Hair cut/colour at Centro Hair Salon @Gardens Mid Valley, one of the KL best hair salons

Back in September 2013 I sat in Centro Hair Salon wondering what to do with my hair.

rebecca saw

I walked out 3.5 hours later renewed, a complete hair makeover done and absolutely loving it. The hair transformed me, not just physically but emotionally and mentally.
From then onwards I felt a resurged confidence, and started to restyle my wardrobe and even rebranded myself over the next few months.

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blogger malaysia - rebecca saw


It wasn’t just Rebecca Saw the food blogger, now it’s Rebecca Saw; fashionable, stylish and a successful personality.
People paid more attention and I was showered with compliments on how I looked. Needless to say, I basked in the limelight and attention, and REALIZED, that a good haircut and colour does wonders to the overall presentation of yourself.

rebecca saw centro hair salon cut and colour 2

A lot of concerns fell on how much it would cost and how fussy it would be to maintain. After 6 months, I can now confidently report on the progress of my hair.

For starters, my cut and colour is personally done by Kevin Woo, the founder and also a Loreal Artistic Ambassador. Do expect to pay different price levels for different level of expertise (stylist).
A complete makeover like mine was RM830 (this was in Sept 2013).
Cut – RM200
2 tones for mid length – RM480
Treatment – RM150

hair cut colour at centro hair salon gardens mid valley-003

Since it was my first time sporting such a short-do, I didn’t know what to expect in terms of maintenance. As I had written in my first post HERE, I had expected to use a lot of wax to style my hair and perhaps a lot of time and effort to keep it in shape.
Surprisingly that wasn’t the case.

All it took was 3 minutes of a bit of wax and a quick brush to get it in shape and I’m out of the door. On lazy days, I just swept my hair to the side and it stays pretty much in shape minus wax.

asus zenbook malaysia - rebecca saw

Blow drying would give it a better shape, but on days when I skipped blow-drying, the hair falls into place just as well, but with just a minor lack of volume.

Below: No blow dry: My hair tends to curl out a little.

rebecca saw centro hair salon cut and colour 4

BELOW: And this when it’s long and needed a trim. Even then it didn’t look that bad, just needed a little more time to comb it properly and more wax to keep the longer locks in shape.
And this is 6 months AFTER the initial colouring session.
As you can see, the colours are a bit faded and the roots are showing but should I choose to hang on to this for the next 2 months, it would still look acceptable.

hair cut colour at centro hair salon gardens mid valley-001

So in conclusion, this style required lower maintenance time than my long hair! I had needed more time to wash, dry and brush out my previous long locks.

As for salon maintenance, my colour was still vibrant even after 3 months and I was quite pleased with the results.
So all in all, a trim every 1.5 – 2 months & retouch colour every 5-6 months was very manageable on both my schedule & budget. Kudos to Kevin for his great skills & superb work on the colour.

8th September 2013 -1st cut and colour.

13th Oct 2013 – 1st trim (RM200) after the initial cut. No need for colour.

23rd December 2013 – 2nd trim (RM200). No need for colour.

10th March 2014 – 3rd trim and re-colour. 3.5 hours. Cut, 2 tone colour, treatment – RM830. 

Below: The 13th Oct trim. (looking for the images, give me another day to find it)

Below: The 23rd December trim. You can see that the colour has developed and settled into a nice deep amber now.

rebecca saw centro hair salon cut and colour

Lastly the 10th March 2014 – re-cut and re-colour.
I got a deeper shade of red (almost purple) and a base of purplish red this time! 🙂

hair cut colour at centro hair salon gardens mid valley-015

hair cut colour at centro hair salon gardens mid valley-017

hair cut colour at centro hair salon gardens mid valley-016

hair cut colour at centro hair salon gardens mid valley-018

I went home and combed and separated my hair differently and realized that the colour showed more that way. Stay tuned as I’ll upload more pictures over the next few weeks. 🙂
Based on my experience the colour will slowly develop and my hair will show different shades of colour over the next few months. I can’t wait to see if it’s going to be a nice purplish red!

centro hair salon - best hair salon in KL-001

centro hair salon - best hair salon in KL

So, anyone here looking for a great salon in KL for cut and colour?
Centro Hair Salon will be opening their new outlet in Gardens (just beside Isetan) this coming end of March! I promise that I’ll update you guys if there are any cut/colour/treatment promotions alright? 🙂

hair cut colour at centro hair salon gardens mid valley-019

Meanwhile the contact to call should you need an appointment at Centro are:
1. CENTRO Hair Salon
FF227 4th Floor The Gardens Mall. T: 03-22877330
2. CENTRO Hair Salon and CENTRO Privé
Lot 401M Level 4 Suria KLCC. T: 03-21616330

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    Great recommendation!
    I’ll definitely give Centro a shot. if it’s RM200 for women, it should be less for guys right?

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