Halal food in Ipoh – Thumb’s Cafe @ Greentown, Ipoh

It was by a funny stroke of luck that we stumbled upon Thumb’s Cafe in Ipoh.
We were not in Ipoh for a food excursion. It was in fact a photography skewed trip, with a trunkload of clothes in the boot of the Volkswagen Passat, heading to north for landscape inspiration shoot.


We were driving in our Passat, heading to our next location when Joanna exclaimed excited “It that a Volkswagen??
I looked up from my phone and said “No, that’s not Volkswagen“; staring at disbelief at a Suzuki.

No!” she exclaimed. “This one!”. She quickly steered to the left so the vehicle behind us could overtake us; and there is was, a cute little vintage Beetle ambled pass.
Trailing behind the little car, we honked til the owner stopped his Beetle. 🙂

beetle, volkswagen passat - rebecca saw review

Ezzad; owner of the Beetle was nice enough to agree to a photoshoot with our Passat. In the conversation (yes we are in the habit of flagging down random strangers asking them to join us for our photoshoots. Nah, just joking) we found out that he runs Thumb’s Cafe in Greentown Ipoh.

Halal food in Ipoh - Thumb's Cafe, Greentown, Ipoh-002

A quick google revealed a very rustic, almost container-like “outlet”.
This sits cosily within the large compound of Kompleks Badan Khidmat Islam Perak (Bakip) in Jalan Sultan Abdul Jalil in Greentown.
Parking is aplenty, and free too in the large compound just besides the cafe. The area could easily fit 50 cars!

Halal food in Ipoh - Thumb's Cafe, Greentown, Ipoh-003

Walking into the “container“/outlet I was surprised at the spacious seating. And almost every table is unique, so for each visit you might be seated at a makeshift crate table with metal stools or a wooden table with cushioned armchairs.
You can even choose to seat at the bar (sans alcohol of course) and watch the “barmen” blend, squeeze and mix the drinks for the packed cafe.

Halal food in Ipoh - Thumb's Cafe, Greentown, Ipoh-006

Halal food in Ipoh - Thumb's Cafe, Greentown, Ipoh-010

If an explain-it-all phase can be used, I’ll choose to go with “It is a very Instagram-able cafe“. Eccentric with whimsical vintage decor, the cafe exudes charm and coziness.
I thought the pretty spherical hanging lamps a nice touch. The cafe is kept cool with one air con and fans. Since it is only operational in the evenings, the temperature is bearable.

Halal food in Ipoh - Thumb's Cafe, Greentown, Ipoh-008

Food options are as extensive as a one A4 pager could allow.

Malay favourites are Chicken Rice, Fried Rice, Kanji (porridge), noodles (RM5- RM8) and for the western options the popular orders (observation based on 2 separate visits) are Chicken Chop and their signature Meatballs (beef); RM8 for 6 pieces and RM11 for 10 pieces.

Halal food in Ipoh - Thumb's Cafe, Greentown, Ipoh-012

Halal food in Ipoh - Thumb's Cafe, Greentown, Ipoh-013

According to Ezzad, the meatballs are housemade and baked which resulted in a nice crispy crust and tender centres. I couldn’t agree enough, and was personally rather pleased as that meant less grease since it wasn’t deep fried.

Halal food in Ipoh - Thumb's Cafe, Greentown, Ipoh-018

The same meatballs are available with pasta too.

Halal food in Ipoh - Thumb's Cafe, Greentown, Ipoh-017

Or you could opt for simple Chicken Pasta. Prices for mains ranges from RM8 to RM14. The popular Lamb and Chicken Chop comes with 3 options for the sauce; Mushroom, Black Pepper or Brown Sauce, all in-house recipes.

Halal food in Ipoh - Thumb's Cafe, Greentown, Ipoh-019

As evident from the photographs the food here is unpretentious and homely. Portions are hearty and prices are reasonable.
This plate of Fish & Chips is RM8, adeptly fried to ensure crisp batter and fries.

Halal food in Ipoh - Thumb's Cafe, Greentown, Ipoh-014

Sandwiches and burgers are available too.
Tortilla wraps are RM6 – RM8; depending on the fillings of chicken, crab/squid.

Beverages are between RM1 – RM5 while fruits juices are RM2.50 to RM4. Fancy drinks in bottles (think Esprit, Bickforrds) will cost RM8 – RM9.

Halal food in Ipoh - Thumb's Cafe, Greentown, Ipoh-015

Desserts are promising as well. Joanna thoroughly enjoyed the Creme Brulee (RM5.50) while I was more attracted to the Rainbow Cake (RM9/slice).

It is so pretty right? 🙂

Halal food in Ipoh - Thumb's Cafe, Greentown, Ipoh-022

Halal food in Ipoh - Thumb's Cafe, Greentown, Ipoh-011

Pavlova (RM6) and Tiramisu.

Halal food in Ipoh - Thumb's Cafe, Greentown, Ipoh-021

Halal food in Ipoh - Thumb's Cafe, Greentown, Ipoh-020

Many may wonder about the name “thumbs”. Well I found out why. Ezzad’s dad is Mr Alias, also known as “Pak Tam” and thus the “Tam” was made commercial with just “Thumb’s “. 🙂

With such reasonable prices, homely food and wonderful ambiance, Thumb’s Cafe is certainly worth a visit, for both Muslims and non-Muslims alike.
For my Muslim readers and friends, fret not now. There’s more to Ipoh than just eating at mamak, mall F & B outlets and nasi kandar now!

No. 133, Jalan Sultan Abdul Jalil,
30450 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia
Business Hours : 6pm – 1am.
Closed on Mondays.

Halal food in Ipoh - Thumb's Cafe, Greentown, Ipoh-001

GPS: N04° 35′ 54.7′ E101° 5′ 49.8′

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  1. Ezzad Elias

    I like it too.. on how becky met me.. I was angry when they keep hornking me to stop.. I was like..wht they want lol..

  2. Camelia

    Hilarious la you becky. And it’s so like you. Confident to approach strangers. Anyhow, I’m sure Ezzad didn’t mind getting honked and flagged down by a hot chick! 😛

  3. John

    So hilarious your story.. I’m just laughing imagining you 2 gals honking crazily at a random stranger.
    wackybecky is really wacky

  4. Rizz

    I watched Ezzad on TV9 promoting his Thumbs Cafe. Not a bad looking guy huh! No wonder the 2 gals honking on him. Hahahahaha!

    1. Rebecca Saw

      LOL!! Ermmm well we didn’t exactly see him while he was in his car!! Ahemm!!!
      But yes, he’s a cool dude, and definitely not bad looking 😛

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