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method, a brand that advocates environment sustainability and has ever since its inception in 2000 been manufacturing smart, green and best looking cleaning (as well as lovely smelling!) products for the market was unknown to me till recently.
I was invited for a bloggers’ tea party of which I happened to be out of town. But the opportunity for me to actually use and experience the products personally presented itself when method Malaysia sent me a set of their loo crew bathroom kit recently.

Method Malaysia Bathroom Cleaning Products-022

Now I’m never a fan of house chores. Given a choice I’ll hire a maid. I live in a house with some housemates and no one every wash the bathroom. Except me. And only when I absolutely had to.

Method Malaysia Bathroom Cleaning Products

My landlord has renovated the bathroom a year ago and due to that (thankfully) there wasn’t any unpleasant cracks or fungal growth or unsightly colour on the tiles.
Everything looks good and new, and pretty easy to clean.

My set ‘loo crew bathroom kit‘ arrived just in time before I leave for Korea. And also just about time for ‘bathroom shower’.
From left to right:
method Antibac Toilet Cleaner (709ml) – RM18.80
method Bathroom Cleaner Spray (828ml) – RM14.80
method Daily Shower Spray (828ml) – RM14.80

Method Malaysia Bathroom Cleaning Products-022

First of all, aren’t the packaging simply delightful?
I know some of us do get attracted to pretty packaging or be swayed to buy a product based on packaging alone. Come to think about it, people normally hide their cleaning products under their sinks, away from plain sight. Why is that so? Why can’t we display our household cleaning agents proudly?

Because they are ugly that’s why!

Method Malaysia Bathroom Cleaning Products-012

Now, doesn’t this look much better? These certainly didn’t look like your boring, sterile household cleaning bottles.

Method Malaysia Bathroom Cleaning Products-013

As I turned the bottle about to read the printed description, some of it made me laughed out loud. Rather than some textbook instructions on its usage, I read some of the wittiest and tongue in cheek copyrighting ever printed on a bottle of home cleaning product.
In fact method makes cleaning fun and safe.

Let’s start with this one; the bathroom cleaner.

Method Malaysia Bathroom Cleaning Products-015

As you can see, everything that goes into a bottle of method product is listed clearly and are all non-toxic and plant based. There are also straightforward instructions for use. Most of it are simply pour, leave, rinse. Apparently not much scrubbing is needed.
There are also coloured bullets that listed out the areas that are suitable for use of this product; which in this case showers/tiles/fixtures/chrome/tub. Pretty multi-purpose isn’t it?

Method Malaysia Bathroom Cleaning Products-014

Method Malaysia Bathroom Cleaning Products-016

Method Malaysia Bathroom Cleaning Products-017

Next, Antibac Toilet. Again succinct and simple.

Method Malaysia Bathroom Cleaning Products-018

To use – nicely highlighted text that explains it all. Again, some cheeky copywriting that made me laugh out. My nose hairs will thank me? I hope so too! 😀

Method Malaysia Bathroom Cleaning Products-019

Next, method Daily Shower. I thought it was for the body when I first saw it. But no, this is SHOWER FOR YOUR BATHROOM. In fact, you don’t even have to rinse after spraying this sort of a ‘leave on’ cleaning agent.

Method Malaysia Bathroom Cleaning Products-020

if it might touch your bum, we want it to be really clean.
Now how would you be able to find such cool writing on any of our local products? 😀

Method Malaysia Bathroom Cleaning Products-021

Basically you spray this to keep the bathroom or any other parts of the room/house ( refer to the colourful bullets – showers/tile/fixture/glass/tubs) clean AFTER you have washed them.
It works to maintain the clean surface after a washing session and thus it makes your next cleaning session an easier one since the grime/dust/dirt would not stick so much to the area.
Brilliant isn’t it? 🙂

Last but not least is the method Pour Naked mosturizing body wash. Now this is for the BODY, not any area of the house!


I shall lather myself with this refreshing smelling body wash daily after my toilet cleaning session!

The description at the back says ” naked is natural. it’s pure. it’s undisguised. just like this body wash. which is packed with naturally derived moisturizers without any dirty stuff, like parabens, phthalates or EDTA, leaving your birthday suit soft, clean and party ready.

I had a good time reading the descriptions. And in fact after all the positive comments I got about method products on my Facebook, I was even more curious and excited to wash my bathroom; something that has not happened before in my life. 😀


Method_Malaysia_-_Bathroom_Cleaning_Products_social_share 01

Method_Malaysia_-_Bathroom_Cleaning_Products_social_share 02


Method_Malaysia_-_Bathroom_Cleaning_Products_social_share 04.png-004

Method_Malaysia_-_Bathroom_Cleaning_Products_social_share 005.png-004

So here’s the task ahead of me. You think the method products are going to work?

Method Malaysia Bathroom Cleaning Products-002

Method Malaysia Bathroom Cleaning Products-001

Method Malaysia Bathroom Cleaning Products-004

Method Malaysia Bathroom Cleaning Products-005

Method Malaysia Bathroom Cleaning Products-010

Method Malaysia Bathroom Cleaning Products-011

Method Malaysia Bathroom Cleaning Products-007

Method Malaysia Bathroom Cleaning Products-009

Method Malaysia Bathroom Cleaning Products-006

A little bit about method Malaysia:
Fouunded in 2000 by 2 young guys – Adam Lowry and Eric Ryan
Mission: to inspire a happy, healthy home revolution.
Objective: method has been working to design the smartest, greenest and best-looking cleaning products on the market; using safe and sustainable materials, manufactured responsibly. and that also means no animal testing.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MethodMalaysia/
Products and PRICES: https://wmsmarketing.com/products.php?brand=1
fabric care – laundry detergent, softener
hand care
body care
botanical antibacterial cleaners
all-purpose cleaners
bathroom cleaners
specialty cleaners (stainless steel, granite, wood)
floor cleaners

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  1. Veron

    So pretty! And so you will be sharing pictures of you scrubbing the toilet??

  2. camilla

    I have been a method fan for a long time. After using one product I had been so taken by it that I had gradually changed all my household cleaning bottles to method!

  3. Christian

    Should buy these products for my mum to try. Thanks for the info! 🙂

  4. Ann Sue

    I heard a lot about method & after reading this post, i will definitely give it a try specially the bathroom range as that has always been my biggest challenge.

  5. Joanne

    Been using method products for a year now. The funny thing is, I stumbled across the products when my eyes caught the label “Pure Naked” 😛 The products are great with such pretty looking bottles. I am loving it!

  6. Tony blogger indonesia

    Nice! I don’t see this in Indonesia though

  7. oh, my bathroom definitely needs cleaning! if your effort here is successful, i’ll go look for these products! 😀

  8. Greg

    Becky doing housework. This should be interesting.

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