GRAYNS rice cooker – remove starch for a healthier rice! 2015 price & model revealed.

Part of my healthy eating/clean eating lifestyle involves a lot of R & D for suitable recipes and the testing of relevant cooking appliances.

I’ve invested in a Thermomix, a Buffalo air fryer, 2 ovens and a GRAYNS rice cooker so far.
I just got myself a Le Creutset cast iron pan, and another cooking appliance I have my eyes on is a sous vide machine.


As you can see I’m pretty dedicated to the cause of cooking and preparing healthy meals.

To me, healthy doesn’t necessarily equate to bland.
You just have to apply the right cooking methods and use the proper ingredients and seasonings.
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However, moderation is key to everything we do, and that includes the food that we enjoy.

There is nothing wrong about loving your nasi lemak and char kuey teow. But like all things good, too much of it is never good.

I’ve cut down my consumption of refined carbohydrates; shunning rice, breads and pastas for complex carbohydrates such as oats and cauliflower rice.
It works for me. I’m stronger, leaner, fitter and feel damn proud of myself.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy my roti canai or nasi lemak every now and then. Like I said, moderation is key.

Rebecca saw

I understand that being in an Asian country and growing up eating rice as part of our food culture, to give up rice entirely is a huge sacrifice, and in fact, almost not doable by many.
Curries, braised meats, nasi lemak, banana leaf rice and nasi ulam is just not right without copious amount of fluffy, steaming hot rice!

So, the million dollar question is; how can I enjoy “healthy rice”, if there is such a thing?

Well, fortunately technology has enabled rice to be enjoyed on the low GI. You are not destined to eat a lifetime of tasteless oats or having to blend your cauliflower everyday.

The technology of isolating sugar from rice was pioneered by Grayns Research Lab, a joint innovation of Malaysia and US.
5 years of research and development has resulted in an intelligent rice cooker that is able to separate the RDS (Rapidly Digested Starch) from rice, thus producing rice that is low on the GI.


In essence, rice cooked the Grayns way is cooked the way it is meant to be – devoid of sugar or unhealthy starch.
It also replicates how rice was cooked decades ago by our forefathers, over firewood and slow-cooking, undeniably healthier but time consuming.

GRAYNS rice cooker - Malaysia - reduces the sugar and starch in rice!

The technology to isolate sugar or RDS is attributed to its four-stage cooking process.

For the STEP-BY-STEP cooking procedure, I have covered it in-depth HERE –> so hop over to read on how the REVOCOOK technology works.

GRAYNS - how to use 2

GRAYNS - April 2015

The rice cooker intelligently analyzes the rice grain and identifies the right temperature to isolate the sugar while maintaining nutrients.

Once the temperature is identified, the rice cooker holds the temperature to slowly dissolve sugar.
When all sugar is effectively removed, the sugar-rich water is drained and rice is cooked to fluff and perfection.

demo, price, how to use GRAYNS rice cooker - rebecca saw-003

The water to throw away.

demo, price, how to use GRAYNS rice cooker - rebecca saw 2

Perfectly cooked rice minus the starch.

Demo, price, how to use GRAYNS rice cooker - Rebecca saw

Flavour is not sacrificed as the GRAYNS doesn’t alter the taste of whichever rice grains you used, whether it is basmati, Thai, normal short grain rice, brown rice, mixed wild rice etc.

And yes, the GRAYNS can be used to cook all types of rice.


Now some of you may argue that hey, there is another way to cook rice to reduce its starch without paying RM2888.

Well, I won’t argue with you on that.
If you are willing (and can spare the time) of heating your rice with a lot of water to the right gelatinization temperature (temperature at which the sugar molecules in the rice leave the rice grain and dissolve in water) and then pour away the water once the rice is almost cooked, followed by straining the rice and after that continue to cook the rice until it is done, then by all means go ahead.

However, if you are a busy executive who has better things to do than to spare an hour just to cook rice, or if you have diabetic or overweight family members who refused to give up eating rice (even though it is for their own good) or if you just love your rice but are trying to reduce your carbs intake, then the GRAYNS ideal for you.

Demo, price, how to use GRAYNS rice cooker

The newly launched GRAYNS cooker now comes with stainless steel pot and a stainless steel strainer basket.
Stainless steel is the cookware of choice for many home cooks – some choose it for its superior performance and durability, while others prefer it for its non-reactive properties and quality finish.

demo, price, how to use GRAYNS rice cooker - rebecca saw-008

demo, price, how to use GRAYNS rice cooker - rebecca saw-009

I find the new strainer basket easier to clean and has a smooth all-round finish that makes it nicer to use too.

demo, price, how to use GRAYNS rice cooker - rebecca saw-006

demo, price, how to use GRAYNS rice cooker - rebecca saw-005

So, if you are seeking a healthier lifestyle, has diabetic/overweight family members or just would like to enjoy your rice minus the sugar/starch, I can show you how GRAYNS works.

Please do leave a comment or email me at [email protected].

I would be able to provide a demo with the GRAYNS rice cooker to residents in the Klang Valley, Melaka, Ipoh, Penang and Johor as well as Singapore (for a group of 3 – 5 pax).

Don’t be shy, drop me an email for an appointment!

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  1. Tammy

    I am looking for a rice cooker as my mum needs to control her sugar level. I would like to know how do I get this little baby for my parents as my father does the cooking and does not want inconvenience.

    Your sincerely
    Tammy, Penang Island

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Hi Tammy!
      Sent you an email, do check and let me know yea! 🙂

  2. Mj Ong


    I would like to know where can i purchase the (grayns) rice cooker . And do you have a shop where i can drop by and check the product .

    Thank you ,

  3. Chong Ki Keong

    Where can I buy a Grayns rice cooker in Malaysia?

  4. Omapathi

    Hai Rebecca, What is the price like, the capacity & size
    Country manufactured & any service center in Malaysia

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Hi Omapathi
      I’ve emailed you – could you check? Thanks! 🙂

  5. A.Raghunath

    I want to purchase above rice cooker. I am from India and want to know how to get one. Please do write to me or WhatsApp me on the below number +919999188806.
    Hope to get a response.

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Hey Krsytall. You can email me so I can reply with the agent contact.

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