H- Factor Penang and Penang Food!

..ahhh.. this is weeks overdue..

I can’t remember the last time I spent weekends at home anymore! My weekend has become a ritual of packing on Fridays nights, early Saturday mornings traveling and well..this part has got no complains from me; hanging out with a bunch of great, really cool “kids” ahem.. ok..rephrase.. young adults from HELP University who is the event crew..awesome craze–ee speakers and last but not least, this youth project has bought me much insights into the mindset of the younger generation Malaysians.

Of course.. lets not forget the food places I made a point to explore at each venue!

I’m starting with the first leg of the H-Factor Youth Creative Workshop (which was in PENANG) which aims to give an insight to the youth of Malaysia on what it takes to get ahead in the Malaysian Creative Content Industry by showcasing some of the players who has indeed made it in this arena.

[The gentlemen from left to right – Hans Isaac, David Lai, Harith Iskander, Reymee Hussein, Pietro Felix, Fellest Yan, Joey Khor. The ladies – Hannah Tan and Serena C]

Each speakers specializing in an area.

The journey..misty cool air along the highway..

Tapah – Jambu Jeruk

I was absolutely fascinated with the above. Apparently, it is a hybrid fruit. Very diabetically (if there’s such a word) sweet, with a good bite and crunchy. I loved it. But it is not available in KL I think, for I have not come across it. Anyone?
I was asking the stall -keeper on whether this is the original fruit itself or is it a preserved fruit. Sadly no contrite answer was given as the stall-keeper could only repeat “Here..buy more..good lehh? buy more….try try..” everytime I ask her anything!

Seems that it is only available in Tapah rest-stop too.

Reached Penang in time for lunch *grin*..perrrffectt..
A quick check-in into G Hotel and after chomping down some lunch from the afternoon buffet, I’m off to Swatow lane! Haaa..where else for my Ais Kacang fix..

New WOrld Park – packed as usual..

with my favourite topping of bananas, and for Vit C I added dragonfruit ;p
And this..KL don’t have laa..Tee Nya Kueh

Oh-Chien (oyster omelette) .. for RM6 with big plump oysters.. really can’t get it in KL!!

Of course I had to order the Char Kuey Teow, and my favourite here is the stall that is beside the fried oyster’s. However, I seems to have lost the pic, (??!) or did I not take any? Sigh, the thing that good CKT do to you. Make you forget everything and just tuck in! You can choose to add duck egg, of which I did.

Also, since I did take a pic of this stall, thought I might as well post it..The Chee Cheong Fun, Yam kueh, red bean soup and Meat dumpling (Ba-chang) is pretty decent.

Then it was a quick visit to Continental Bakery, my all time prefered bakery before Rainforest Bakery at Chulia Street. (that I will keep for another post)

Him Heang was next on the list (read about it here)..

Back to work..
It was a meet and greet session at Queensbay Mall..

Dance demo by Fellest Yan of WildStream Productions.

We had pretty overwhelming response, and a cool number of teenagers signed up for the workshop which was the very next day.
Satisfied with ourselves, we headed back to the hotel. Some went to New Lane for dinner, others just had buffet in the hotel and moi here went hunting for hawker food at Gurney Drive ;p

This is THE stall for CKT here..

It’s a father and son team. Son will take and fire order, dad never looks up from his wok..

And it’s self-service.. judging from the queue I don’t think anyone mind..

Wok hei – check
Perfect balance of chilli and soy condiments – check
Smooth soft kuey teow, all evenly coated with sauce – check
Reasonable pricing – RM4 – check
Fast and efficient service – check
Not too oily – check
Fresh sweet crunchy prawns – check
Ku chai – check

ahhh.. what more can one ask for?

Other than the infamous Apom Guan on Burmah Road, who only sells in the afternoon (oh, on my last trip I saw his brother putting up his own signboard “Apom Chooi” too!..hoho..maybe to compete yea? ), we do have this version of Apom in Gurney

Here, they have 3 choices of filling – banana, kaya or corn. 5 for RM2.
If you have been following my posts, I’m sure I have mentioned that I dig bananas (banana cheesecake – D’lish, banana with ais kacang..) so this is what I had.

The morning after.. up at 630am.

I skipped hotel morning buffet for this.. Chowrasta Market!
This aunty only sells on weekends.. I kinda prefered hers to the ones at New World Park. Her pandan colouring is really derived from pandan leaves, not colouring.

Another stall is this..

He used to sell pandan tau fu fah.. of which forms one of the main reasons I came here for.. But sadly he has stopped “production” of this particular version, citing heavy workload as the reason..

Next hunt is for good old Nyonya kueh.. this stall gets it from a supplier in Air Itam. You can recognise it the from the distinguishing diamond shape cut of the kueh.

I so missed this, normally I have it steamed with curry chicken, etc or dipped into egg and fry alike french toast.. delicious!

When I was in Penang, I bought my oysters from this aunty whenever I have the urge to play “masak-masak” and whip up some oh-chein.. each packet only RM5..big and juicy..

This coffee shop on Kimberly Street sells duck meat kuey teow soup in the mornings and I got to know this place from my dad, who only eats chinese food 99% of the time and knows the best places for old-fashioned chinese cuisine.

The soup is super tasty, boiled for hours with duck bones, etc thrown in.

Indian apom.. a definite must-buy for me..

Rm1 for 3 pcs. Non-existent in KL..or even Penang. Most stalls are selling RM2 for 5 pcs. And the taste is no way comparable to this, for he doesn’t cheat on the eggs. Others are mostly flour, santan and sugar.

I was further astonished by the size of the eggs they use, A grade! No joke. No hawkers uses Grade A for obvious reasons.
My normal order of Indian apom is “tambah telur” – 1 whole egg added for each piece. RM1. Wahh.. really amazing..

Thick,full aroma of fresh egg, sweet and nutritious.. I like!

A hot hearty thick porridge in the morning is also good for the soul *smile*

This stall is on your left is you are coming in from Campbell Street entrance into the market. It is by the lane and you won’t miss it as it is the only stall selling “chook” in the morning.
The innards, liver, crunchy intestines are no doubt an acquired taste but you can always opt for the plain broth with garnishing of parsley and spring onions.

When you see this a long queue like this, you know you have discovered another gem. Food-wise that’s is.

Of course, duty calls and I was back in G Hotel by 830am.

Reception area before the strong 400-odd crowd came in.

Young uns sitting themselves inside the hall.

Haans session on acting – this lucky girl was chosen upstage to act a short impromptu sketch with him

And of course, buddy Harith has to butt in and spoil the party (just kidding!)

Harith’s session – threatre & comedy. Guess why Haans guffawing like that!

He had everyone in stitches with his jokes! Amazing, give him a mike, that’s all he needs.

Backstage: Very funny cool bunch really..just like you and me *ahem* except that they earn way more than you and me!
Someone had this idea that the wall is a perfect backdrop for a lock-up scene. Creative minds at work huh..

Fellest getting the crowd worked up for his dance session..

Thank you session at the end of it all.. the crew from HELP Uni KL. Very responsible, great PR and loads of enthusiam!

ps: These young adults have so much talent they don’t need surety bonds to insure their success!

Next up..JOHOR!

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