Good Dim sum & RM10 for this big tai pau (big bao) @ Tuck Kee, Kepong!

This Labour Day I had a reliable food guide in Peter who has been a Kepong resident for a long long time.

Kepong has always been an alien territory to me and the RM2.10 toll fare that we KL-ites/PJ people has to pay to even be able to cross over into this district is a total turn-off.
A return trip to Kepong cost RM4.20 in toll even before you take into account the distance and notoriously jammed roads, which is more often than not, a confusing maze.


But that whiny complaint I have aside, I got mildly interested in Kepong again recently after reading online about a few of its hawker offerings.
Apparently Kepong has pretty good food at pocket-friendly prices plus there are a few places that I’ve been eying for a while now like Chew Jetty and the night duck satay, all in all pushing Kepong up higher on my “must explore” list.

The only deterrent here now is getting my phobia of Kepong roads out of the way.

The solution was presented itself when Peter agreed to be my guide. So over a day, he took a bunch of us around Kepong and pointed out some places of interest.

We began the day with breakfast at Tuck Kee, an establishment almost like a restaurant with banquet tables, fans and even a boarded ceiling.
All in all it was just missing solid walls to be a proper shoplot.


This is my 2nd visit to Tuck Kee but my first was nearly 5 years ago.
There are some reviews that said the dim sum has gone down the drain in terms of taste but for our visit that day, we didn’t have much complaints – every item ordered was fresh, plump and tasty, none overly greasy or salty.

Obviously we didn’t try all the dim sum, but what was on our table were all above average and definitely edible.

tuck kee dim sum

But heck, this is THE big bao that will have me returning. And I’ll tapau (pack) some home too!

RM10. Packed to the skin with pork and chicken meat plus an egg and sliced radish and some mushroom.
The best part is the filling is not greasy or salty and the skin isn’t too thick (except for the top).

tuck kee dim sum

See how big it is compared to the standard bao?


As big as my face!


Take a look again. This is worth eating no?
I’ve always avoided ordering tai bao (big pau) since most are just thick dough encasing measly bits of meat (feel so cheated!), but this is a game charger. If only all big pau is like this one. And priced similarly too.


Notes on the other dim sum:
The Siu Mai is decent, admittedly nothing particularly outstanding but an edible version nonetheless.

The fried prawn roll actually has generous amount of prawns, almost hotel standards, but at a wallet-friendlier price.
The stewed pork belly consists of meaty chunks and isn’t overly salty while the porridge is a favourite of the regulars for a good reason; it is a light, watery version but lavishly loaded with ingredients.






RM3.20 x1
RM4.80 x 3 – RM14.40
RM5.50 x2 – RM11.00
RM10 x 1 – RM10 (must be the dai bao, it is the most expensive item)
RM6 – one pot of tea.
Total : RM44.60 total.

The staff were quite fast to attend to us so we had our food served pretty quick.
There’s a good variety available too and I’ll definitely return to try more!







So now that I got your stomach juices churning, where it Tuck Kee, Taman Bukit Maluri?

See the signboard below? Restoran Tuck Kee?
That was where it used to be; in a proper shoplot. But now it thrives on the pavement, right on the sidewalk of Jalan Burung Jentayu.
Just waze “Tuck Kee Restaurant”. 


Tuck Kee Dim Sum
No 39, Jalan Burung Jentayu,
Tmn Bukit Maluri, Kepong,
51200 Kuala Lumpur.
5:00am – 12:00 pm (dim sum)
11:00am to 3:00pm (ala -carte)
Dinner a’la carte/dim sum : 5:00 pm to 11:00 pm

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  1. Sean EDKL

    omigosh … that does look like the best big bao i’ve ever seen … big baos are my favourite baos (i’m not a fan of char siu bao, and i only mildly like tau sa bao)! 😀

    1. Rebecca Saw

      YAY!! *high five*!
      Big pao for me coz I love MEAT and eggs.
      And char siew bao I love as well, just that most tend to be overly sweet so I avoid them in general 😀

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