Green Apple Burger, aka Ana’s Burger, Zoo Negara

It was after the Fried Chillies Award night, where subsequent posts by AWOL & HairyBerry, with remarks on its existence that I first heard of this innovative creation; & needless to say, my curiosity was piqued ever since. (Yes, I do read remarks, not only the post itself).

Weeks of continuously google -searches ensued, but yielded null results.
No matter whatever creative keywords I googled, it seems that it was un-blogged of and unheard of.
Meanwhile, my burger hunts continues its due course, from Subang to The OM, Ampang..& yet at the back of my mind I was still most adamant to find this elusive burger.
Creative & original food always gets my vote.

Fast forward a few weeks, and I got to meet Boo in person, and found out, apparently, she is the only one who knows exactly where it is.
Needless to say, I bugged her for the location and true to her word, she made a trip there not long after & posted about it with VERY specific directions. Get it HERE. Thanks Boo!

Planning a trip there was another hurdle entirely, for no one wanted to venture all the way to Zoo Negara just for a burger at night.
Luckily Yin was game, and roped in Kief, while I got another makan kaki, WC to join in the fun.

Using the combination of GPS, Boo’s directions and Google Map printed out, we wandered into the thick jungle of Melawati, Kemensah and Zoo Negara.

Though tricky, it wasn’t as difficult to find as I expected. Relieved, the four of us poured out of the car, famished & ready to wolf down some mean burgers.

The maestro at the grill is Ana’s hubby, but for some sentimental reasons, this burger joint is named Ana’s Burger.

order sheet

The apples are not the only green thing here, as for some strange reasons, the light used to lit up their stall is green too.

zen lighting
Ana was one chatty lady, so very friendly and warm. She regaled us with tales of the old times and beyond, and sportingly assisted with the presentation of the burgers for our photography shoot.

The eggs was cooked right (I did say before that I’m a fussy egg eater right?), super soft & slightly runny. I noticed that they used Grade A sized eggs. Wow! Talk about quality huh?

We watched as the burgers were being prepared & gleefully went click-happy as Ana shared the history of their business.
It seems that Ana’s hubby started honing his burger skills behind the grill since he was 19, and operated a stall in Pandan Jaya back then. He stopped at the age of 27 & it was then that Ana met him.
Post marriage & among other things, they shifted here & started this humble stall.
Ana agreed & admitted that even she was dubious at first of the location but surprisingly business has been consistent from the beginning and by now, they have their regulars. Other than the queue one normally sees at the stall, they take phone-in orders & delivers FOC within the vicinity for min order of 2 burgers.

Naturally, catering requests for events followed. Once, it was an order of 1ooo burgers for a 4 hours event but all 1000 burgers were snapped up within 2 hours!

When queried about possibilities of future expansions in a more accessible location, say PJ or KL, Ana shook her head and said that her hubby is adamant of maintaining the quality control of the burgers and it has been difficult to train a staff that is able to ensure that the burgers were cooked in the right manner & also maintain the taste.
So till they can trust and find someone who could do so, this would pretty much be the only stall for them now.

Observing the master at work, I took in the amount of “care” he shown in preparing the burgers. The patty was grilled to perfection, done just to the right degree, hence it was juicy and moist.
Each patty was first butterflie-d & given a douse of Lea & Perrins followed by a generous smear of mustard. Then after a few shakes of pepper, it was left to cook for a while more.


I spied a bottle of sambal at the stall, and wondered aloud what could it be for, of which Ana explained that it can be added onto the burger if one is adventurous enough to give it a shot..

tandoori sauce

Of course I’m game to try a slap of spicy kick-ass SAMBAL were spread over my medium-rare beef patties…

hhmmm………I licked my lips in anticipation…


We ordered the Kahwen (kahwin or malay for marry/marriage) where 2 patties of both chicken & beef are alternated with an egg & Ding Dong version, (where the egg is cooked bulls-eyed versus the customary omelet wrap-over the patty kind)

Above: First the beef patty was stacked onto the mound of greens, then topped with a bulls-eyed egg. Another round of sauce followed and the chicken patty was laid on top. Then more squirts of mayo plus sauce before the finishing touch of slices of GREEN Apples.

Even before she said it, I realized that the green apples are of a better quality than those RM0.70 ones. These babies are juicy and really sweet.
It was indeed refreshing to bite into a towering meaty burger & have bursts of fruity, acidic sweet juice to just tease the palate slightly.
While it sounded weird for some, the sambal works pretty well with the patty and the green apple slices married wonderfully with the whole concoction of the montrous burger.

Of course, no doubt the different layering helped, for having the green apple on top definitely made sense since the vegetables were at the bottom, and the egg in the middle provided a separation to having to taste both patties (meat & meat) together.
So in ONE bite, one tastes different flavours but since it hit the palate at different levels it somehow helps the tongue to diffrentiate the myriad of flavours better.

Ana also explained that the cabbage are shredded by hand (knife) rather than using the grater, which she opines tends to make the veg loses its crunch and turn watery.
I like the generous mix of cabbage, lettuce & fresh sweet onions. Almost, and I said almost, consoled me that this burger wasn’t such a sin after all.


For an amazing RM4.00, my burger was humongous. Beats Big Mac anytime!
2 full patties, an egg and loaded with extra lettuce, cabbage, onions and topped with thick slices of green apple, this is one post birthday celebration to remember!


Eat it all in ONE bite. Absolutely satisfying!



More pictures below as Ana treated us to a complimentary TANDOORI ROTI JOHN.

Mincing the patty….fry it up a bit, mix it with an egg, spices and tandoori paste ala Murtabak..pour on grill..fold it over a bun…


Of course, the trademark green apple is present here too..


4 cuts for the 4 of us to share… *burps*
burger John
With cheese...

w cheese

The normal one (NOT DING DONG)
the normal
It’s really amazing how the patties here can taste so different when honestly, one can get Ramly burgers anywhere. Heck, we can buy Ramly and cook it at home.

Anyhow, Ana was beaming proudly when she showed us this.

the normal

A laminated copy of Boo’s write up!! LOL. “The power of food bloggers, I trust”, she said Yoda-like… Hehehe..

It was lovely to have made Ana & her hubby’s acquaintance. It was indeed a food outing to remember, and Ana’s hubby, worried that we might get lost, actually went on his bike and lead us out to MRR II, and indicated to us the direction towards KL! So sweet!

Read about Yin’s experience here.

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  1. thule a.k.a leo

    those burgers look lip-smackingly delicious… great!! now I am feeling hungry in the middle of the night.. sigh!!! I must control myself… no more supper!!! Lol…

  2. qwazymonkey

    Aiyo, another read that makes me a real jakun. I've still not been here yet! Somebody help me lah and end my jakun-ness. LOL

  3. Yin

    Woah…2 postings on the same stall? Hehehe, it was fun reliving the experience through your blog. Thank you!

  4. "Joe" who is constantly craving

    double entry? just like the double patties hor?

  5. thenomadGourmand

    thule: me don't take supper as well..but i'll make an exception for tis!

    monkey: No worries dear..dun think muhc people been here either! Esp those frm KL!

    Yin: Yea..rmbr Ana wanted our links? Can send her the one with rotten fish heads & pampers!
    I will sms her ur link as well.

    Joe: Oh, tis one is the "proper" one ;p

  6. Simon Seow

    Wow. Looks like a must try.

  7. CUMI & CIKI

    i thot u oredi posted this post… hmmm…

  8. J2Kfm

    why the repost? i tot i was seeing double pulak …

  9. thenomadGourmand

    simon: yea..wanna got try?

    C&c & J2kfm: sorry folks, had to do a "proper" one for Ana..

  10. figtree

    WOW..not thats a burger!!!!!!!!!!! I must have one. Figtreeppa

  11. §pinzer

    i must go

  12. Chong

    I love the egg to be bullseye / banjo version

  13. EVo

    heyyyy becca!

    I may have just had my dinner…but this post makes me go all hungry again! love the way u make it seem so irresistible! 😉

  14. thenomadGourmand

    figtree: yups! tht is A BURGER alrite!

    Chris: Bring the supper Gang!

    chong: yes yes!! Perfect for burgers..oozzing yolks and all hor?

    evo: hahah..come we go?

  15. email2me

    Oh damn! There goes my diet ….. I definitely hit a double patty on this.

  16. mimid3vils

    green apple? Match with the taste of the burger well?

  17. Lingzie

    eh double post ah? no wonder i got abit confused.. lol
    but no worries… double patties deserves double posts. 😛

  18. Nic (KHKL)

    *joining qwazymonkey in the Jakun club* ..haha!

    must really ask you for directions AND what to order when i go there.

  19. Myhorng

    sambal in burger hmm… interesting

    however, apple is kinda weird lar. cannot imagine the taste of the combination.

  20. nyonya pendek melaka

    wow..i can see that you're a real foodie. and that burger looks superduperlicious! ramly burger not mentioned so do they make their own patties?

    p/s thks for leaving yr 'footsteps' on my blog, or else i wouldn't know abt this burger that exists in the thick jungles of msia!;)

  21. thenomadGourmand

    email2me: diet??? 😉

    mimid3vil: i was skeptical at 1st but it least to me it does 😉

    lingzie: Didnt knw tht u do visit my blog 😉
    Oh, this version is the "proper one", as req by ana

    Nic: aiyaa..lets go toge -toge. Unka also not yet went..

    myhorng: wanna go & try??

    nyonyapendekmelaka: hehe..ur blog is interesting & ur welcome!
    Yups they use Ramly..

  22. OLD zamir yami

    this one
    my favourite burger
    burger KAHWEN
    when i eat it,its very

  23. Anonymous

    They have moved to jalan J taman melawati, opposite the big mosque

  24. Lory Coloma

    How often do you write your blogs? I enjoy them a lot 8 1 6

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