Grayns rice cooker (Malaysia) – Review, Price, Demo – How to use

I posted a while back on social media about my revolutionary Grayns rice cooker that claims to be able to eliminate all starch/sugars from rice grains.
This subsequently leaves you with a healthy, wholesome and most importantly GUILT FREE rice to enjoy.

Rebecca Saw - Garyns rice cooker

Then came along the sceptics; who understandably, questioned the rationale and scientific evidence of such technology.
It sounds too good to be true; some had said. What is the whole point of eating white rice in the first place; some argued.

Well, in this age and time, I’m inclined to believe that anything is possible.
Besides, I’m game to be a guinea pig to challenge this technology, should it exist. And if it does, I’ll be thrilled to be able to eat rice again after such a long period of abstinence.

Banana leaf rice.. how I missed you!

1 legends brickfields - banana leaf rice - rebecca saw

And so I got a unit sent to my house and the company rep took the liberty to explain in detail the usage of the unit.
I woah-ed, LOL-ed, gasped and was suitably convinced with the “claimed” capabilities of the Grayns.
We cooked 2 versions of rice; plain rice and then another batch with coconut milk for Nasi Lemak.

grayns rice cooker - review-007

The operating system of the unit is pretty straightforward so the learning curve is short.

garyns rice cooker review - rebecca saw

For those of us who are curious about the GRAYNS, please find below a simple introduction of what it can do.


The REVOCOOK technology –>

GRAYNS - how to use 2

Basically what the above diagram means is that this SMART machine does all the work and all you have to do is to wash the rice and set it to cook!

grayns rice cooker - review-004


You can watch the video OR you can stroll through the instruction manual I have taken the liberty to share here:






grayns - fb page

The interface is all via the digital screen above the navigation trackball.


grayns rice cooker - review -004

So just roll the ball up or down and press it for your selection.



How it looks like on the actual machine: 

grayns rice cooker - review -005

grayns rice cooker - review -006

grayns rice cooker - review -007

While your rice is cooking, each stage of the cooking process will be shown on the SCREEN to inform you of its progress or should there be any errors.

grayns rice cooker - review-005

And of course, when your rice is ready!
The GRAYNS will beep too.

grayns rice cooker - review-009

Now that you understand how it works, let’s start cooking some rice shall we? 🙂

To begin, ensure that all parts are in place as it should be.




Do not lose this steel ball!

grayns rice cooker - review-001

Measure your rice using the cup provide and wash it in the strainer basket.

grayns rice cooker - review

Add water til the maximum level for optimal result but do not exceed the level.

grayns rice cooker - review-002

Make sure the COLLECTION tray is filled with water.

grayns rice cooker - review -003

Close the cover and push it back firmly into its slot.

grayns rice cooker - review-003

grayns rice cooker - review-006

Here’s a simple diagram for easy reference.


And now we are ready to cook the rice! Just turn the lid down and there is NO lock/clasp so do not be alarmed or press it down too hard. Just shut the lid and use the navigation ball to set the cooking settings.
IF the lid is not shut properly, the GRAYNS won’t start anyways.


The cooking time is about 40 minutes for 3 cups of rice.
Once you hear the BEEP and the word “COMPLETE” on the digital screen, you may open the lid and proceed to scoop the rice out.

grayns rice cooker - review-009

Rebecca Saw - Garyns rice cooker

Based on my experience, the cooked rice is soft, fluffy and perfectly moist every time. I had cooked normal white rice and another time with coconut milk and both had shown satisfactory results.

grayns rice cooker - review-010


grayns rice cooker - review-008


other things to do with the grayns rice cooker - review -003

My fluffy rice! 🙂
By the way, I used Jasmine rice which is a pretty good brand. The rice grains is remain whole (no broken grains) and the rice imparts a lovely fragrant during the cooking process.
While the appearance may differ on the type of rice grains used rest assured that the starch/sugar removal process remains the same.

grayns rice cooker - review

The “extra” starch removed from the rice is now at the collection tray. Take it out to see for yourself the accumulated starch which has turned the earlier clear water into this murky shade.

From standard white rice:

grayns rice cooker - review -002

From coconut milk rice:

other things to do with the grayns rice cooker - review -004

You are supposed to throw this away of course.

If you wish to cook another batch of rice, do allow the machine some time (about 15 minutes) to reset itself. So yes, you can’t reuse it immediately, but a few minutes wait shouldn’t be a problem right?

You can still wash and prepare your rice grains and put the strainer basket into the machine. Once the machine has reset itself, you can proceed to set the cooking process like you did earlier.

How do you know if the machine has reset and is now able to cook again?
Well, the navigation ball is BLUE and the screen will show this once it is operational again. Simple right? 🙂

grayns rice cooker - review-004


HOW TO TEST YOUR BLOOD SUGAR FROM EATING GRAYNS RICE: I will be hosting a demo session soon! 

GRAYNS rice cooker - blood test (1)

GRAYNS rice cooker - blood test (2)

GRAYNS rice cooker - blood test (5)

GRAYNS rice cooker - blood test (4)

GRAYNS rice cooker - blood test (3)


GRAYNS – what rice can I cook with it? 

GRAYNS - what rice can i cook with it


other things to do with the grayns rice cooker - review -002

other things to do with the grayns rice cooker - review -001












Where to buy: Drop me an email for a demo and potential discount. 🙂
Price: Grayns rice cooker (RM1999) – interest free instalment plans TBA
More information:


Rebecca Saw - Garyns rice cooker

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  1. Sean EDKL

    interesting device, ya. we always equate rice with starch, so it’s quite mind-boggling to imagine the process of this device … but as long as the rice still tastes good, i’m sold, thanks to the health benefits! 🙂

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Eat your rice and still be healthy! Its not to say rice is bad, just that our Malaysian food has way too much carbs!

      1. Dennis Lim

        i would like to get one unit. can you let me know how much and how you can send to my daddy address in Sibu, Sarawak.

        my mobile phone: 012-6999497

  2. suzanne lowrie

    I want three. If I fly to Malaysia from my vacation house in Chiang Mai, can I take a taxi from KL to the store or factory? I want one with Thai current and plug, one with German current and plug, and one with U.S. current and plug.

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Sure Suzanne. Let me get them for you. Emailed you!

  3. Jiwa Nathan

    How much does a unit cost? Where to buy these? Do you sell? Payment method, COD or c.card accepted?


    1. Rebecca Saw

      Thank you for your interest. Yes I do sell.
      Pls chk your email 🙂

  4. Jade Foo

    Interesting device! I hope the rice tastes just as good as the rice cooked using the conventional rice cooker. I m game to try it myself !

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Hi Jade!
      It does taste better actually. Less of the starch means fluffier grains! 🙂

  5. Jocelyn

    I’m interested in this amazing rice cooker. Please contract me via email i would like to know more details. Like what is the price, how and where can i get it.

    Is it possible to have a real demo?

    Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you!

  6. Zoey

    hi, can i know how much for this grayns rice cooker?

  7. sham chih ling

    Wd like a demo & price. Fr johor baru

  8. Andrew Choong


    Is this rice cooker still available ? How much is the price ?

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Hi Andrew
      It is available and the price for 2015 is RM2388. 🙂
      Let me know if you would like a demo.


  9. tahir alias

    where to get this type rice cooker

  10. tahir alias

    where to get this type rice cooker
    my hp # 0125405194

  11. izwan

    very details explanation,

    price and discount for grayns rice cooker

    1. Rebecca Saw

      TQ! I hope to make everyone understand how it works! And if they buy it, exactly what are they paying for 🙂

  12. Haziq

    Can i have your photo? Cause i’m an agent, but i don’t have a few example of it. Can i?

  13. safyea

    I am interested in purchasing one.

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Hi Safyea, emailed you a few days ago. Have you received my email?

  14. Gobi

    How to purchase the cooker and can you email me the details of it.

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Hi Gobi, emailed you a few days ago. Have you received my email?

  15. Amy Ruth Pinto

    How many cups of rice can we cook

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Hi Amy
      1 cup for 2-3 pax. Can cook up to 3 cups of rice. The cup is given in the box 🙂
      Let me know if you need a demo

  16. Helmi Wahab

    Is there a showroom for this wonderful product?
    Have you tried cooking brown rice in it?
    The price for one unit please. I am from Shah Alam.
    Rather than throwing away the “leftovers sugars” is there a way to use it albeit for other purposes? Thanks

  17. christina lim

    What is the price?I love to have one of this in my kitchen.

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Hi Christina
      The 2015 price is RM2888, inclusive of GST . 🙂
      Let me know if you are interested to get a unit.

  18. Shufiyan Shukur

    Where can I buy the Grayns Rice Cooker in Kuala Lumpur?

  19. che limah

    Which country this wonderful rice cooker came from? How to purchase?

    1. Rebecca Saw

      It is made in Malaysia, but technology from US 🙂
      To purchase, do email me at [email protected] so I can get the HQ to be in touch.

      Thank you Che Limah!

  20. hafiz

    hi..plz email me the price..tq..

  21. Hilmi

    hi there, what’s the price and how many sizes does it come with? How to purchase? Thnx

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Hi Hilmi
      There is only one size. RM2888 per pot and you can purchase it via the GRAYNS company.

  22. Yap

    Hi can u pls email to me or contacts for further enquiries?.

  23. chin

    Hi, I am from taiping so can I get a demo of the rice cooker and how much is the price cause I noticed that there is a price variants in your comment.

  24. Mohd aiduddin

    Price and where to get it

  25. Yap s h

    Cost? How to buy? Tq

  26. Afif

    Hi can you email me the price for 1 unit and how to buy?

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Hi Afif
      It’s RM2888, instalment possible by CC (Maybank). 🙂
      You can email me and I’ll contact the supplier for you.

  27. Alice Loh

    Hi I am interested to get this, I am from JB, any special price if i get 2 at once? pls email me, thanks !

  28. Roslan

    Puan. Saya nak beli tolong send info.

  29. Sing Kow Tia

    I would like to buy one. Do you export to Singapore ?. Which retailer, in Singapore, carry this product ? Thanks

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