Good Thai food in Mid Valley – Tiffin’s by Chef Korn

I was at Tiffin’s just before Chef Korn decided to refresh his menu (earlier post –> He promised that his new menu would be ready the week after.
Diligently keeping tabs on his updates, I was back at Tiffin’s the moment he was ready with his new creations. 🙂

Anytime is good time for good food, regardless of nationality. However Chef Korn’s village style Thai food combined with his flair, strict use of quality and possibly the most authentically Thai ingredients he could get his hands on has elevated Thai food as we know it to an entirely new level.

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Meals at Tiffin’s (and ERAWAN too) has alway been a feast for the eyes as well as the stomach.

Tiffin’s Wonder (RM 9.80).
This is Chef Korn’s version of our Ais Kacang. Pour the necessary amount of syrup and the condensed milk onto the ice and savour this icy sweet dessert with squares of white bread (which paired well with the condensed milk), palm seed and corn.

snow ice - tiffin's by chef korn - new menu review

Northern Thai style chicken curry noodle” (Khao Soi Kai).
The condiments of home-made preserved vegetable, onions, and cilantro were served on the side and we were advised to toss the noodles together with them just prior to eating.

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The gravy is very rich and aromatic from the coconut milk and the addition of sour preserved vegetables was very fitting as it gave a flavour dimension to an otherwise ‘possibly’ cloying dish.
I loved this; a curry laksa dish with a twist. This is a Tuesday special so mark your calendar if you love a good curry noodle!

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I had the Beef Noodles again and I don’t think I’ll ever be bored of it.
I would strongly recommend this as a one-dish-meal if you’re dining alone or with another friend who has a small appetite.
This will give you both room to sample an appetiser (or 2 or 3) plus an ice cream and one of Chef Korn’s desserts.

Beef Ball Noodles (RM 28.80).
The picture tells you everything doesn’t it?
Copious amount of Thai imported beef balls and noodles plus tender Australian shin meat and beef slices. Each of the noodle dishes on Tiffin’s menu is served with a starter and salad so it is definitely worth the price paid.

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There’s bound to be something for everyone in Tiffin’s menu.
Can’t take spicy Thai food? Don’t eat beef? Chicken too boring? Not in the mood for pork? Prefers something light and appetizing?
Well, this Pink Ocean Noodles (RM 28.80) served with Chef Korn’s Daily Appetizer and a Fresh Thai-based Salad has YOUR name on it.
Slightly sourish and sweet, this dish has assorted seafood and condiments cooked in tasty “foo yee” sauce. The sauce is the reason for the pink hue of the broth.

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A bowl of “everything” would be Tiffin’s Style Suki-Yaki (RM 28.80), also with a complimentary daily appetizer and a fresh Thai-based salad.
This consist of glass noodles with assorted seafood, pork and vegetables in a yummy homemade suki-yaki sauce. Jazz it up with the side condiments or enjoy it as it is.
Either way, it is delicious.

tiffin's by chef korn - new menu review-019

Chef Korn bought out a sharing Tiffin set next.

tiffin's by chef korn - new menu review

This set showcases Chef Korn’s diverse menu encompassing specials from North to North Eastern, Central and Southern Thailand.

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Nam-Prick-Noom – grilled green chili dip.
Nam-Prick-Ong – Minced pork and tomatoes dip.


North Eastern:
Pon-Plaa-too – grilled fish and fermented fish dip.


Nam-Prick-Phaow – Roasted Chili Paste Dip.
Nam-Prick-Kra-bi Shrimp Paste Dip.

tiffin's by chef korn - new menu review-013

Keang-Tai-Plaa – Perut Ikan Dip.

All of the dips are great with the lightly blanched vegetables.

If you’re in MV and itching for some snacks, do consider dropping in at Tiffin’s too.

tiffin's by chef korn - new menu review-011

You can start with Tom Yum Mojito (RM9.80) which packs quite a punch for a non-alcoholic version thanks to the mix of chili,lemon grass, kaffir lime plus mint leaves.
Milder tastebuds might prefer the Passion Tea (RM 9.80) which Chef Korn revealed that a whole passionfruit is used in each serving!
Thai Milk Tea and coffee is available as well of course.

tiffin's by chef korn - new menu review-001

My favourite snacks were the Yam and Tapioca Balls – 6 pieces (RM9.80), Tiffin’s Pop Corn (RM 15.80) and the Salted Wings – 6 pieces (RM 15.80).

The “pop corn” are actually fried corn fritters. I tend to avoid fried items but the these were very adeptly fried and left no unpleasant greasiness on the fingers nor in the mouth.

tiffin's by chef korn - new menu review-006

tiffin's by chef korn - new menu review-004

tiffin's by chef korn - new menu review-007

Daredevils should opt for the Fire Balls- 5 pieces (RM 19.80), aptly named for its fiery, tongue numbing and throat burning balls.

Try it, I dare you to.

tiffin's by chef korn - new menu review-003

Other safer alternatives includes Hugging Prawns – 8 pieces (RM 23.80) and Boxing Chicken – 6 pieces (RM 15.80) .

tiffin's by chef korn - new menu review-002

tiffin's by chef korn - new menu review-005

I tried the Coconut Peanut Roasted ice cream on my previous visit and today it was the Candied Bananas with Light Coconut Milk (RM 9.80), which is just perfect for those with a sweet tooth.

tiffin's by chef korn - new menu review-021

I’ll be back to Tiffin’s for sure, cos after 2 visits I’m just about 30% through the menu. I’m eyeing the pandan chicken, pork noodles, pork satay, Vietnamese sausage (sounds intriguing right?) salad, stewed pork belly and Village Pork; a pork belly dish simmered with roasted curry paste and sour leaves!

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