Grand Millennium Kuala Lumpur – Traditional mooncakes (2015)

So, have you done all the prerequisite mooncake shopping and giveaways this year?
I have.

I’m all for the unique and creative flavours but those usually are the snowskins. The traditional baked ones travel better, so as gifts, that would be my first consideration.
Naturally, for gifts the packaging matters too.

The Grand Millennium Kuala Lumpur is highly favourable in my list for its daily buffet at The Mill. For the price charged, it offers both quality and quantity, which I believe something that most consumers want.
It’s Chinese restaurant is well known for its delectable dim sum, which funnily enough I’ve not tried til recently.
Based on reliable feedback from friends and my own tasting of a few dim sum offered for lunch on my recent visit, I’ll say the reviews were pretty spot on.

But I had to leave space to taste their mooncakes this round. And the emphasis for their repertoire yearly is the traditional.

Grand Millennium Kuala Lumpur


This is my first time testing the mooncakes from Lai Ching Yuen and I had high expectations since the food at Grand Millenium restaurants has been good so far.

The basics of lotus mooncakes, assorted nut and red bean are acceptable. The unique ones are the Creamy Milk Tea Paste and Ying Yang Paste, where a combination of rich coffee and smooth milk tea paste which would please those looking for some familiar, but not too funky.

Mixed Nut mooncake.

mooncake review - grand millenium hotel KL-001

Red Bean Paste Mooncake.

mooncake review - grand millenium hotel KL-002

White Lotus Egg Yolk.

mooncake review - grand millenium hotel KL-003

Ying Yang Paste.

mooncake review - grand millenium hotel KL-004

Creamy Milk Tea Paste.

mooncake review - grand millenium hotel KL-005

mooncake review - grand millenium hotel KL-006

Ah… now I’m craving for them again! 🙂

mooncake review - grand millenium hotel KL

For orders: 

Address: 160 Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 KL
Telephone: 03 – 2117 4180
Email: [email protected]

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