Good Nyonya restaurant in Melaka – Wok and Pan

Wok and Pan had fed hungry Malaccans and tourists since 2005.
Famous for their western repertoire, the Nyonya menu is often overlooked.

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I thought that’s a shame, for some of the overrated Nyonya restaurants in Melaka couldn’t hold a candle to the Nyonya dishes Wok and Pan that I’ve had.
And Wok and Pan’s fish curry is touted to be the best there is in Melaka.

The Nyonya dishes here are likewise as generously portioned as their western offerings.
There isn’t a S, M, L portion but merely one standard size.

BELOW: Chicken Pongteh RM20 (standard).


The Chicken Pongteh goes for RM20, the Chap Chye RM18 and the Sweet and Sour Pork at RM15.

The Minestrone is cheap at RM5.00 though a bit watery for our preference while the Chicken Pongteh gravy was thick and savoury as it should be.
Every piece of chicken was tender with the flavours of the gravy well permeated into the meat. This standard portion consisted of 6 substantial pieces of chicken and easily sharable with 3 diners, alongside a vegetarian dish or another meat based dish.

wok and pan - melaka for good nyonya food

good Nyonya food at WOk and Pan Melaka

For the 3 of us, the above was more than sufficient as even the Chap Chye was a monstrous portion as well.
Our only complaint was the sweet and sour pork was too little!

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But of course that was because we love ku lou yok too much, and had to fight for the last piece.
Honestly the portion corresponds with the price and is pretty standard for a serving of sweet and sour pork in Melaka.

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I love sweet and sour pork really.
It’s an appetizing dish due to the vibrant sweet and sour sauce but it is an art to be the sauce right, of which many establishments failed miserably.
Preferably it should be balanced (not just tasting like starchy ketchup) and bursting forth with sweet, tangy and sharp flavours. I disapprove of the goopy, sickeningly dimensional sweet sauce that is commonplace nowadays.

A great batter recipe also promises crispy and crunchy coating for the pork. The cornstarch coating should be thin enough for the sweet and sour flavors to seep into the meat and preferably coating chunky pieces of meat, not just measly thin slices.

Chef Lim dishes out of the best sweet and sour pork in Melaka; even better than most restaurants in KL too.
I’ve been to a number of Melaka dai chou (Chinese restaurants) in Melaka and his version is king.
However I must say that I would prefer the meat to be bigger.

From my previous visit (link HERE) I’ve tried the oyster omelette and it was one of my favourite order here.
To be frank the oyster omelette (RM10) didn’t have much oysters but I guess 4 oysters is ok for RM10?

But if you don’t think of it as an oyster omelette, but just an egg omelette WITH OYSTERS, then this is one of the most well-executed omelette we’ve ever had.
Fluffy, multi-layered and cooked to the perfect degree (no undercooked/wet or overcooked parts).

best western food in melaka - wok and pan-007

Wok and Pan Melaka serves excellent Nyonya food as well as pork ribs, burgers and pasta.
So if you are seeking a place to have the best of both worlds (Western + Nyonya) – Wok and Pan would be the place to go in Melaka.

The founder of the restaurant and his wife personally oversee the restaurant ops daily. Besides, the founder himself still reigns over the wok and pans in the kitchen so food is generally consistently good.


If you want to know more about Wok and Pan western dishes, do take a look here –>
I really enjoyed the ribs and steak and I find the prices value for money (compared to KL).


Bits and pieces about Wok and Pan:
Wok & Pan East Meets West Cuisine Restaurant was established since year 2005.
The owner and also the chef of this restaurant was the ex-Executive Chef for Melaka Renaissance Hotel. His skills covers both western and Nyonya preparation and thus the restaurant is named Wok and Pan; with ” Wok” in reference to Asian style food while “Pan” is about western cuisine.

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Wok and Pan
Address: 46, Jalan Melaka Raya 23, 75000 Melaka, Malaysia
Contact: +60 17-673 8896
Hours: 11:30 – 3:30pm, 6:00 – 10:00pm
Off day: Monday.

Prices: RM10 onwards.
Pork-free/Halal: Serves pork.

Tax: 6%, no service charge.
Service: Don’t expect too much.
Your orders are served to you.

Ambience: Comfortable. Casual.
Aircon: Yes.

Outdoor seating: Yes for dinner.
Powerpoints for charging: NA.
Parking : Roadside.
Payment: Eat first, then call for bill to pay.

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  1. Sean EDKL

    wok & pan has been around for quite awhile, it seems, but i’ve never been! it’s certainly the chicken pongteh that’s enticing me … looks very home-made, in the most positive sense 🙂

  2. Jay

    Yes nice food. But super duper lousy and rude service. I don’t believe what my friends told me at first, but after I went there for the first time, I regret of giving them untung! No need pay for such lousy service. Give them a lesson. By the way, don’t believe what I’ve said? go tripadvisor and see the comment there.

    Peace out xx

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