

Heineken Imagine 05

The #ImagineKL pop up Showcase was held on 12th and 13th September 2015 at Slate @ The ROw, Jalan Doraisamy, Kuala Lumpur.

For more information and details on Heineken, as well as the brand ongoing activities, log on to Heineken’s Instagram page (www.instagram.com/HeinekenMY) or Facebook page (www.instagram.com/HeinekenMY) today.

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