Hari Raya Charity Challenge – let’s give back!

Year after year I devour my way through 15 – 20 Ramadan buffets. I’m well aware of the abundance of food and the festive air.
On the other hand, I’m just as keenly aware of its subsequent wastage.

BELOW: Too much food.

ramadan buffet buka puasa - one world hotel PJ-032

It’s sad, and I can only hope those less fortunate of us has the same opportunity to be fed well and to enjoy the variety of food I do almost everyday.

When I found out about the KDK Charity Challenge, I thought it was a fabulous idea which warrants support.
What happens here is KDK wants to raise RM25,000 for charity this coming Raya. To hit this target, KDK is inviting the Facebook community to spread the news to hit 25,000 LIKES.
Thus it is 1 LIKE = RM1 donated to charity.

KDK charity challenge

To find out more, surf over to KDK Facebook page and hit the LIKE button.
Click on the CHARITY tab to know more about this charity challenge.

KDK Charity Challenge.png

The process of participating is very simple.

KDK Charity Challenge.png-001

And all you have to do select which charity from the below and fill in a short form about your idea.

KDK Charity Challenge.png-002

As you know I’m all for food.
And I remembered that my childhood wasn’t too great. Festive seasons are lonely periods and even boring.
So this Raya, I’ll like to request KDK Malaysia to make some kids’ festive season TRULY festive. 🙂


I chose Aquaria as I wanted the kids to have an educational time. Then well, kids love fried chicken.
Lastly, some new toys and clothes for Raya would be great! 🙂

Now, would you want to make a difference to the homeless, the aged and the orphans?

If you do, CLICK HERE –> Do it!

Good luck! 🙂

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  1. Veron

    you’re right. festive seasons are better when everyone from all walks of life are happy!
    And I’m surprised – KFC? Perhaps healthier food for these kids?
    Thugh I can’t imagine them eating oats. Alright, I kid. 😀

  2. Amy Choo

    It’s nice to be able to do something for the less fortunate. I used to follow my church to visit the old folks… sing for them, bring some food stuff to cheer them up! Will definitely spread the news to join KDK challenge.

  3. Christian

    I am glad that what KDK is doing this campaign. There less fortunate need more of our attention. Thank you for sharing this!

  4. Mabel Lyn

    With the current news about the homeless this is a really good campaign to do our part. Have liked their page and later will share my idea for them. Great job KDK!

  5. daniel

    Sounds good, always nice to see corporations doing their part for charity. And all we have to do is click some buttons. Yea I can do that

  6. Amber

    I think for me it would be the orphanage too.
    By the way, even if my the charity or idea of my choice didn’t win, I would be able to support the event? Does KDK allow the public to be a part of it?

  7. Irene

    Charity of choice – the Old Folks Home.

  8. Jo

    Entries from Singapore considered ? Lol

  9. Yee Ni

    You’re right. So much in wastage at the Ramadan bazaars & buffets – I hope all leftover food is channeled to charities !

  10. Siti

    Selamat Hari Raya Rebecca! Hope you’re enjoying the hols. its really kind of you to promote this charity cause. I have submitted my choice and i hope that helps!

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