Hagen Bake & Brew, Mont Kiara – one of the best bakery in KL!

UPDATE: Hagen Bake and Brew no longer offers the breads as below. It is still in operation, but more on dine-in meals.

In continuation of my wholesome – eating post about French chef Lawrence at The Banjaran Hot Springs & Resorts, I’m following up today with this “healthy bread” post. I’m not sure what hit me, but I’m now overcome by a sudden urge to write about healthy food! :P

**My weekly bread stash –> Yeah, that’s how much bread I eat in ONE week!

hagen bake and brew mont kiara

My previous article on Craft Bakers at Solaris Dutamas had garnered much response about the lack of good artisan, hearty European-type breads in KL. I find it heartening to know that there are like-minded people who refuse to be subjected to fluffy, empty & commercialized loaves from Bread Story, Gardenia and the likes. Thank god there are still bread lovers out there who value quality, well-baked dough.

hagen bake and brew mont kiara-1

What’s even more encouraging now is that there are many bakeries sprouting up in KL that offers good quality loaves at reasonable prices.

My favourite bakery currently is Hagen Bake & Brew in Mont Kiara. This little gem of a bakery cum cafe has an easy enough to find location, though most unfortunately it’s a bit hidden due to lack of signage.

hagen bake and brew mont kiara-13

However if you know where Plaza Mont Kiara is, look for the Baskin Robbins opposite it.
Then bingo! That’s where Hagen is located.

hagen bake and brew mont kiara-14

It’s entrance is at the side of Baskin Robbins. Hagen Bake & Brew cafe & bakery occupies the whole floor above.

hagen bake and brew mont kiara-15

Once upstairs, you will find yourself in a long narrow passageway, with both sides lined with high chairs and tables.

hagen bake and brew mont kiara-18

The bakery is on your right, with shelves of wholesome and freshly baked loaves against a wall. A small kitchen that prepares the food served at this small cosy cafe is located on the other end.

hagen bake and brew mont kiara-23

I will go into the food later. Right now, feast your eyes & drool over the plethora of baked goods available here! :P

Let’s start with this amazing PORK BACON loaf. Ok, perhaps it doesn’t quite fall into the “healthy” category but trust me, it’s REALLY good!

hagen bake and brew mont kiara-09

Each slice is generously studded with PORK BACON bits and because the loaf is baked with the bacon, every slice is perfumed with the salivating fragrance of pork bacon.
I normally eat this toasted and I’m sure you can imagine how heavenly it must have tasted when it’s nice & toasty!

hagen bake and brew mont kiara-10

A normal sized loaf is RM12.90, but Hagen has a smaller loaf as well as a bacon roll version (see below).

hagen bake and brew mont kiara-37

Getting back on the healthy breads track, Hagen offers the customary wholemeal & brown bread. Prices for each are as stated on the description card.

hagen bake and brew mont kiara-40

hagen bake and brew mont kiara-41

hagen bake and brew mont kiara-45

When it’s labelled as wholemeal, it is really wholemeal. The ratio of wholemeal to flour was very well-balanced, not too rough with excessive wheat yet substantial enough.

hagen bake and brew mont kiara-46

All the baked goods at Hagen are made using imported German and unbleached flour. Each of the buns and loaves are beautifully crusty on the outside yet soft & fluffy inside. I love the texture and taste of all the breads that I have tried so far, which by now is almost 90% of their range!
I find the prices pretty reasonable as well for the quality offered.

hagen bake and brew mont kiara-26hagen bake and brew mont kiara-27

hagen bake and brew mont kiara-36

The herbs loaves & buns were delightfully aromatic and savoury. Good to eat on its own or with some good old butter.

hagen bake and brew mont kiara-35

Below: No cheating here! Actual bits of garlic and generous specks of basil, parsley and chives.

hagen bake and brew mont kiara-43

hagen bake and brew mont kiara-44

I’m not fond of sweet breads; especially the ones with cherries as they tend to have a weird chemical taste but the one below by Hagen was wonderful.

hagen bake and brew mont kiara-34

Very fragrant and slightly sweet with nibs of almonds for a nice nutty texture, I polished half a loaf at one go. It’s sinfully addictive I tell you!

hagen bake and brew mont kiara-42

More healthy breads – The Carrot Loaf.

hagen bake and brew mont kiara-39

This is Carrot Loaf as well, but Croissant style. Honestly I couldn’t spot a shred of carrot in it; perhaps it’s pureed into the dough?

hagen bake and brew mont kiara-47

Oh wait, those tiny brown slivers must be it.

hagen bake and brew mont kiara-48

I have yet to try the French croissant as I’m not a fan of pastry (I’m worried about those layers of butter pastry you see) . Hhahahhah…

hagen bake and brew mont kiara-30

hagen bake and brew mont kiara-49

Moving on…… there are a small selection of German breads of which has names I can’t pronounce..

hagen bake and brew mont kiara-38

…and this is German doughnuts, which is supposedly one of their must-try. I promised the owner I’ll try it soon. Deep fried dough and sugar icing on top tends to turn me off.

hagen bake and brew mont kiara-32

I’m not sure what’s the different between a bagel vs. New York bagel vs. German bagel. All I know is, from all my prior experiences I have yet to eat a good, dense, chewy bagel worthy of its name. The previous Departure Lounge at Aman Suria serves pretty decent ones, but it seemed that the Uptown branch doesn’t maintain the same quality. Another was freshly baked by the French Chef from The Cuisine Studio, which is unfortunately unavailable for retail purchases.

hagen bake and brew mont kiara-28

This is another German specialty – The Marzipan Strudel. Nope, I haven’t tried. Simply cos Marzipan = SUGAR.

hagen bake and brew mont kiara-33

And of course, french breads are a must for any bakery.

hagen bake and brew mont kiara-25

hagen bake and brew mont kiara-31

hagen bake and brew mont kiara-29

I could go on and on about the breads here, but you’ll have to try it for yourself! I have bought almost every bread they sold here. But I will be back for more soon!

hagen bake and brew mont kiara-3

hagen bake and brew mont kiara-2

hagen bake and brew mont kiara-4

What’s not that great thoughย  –> The cakes and food. This cake was awfully diabetically sweet and tasted really weird.

hagen bake and brew mont kiara-11hagen bake and brew mont kiara-12

And my previous visit for dinner was pretty disastrous. The sausages was weird, the grilled skewers were salty, the pasta was oily and bland while the pizzas were decent at best. The duck sandwich was the only saving grace of the lot.

hagen bake and brew mont kiara-02

hagen bake and brew mont kiara-0

hagen bake and brew mont kiara-01

hagen bake and brew mont kiara-03

hagen bake and brew mont kiara-04

hagen bake and brew mont kiara-05

hagen bake and brew mont kiara-06

hagen bake and brew mont kiara-07

Well that was in August. I will be back for another round as I was informed they have PORK BURGERS now! Hhahah.. so much for wholesome healthy eating huh? :P

Oh, just a heads up, Hagen only provide brown bags for their breads.

hagen bake and brew mont kiara-08

Below: More pictures!

hagen bake and brew mont kiara-16

hagen bake and brew mont kiara-17

Some of Hagen’s desserts.

hagen bake and brew mont kiara-19

hagen bake and brew mont kiara-20

hagen bake and brew mont kiara-21

hagen bake and brew mont kiara-22

There are imported pasta and olive oil, etc for sale too.

hagen bake and brew mont kiara-24

Hagen Bake & Brew

Mont Kiara Shoplex, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-6201-1628

Open Daily from 8am till 12pm * Breakfast starts from 8am till 11am
* Imported Beers available throughout the day

All pictures:
Samsung NX11

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  1. nicole'smirror

    OH NO!!! I must get the Pork Bacon Loaf!!!!!! They look delicious and heavenly!!!

    1. rebeccasaw

      YES YOU must! that loaf is evil I tell you! ๐Ÿ˜›

    1. rebeccasaw

      Oh yes you must!! Let me know waht she thinks. But have she tried Craft Bakers?
      I didn’t like Craft Bakers as much but they do great whole grains bread too!

  2. Feeq

    Yeah…. another pastrt blog post by becky =)
    I want more pastry blog post =)

    1. rebeccasaw

      Really? Ok ok! More coming! ๐Ÿ˜›
      Hehe.. so you’re eating a lot of healthy breads lately?

      1. Feeq

        Yup.. start back my diet program =) Dont want become like santa claus…

      2. rebeccasaw

        Hahha.. ok. Selective carbs like this is good

  3. lotsofcravings

    thats ALOT of bread!
    do they make rye or sourdough variants?

  4. JoinMe

    Hi rebeccasaw,
    Kindly be informed that this post has been reprinted on JoinMe.com.my, thanks. ^^
    P/S: We have put your name and link credit back to this article.

  5. nikel

    all the bread look great!

    1. rebeccasaw

      They are!
      Do you love breads like me? ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Chong

    Yay! It’s right opposite of my office! The main meals really that bad, huh? And just wondering whether is it till 12pm or 12am for the business hours?

    1. rebeccasaw

      Oh go try. I was informed that the food has improved since Aug.
      It’s 12am! They close late cos they cater to the drinking crowd as well!

  7. ai wei

    another great find! hhaha, you are so into bread!!!

    1. rebeccasaw

      Hehehe! And desserts – CAKES TOO!! I just wish I got more time!
      There’s so many more I want to write about.

  8. Sean

    oooo, i’m actually wondering if their pork burgers are good, cos i’ve been hearing some decent praise recently about the burgers. the only thing i recall about this place was some pork skewers, heheh ๐Ÿ˜€

  9. Isaac Tan

    rarely around that area, but if i am, i’ll check that spot out for sure. Janice loves bakeries ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. rebeccasaw

      Hehe..yes you should!
      Damn, we should go bread & cakes hunting some time!

  10. Miss Adriennely

    Babeee look for a place with awesome sourdough rye for me so I don’t have to hunt when I’m back :p

    1. rebeccasaw

      Actually I dont’ like sourdough! Is it supposed to be salty? I dont know babe, but the sourdough I have eaten so far are a little bit “salty” or weird tasting. How’s the actual sourdough supposed to be like?
      I bought sourdough from The Bread Shop in Damansara, (havent blogged about that), it was ok, not “salty” or funny tasting.. but I wonder if that’s the way sourdough is supposed to be !

  11. Anja

    Is the place sells pork or lard?

    1. rebeccasaw

      yes it does Anja. The pork bacon loaf – for example. And they have pork bacon pasta too.

    1. rebeccasaw

      Yups.. let me see.. it was 6/10 – so wasn’t exactly memorable..

  12. Julia

    Gotta give this place a try. I like your blog, Becky. Interesting and honest reviews. Will be checking back for updates. ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Julia

    That’s awesome Becky! Thanks. I was at Yeast a couple of days back and I so loved it… The ambiance is superb.

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