Halal Mooncakes by Westin Kuala Lumpur – Traditional mooncakes & try the Secret Method Red Tea Coffee!

From the halal kitchens of Westin Kuala Lumpur an array of unique mooncakes like the Red Dates Longan Single Egg Yolk, Secret Method Red Tea Coffee, Black Raisin Pandan Paste with Single Egg Yolk had the modern, hipster foodies excited while the classics of Red Bean and Lotus ensured traditions are not disregarded.

westin mooncakes review 2013 - rebecca saw

Westin mooncakes 2013 - traditional mooncakes-003

I bought home with me 5 mooncakes courtesy of the Westin KL in one of the hotel’s themed packagings: The Graceful Moon giftbox (four mooncakes, RM88+). Wai Ling added a Red Bean one to the bag.

Westin mooncakes 2013 - traditional mooncakes-002

Naturally I was more intrigued with the Red Dates Longan Single Egg Yolk and the Secret Method Red Tea and Coffee Paste with Black Raisin.
Below from top to bottom: 
1. Red Dates Longan Single Egg Yolk
2. Secret Method Red Tea and Coffee Paste with Black Raisin
3.  Five Senses Phoenix Assorted Fruit Nuts
4. Pandan Lotus Yolk

Westin mooncakes 2013 - traditional mooncakes-005

For the adventurous, the Red Dates Longan Single Egg Yolk is a must! At first glance it resembles a red bean mooncake in hue and that’s not too far off actually. As you can imagine, red dates are pretty mild in flavour but the chef has managed to pack in as much red dates flavour in this as naturally possible. Bite into one and savour pleasant sweetness of dates with the gritty, savoury pungency of fatty yolk.
This mooncake was an immediate favourite with my housemates too.
The Secret Method Red Tea and Coffee Paste with Black Raisin flooded the mouth first with its java flavour. Chew slowly and you will notice the milder tea flavour coming through the palate as the paste dissolves on the tongue. With tea and coffee combos it is expected that the java flavours would be more evident on the first bite. I can imagine how good this would be with a brew of good tea. The ‘yolk’ in this one isn’t a real yolk but more of a custard paste.

The Pandan Lotus and Red Bean paled in comparison in terms of glamour but no less satisfying in taste; both as enjoyable as how classic red bean and pandan mooncakes should be.
I personally prefer my Red Bean mooncakes with preserved mandarin now after I sampled a few where the paste was mixed with preserved mandarin skin. The fragrance and the aftertaste in the mouth does makes it less of a mouthful of boring plain red bean. However the Red Bean mooncake by Westin is as traditional as it gets; just plain red bean paste with melon seeds.

Westin mooncakes 2013 - traditional mooncakes-006

Last was the Assorted Fruit Nuts variety. It’s the last one because I dislike preserved winter melon and thus I never liked the assort fruits and nut mooncake!
The Five Senses Phoenix Assorted Fruit Nuts is made following the traditional recipe; sticky, sweet and condensed with walnuts, almond, chicken dried meat (in replacement of ham), sesame seeds, winter melon, cashew nuts, mandarin preserve and preserved lime.
Rest assured that you get what you paid for; this is one heavy mooncake and absolutely filling though I only had a quarter!

Westin mooncakes 2013 - traditional mooncakes-008

So celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival with some classic and funky mooncakes. Guests may purchase mooncakes in or The Bright Moon giftbox (six mooncakes, RM138+) or like the one I had; the The Graceful Moon giftbox (four mooncakes, RM88+).

Westin mooncakes 2013 - traditional mooncakes

Mooncakes from Five Sen5es (Five Senses is non-halal but the mooncakes are made in the halal kitchens which is separate from the chinese restaurant)
The Westin Kuala Lumpur, 199 Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 KL.
Tel: +603 2731 8333
Website: http://www.westin.com/kualalumpur

From: Jul 15, 2013 To: Sept 19, 2013
Price: RM88+ for a set of four, RM138+ for a set of 6.

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  1. Cal

    Nicely stacked up – good pic.
    I’ll start my mooncake journey this year with the traditional for now. Once I’m done with lotus, red bean & nuts/fruits I’ll begin with the overimaginative ones!

  2. I like how The Westin is so clearly and proudly emblazoned at the top of each mooncake! Very distinctive =)

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Hha yea! That was one thing I looked out for too. The design on each are repetitive – about 2 designs for all 5 mooncakes but at least it says “Westin”.

  3. azwiusa

    is there different on taste for halal vs non halal mooncake?

  4. Lindsey

    Beautiful mooncakes. From the embossing to the filling within. Smooth paste, thin baked skin!

  5. KJ Lim

    I’ll buy the Red Tea and the Red Dates ones for my sister. She’s fond of unique flavours. Mum on the other hand, prefers snowskins. What are the options for snowskin ones at Westin?

  6. Genji

    Halal, non-halal – is there pork in mooncakes anyways?

  7. Amber

    The Red Tea one does really intrigued me. Perhaps I’ll just grab that one to share with my mum. We got quite a few boxes already at home courtesy of friends.

  8. george

    Nice shots here becky. Good placement of the subjects as well.

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