H-Factor – Johor & of course….what we ate there!

Next stop was Johor, a week after Pg. The week whizzed by and the next thing I know I’m on a bus again..heading to the South.
This is my first trip to Johor, and of course I did my homework and listed the food I wanted to try.
I have just ordered this online a week before and was anxious to test the places listed. In addition, just to be sure, I was also armed with printouts from some prominent floggers ;p

Alas, time was jam-packed and I didn’t get to staple the infamous Briyani Gam and Laksa Johor. Furthermore, we stayed at The Regency and it was too far from all the eating spots (or so I was told).

We reached Johor at lunchtime.
Isabelle, one of volunteers hailed from Johor and a quick check with her dad revealed that we are actually in proximity of a very famous mee rebus Johor stall.
Apparently, it is just a “short” walk away from our hotel.

So a hungry bunch of us set out immediately for lunch.. and 25mins later we were still walking…
“Belle, are you sure we on the right track?”
“Dunno ahh.. my dad says just walk down this street..sure can see one.. just at the side of the road..”

another 5 minutes..
“Belle.. call your dad would ya?”
“well, he said walk on..”

another 5 minutes..
“eerr.. do you know the name of the shop? At least we know what we should keep an eye for..”
“hhmm.. dunno.. its below a “salesman” hotel and besides a money changer..”

By now, all of us are sweating and wasn’t really sure if we are going to get food any time soon. Yours truly here was the most concerned naturally. LOL.

Hannah’s PA Jess was miffed cos she thought I purposely bought the team so far just cos I wanted to eat this mee rebus. Hey.. I didn’t know where it is exactly! In defense, Isabelle said it was walking distance.
Besides, all was in favour of trying this famous mee rebus versus the suggestion by Official photographer Gareth and videographer Michael who wanted KFC at The Zon!

Then someone in front hollered.. oh yes..found!

I like the crunchy bit toppings. Sauce wise it was sweet and heavily “potato-infused”. Probably that explains why it was quite filling. What you see it what you get really; yellow mee, taugeh (bean sprouts), a hard boiled egg, crunchy bits and green chillis.
So why it is famous?
Honestly, by my standards it failed to ‘wow’ me but to give credit where it is due, I guess I would term it as “different”?

Anyways you can read about Mike’s post here and also renowned *wink* flogger Motormouth From Ipoh: The Southern Escapade (Johor Bahru) – Part 2 – yup, it’s the same hotel :0)

Otak otak for RM0.50.. wahh inflation hasn’t hit Johor yet mehhh?

Yup, bright red. Each of us polished off an average of 5 pcs in addition to 2 plates of mee rebus! Top that with set after set of roti kahwin (toasted bun with butter and kaya). Table full of gluttons, what to do (There were 14 of us..).. LOL

Next we popped over to MSC Cyberport, level 28 for the sound, stage and event set-up for tomorrow.
View from the 28th floor.

The function room and boardroom opens out to this garden. Very beautiful and well maintained. Great for chilling out and having a cuppa. However, the group of us were busy cam-whoring, hehe ..what else..

You can see the infamous Causeway from here.

Initial plan for dinner was Taman Jaya or something, where it is said that they have a big food court and really good errr.. darn..forgot liow…i think it was mee siam??
But then we were invited for dinner courtesy of Mr Ganesh and Her Royal Highness Tunku Zahrah – niece to the Sultan of Johor..

Venue: Restaurant Singgah Selalu at Danga Bay.

VIP table – Tunku Zahrah and Hannah, Ganesh, Reymee

MSC Cyberport owner & CEO of Malaysia Online (MOL) ,Mr Ganesh and David Lai, the mentalist

Drinks orders were taken first of course, and my eye zoomed in on Durian Ice Kacang on the menu instantly.

It DID NOT disappoint.

Hannah’s dessert – ice, sagos, and more sago, and sugar syrup and round jellies.

Not bad.. but doesn’t come near this.

Creamy, rich and with strong durian taste, this is the real McCoy. It was
pureed and blended with coconut milk I think, for it was not just durian
flesh. Surprisingly, chocolate syrup paired well with it, for my initial
reaction was chocolate and durian, can ahh??
Didn’t know both could make such a fatal combination *grin*

I went from table to table to recommend this to rest of the team. After exclamations of “Ohhhh…” “Ummmmmm..”wahhhhh…”, “heaven!” the waiter was called for and another round of Durian ABC for each table was placed.
Heh, hope Ganesh didn’t mind the bill.

Leonard ordered this ..

I was curious of course, and what better way to satisfy one’s curiosity than to just dig your spoon in? ;p
Longans aside, the round thingy you see are actually jellies..not sago..don’t ask me how they made it cute and nice roundly shape like that..

With the 1st “course” passing with flying colours, I sat back and waited in anticipation for the dishes ordered personally by Tunku.

Hard and chewy Lemon Chic. A real let-down.. for it’s one of my fav chicken dish.

Ikan Bakar..I had better..

Tom Yam..nothing to shout about..prawns, squids..normal normal normal..

Nasi Goreng Kampung, it was eerr.. fiery..yes.. and salty.

Asparagus.. pass! Or was I desperate for something edible? hah.

At the risk of sounding ungrateful, I would like to redeem myself (ahemm) and said it was a good meal with even better company. The durian ABC makes it all worthwhile! There are other stalls outside of which I have yet to try so there might be some hidden gems..

So will I singgah – selalu?? Err.. hhmm.. I still think not..Just feels very commercialised kinda place..
Anyways, got more pics (or rather better pics) here . Sorry, moi here no camera pro..

I think we occupied 4 or 5 tables in total..

After dinner, we were “entertained” by mentalist David. His signature act is the spoon bending demo..

Final fate of the poor spoon? No joke!

The next day – Work time..
The hall all ready.. 300 goodies bags prepared, Serena C and Pietro with the opening act..

These pics above are courtesy of Shaolin Tiger – the official photographer of the event as I didn’t managed to snap any myself.

Security crew – they did a mighty good job of “securing” the local celebraties ;p

Goofy moments – off duty of course!

The team..

Pic courtesy of Shaolin Tiger..

We departed right after the event and had dinner at one of the rest stop on the highway.. so nothing much to blog about that!

Next.. Kota Kinabalu!

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