Guan Heong Biscuit Ipoh – Durian mooncakes, BBQ Meat (savoury) mooncake!

If you remember, I had introduced on my blog about this traditional biscuit shop in Ipoh and their delicious yet unique baked biscuits a while back.
Guan Heong’s range of biscuits are still handmade til today and they make their own pastry, paste, BBQ meat and well, just about almost everything. 🙂

During the mooncake season (like now), their range of special mooncakes will be available for a limited period and orders are expectedly overwhelming.
Based on their mooncake list I was most tempted by the durian and savoury mooncakes!

guan heong mooncakes 2014 - BBQ meat bak kua mooncake

Fruit base paste, traditional nuts and lentils paste are quite usual these days. But I bet having actual meat in the mooncakes aren’t as common.

guan heong mooncakes 2014 - BBQ meat bak kua mooncake-001

I love my bak kua (chinese BBQ meat jerky) and thus this mooncake from Guan Heong is easily one of my top picks this year.
The lotus paste is generously studded with big squares of Guan Heong’s in-house BBQ meat and though I didn’t fancy the lotus paste because it was slightly greasy and sweet for me, the overall combination of sweet and meaty works really well!

I’m of opinion that nothing beats pure durian pulp in mooncakes (or any pastries/baked items) but this mildly sweet, sticky durian paste in crumbly, buttery crust makes perfect pairing.
It isn’t fanciful but bite after bite reminded me of the nostalgic pastries that my grandparents used to eat, the type with simple butter crust and sweet paste.
I had instant flashbacks of the long plastic-packaged “durian kuih” (that’s what we used to call it back then) that was homemade and commonly sold back in Penang.

guan heong mooncakes 2014 - BBQ meat bak kua mooncake-002

guan heong mooncakes 2014 - BBQ meat bak kua mooncake-003

And oh, the generous sprinkling of melon seeds within the paste added a nice crunch. 🙂

photo 2(2)

Here’s the GUAN HEONG Mooncake list:
You may PM them on FB for orders or to acquire for the price list.

menu 2 without pricelist

Guan Heong delivers to the whole of Malaysia so if you want to bite into the unique BBQ meat mooncake or their tasty egg yolk + lotus paste biscuits do fill in the ORDER FORM here:–delivery

FB Page:

Here’s the range of their popular biscuits:
You can read my review of these here:
1) Meat Floss biscuit – RM 15.60
2) Salted Egg Meat Floss biscuit – RM 21.90
3) Dried Meat biscuit – RM 22.80
4) Package A (mix of 3 flavours in a box) – RM 20.10
Other recommendation:
1) Chicken biscuit (bottle) – RM 15
2) Heong Pheah (box) – RM 9.50

If you’re ever in Ipoh (please give me a holla cos I want to go too!) do visit the Guan Heong Biscuit Shop!
Address as below:
160, Jalan Sultan Iskandar, 30000 Ipoh, Perak
Tel: 05-2412399 / 017-5736277
Email: [email protected]
Office Hour: Mon – Sat : 9am to 7pm  AND Sun: 10am to 3pm

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  1. Sean EDKL

    meaty mooncakes! hmmm, i’d like to see a duck-stuffed mooncake, heheh 🙂

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