Green Curry gelato, Mango Sticky Rice, Thubtimkrop, Chocolate Chili & Durian GELATO @ BIG Publika

Rebecca Saw - green curry gelato @ Publika

Gigi of Idolci Gelato KualaLumpur has done it again.

I was first wow-ed over by her ingenious petai (stink beans) gelato, and after a visit to her factory 2 years back, I had thought she is one of the most innovative gelato makers in town.
It did occur to me that creating new flavours can be pretty straightforward; after all all you have to do is to take inspiration from the ingredients and dishes around you.

For example we have had nasi lemak gelato and some budding entrepreneurs had turn laksa into cookies, cempedak into cakes while another has a nasi lemak creme brulee drawing in the crowd at his outlet.

So yes, the possibilities is endless.
Having said that, I’ve learnt over the course of my foodie career that sounding good in name doesn’t necessarily translate to a sellable product.

A bit (or a lot) of imagination and sufficient knowledge of using ingredients and produce in the right mix/ratio are required for the final delicious product.
Taste may be subjective, but it should generally please 70% of the population in where you are marketing your products.

A Thai Fair is running currently at BIG, Publika and Idolci Gelato has stepped up the game with their latest creations of Mango Sticky Rice, Green Curry, Thubtimkrop, Chocolate Chili & Durian gelato.

We took an immediate liking to the Thubtimkrop one, which is creamy and rich in coconut-y flavours paired with the delicate sweetness from jackfruit.
The name did justice to the creation.

Next was the Mango Sticky Rice, also rich in coconut milk, but with added texture from bits of rice within its icy depths and paired with fresh mangoes.

Lastly is the Green Curry gelato.
This packs quite a punch and there’s no way you could have mistaken this for anything else but the rich, green Thai curry that we all know.

Each scoop goes for RM9.50 (inclusive of GST) and you can opt for a cone or cup. Tastings are available so do swing by to try these amazing flavours! 🙂
Last day for the fair is 26th April 2015.

Green Curry gelato @ BIG publika

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