Good char siew, roast duck and roast pork (siew yok) in PJ – Yummy Duck, Kuchai Lama

The 3 combi meat wantan mee

Kuchai Lama isn’t an area I’m often at, but whenever I find myself in the vicinity, I’ll hop in for the roast meats at Yummy Duck.


This unassuming outlet doesn’t seem to warrant a second look on passing, but the food is anything but plain.

Yummy Duck has been in business since 2009. I had jokingly told Director and Chef Low that he should open a branch in KL or PJ, since this location doesn’t seem to be garnering him the fame he deserves.
Lesser wantan mee outlets within KL/PJ boast of longer queue and notoriety than Yummy Duck and I really, really do think they deserve more traffic.
However Chef seems contented with his sole outlet here, as he value quality over quantity (QC is of paramount concern to him) so I guess we would just have to travel a bit out of the main PJ/KL areas to savour his food.

Highly regarded for their crispy, golden skinned and juicy roast ducks (as per their namesake), an order of the duck or geese is a priority, but it would be a shame if you skip the char siew and siew yok.

Hence I always go for the 3 combi noodles – where you can choose 3 variety from 6 options of duck, pork belly (siew yok), BBQ pork (char siew), BBQ ribs or meat wantan (dumplings). RM16.50 (soup/dry).
Add RM1 for spicy version. 

The 3 combi meat wantan mee

Their Honey BBQ Char Siew is definitely a must-try. Ok, I’m a huge fan of char siew so char siew will always rank high on my priority list when it comes to roast meat. Reviews on other sites haven’t been kind to the char siew, but I’ve always been lucky that I managed to be served pun fei sau (half fat, half lean) each time I was there and I find the char siew here not too sweet with a alternating layers of soft, translucent fat and lean meat.
The edge has just the slightest hint of smoky char and crunch.

Soft, sweet char siew - best

Their Hong Kong imported noodles are fine, springy yet not stringy (stringy = difficult to bite through with the teeth, aka like chewing on rafia strings).
It is tossed in light, flavorful base sauce which added just enough flavour but doesn’t overwhelm like the common dark soy sauce versions.


If you opt for the standard single serving of noodles, prices range from RM8.90 to RM10.90 each depending on the choice of meat. Standard hawker stalls wantan mee is about RM5.50 – RM7 now and the quality isn’t even anywhere remotely comparable to this.
Thus I find the prices here justified for the portion and quality served.


If I opt for low carb (no noodles) I would finish an entire serving of their Honey Ribs, RM19/plate by myself. It is so good!


Even desserts are superb. I love soya bean and really enjoyed this thick, fragrant soya bean with 2 plump sesame seed tang yuen (glutinous rice balls). All for RM5.80.


Apart from wanton noodles, other types of noodles available are minced pork butter noodles, Cantonese style horfun, crispy noodles with prawns and more.
You could add side dishes like deep fried silver fish with pepper sauce, deep fried soft shell crabs, glutinous rice stuffed chicken wings, shredded duck spring rolls and greens such as kailan, lettuce and more.
All in all, a complete family meal at Yummy Duck is possible.


Roast duck? Siew Yok? Char Siew? Pork ribs?
What’s your favorite? 🙂


PS: My other preferred char siew place is Toast and Roast in SS2.
I find Meng Kee and Famous Seremban Favorites too sweet. Well, sometimes I’ve had disappointing cuts at Toast and Roast too. Hence I always stood by and watch them cut my char siew for me.
Restoran Spring Golden at Shah Alam is not bad.

Yummy Duck:
9, Dynasty Sentral
Jalan Kuchai Maju
18, Off Jalan Kuchai Lama
58200 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-79816299

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  1. Paranoid Android

    I like that place too and I agree that the noodles are excellent. Have you tried their Chicken Wings stuffed with pulut? Good place to drop by after going to NSK to get veges.

    1. Rebecca Saw

      Hahha! I was wondering why were u in the vicinity. Ahh so NSK is in taht area! 😛
      I’ve not been to NSK yet.. can u imagine 😛

      Oh haven’t tried the chicken wings. Everything I’m here I just got to have my siew yok + charsiew+ duck + honey ribs. No space after that! 😛

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