Going cultural in Busan – Haedong Yonggungsa Temple and Gamcheon Cultural Village

Like every traveler I learnt and discover about its ingrained culture in every country that I set foot upon. Korea is no different. While Seoul the ever popular tourist destination gets the limelight with its grand palaces and iconic shopping districts, Busan the 2nd largest city in Korea has its own charms and notable landmarks.

Since it was a media familiarisation trip, we had to cover some touristy destinations but it was easy to see why they are an attraction.

First is the Haedong Yonggungsa Temple right at the cliffs of  beach. Half of its charm and mystic lies in its location, a serene and scholarly temple perched on top of jutting rocks facing the merciless strong waves.

Haedong Yonggungsa Temple - rebecca saw blog

Built 6 centuries ago (1376 to be exact) by a Buddhist teacher Naong (I wonder how does Buddhist teachers raise resources to build temples?), the current temple now may not be reflective of how it was originally. I’m no history expert, and that’s just my guess.

Busan Korea - Day 4 - rebeccasaw-086

Apparently there was reconstruction done in 1970 and there were additions of structures then. Seeing how some of these structures looked rather new, I guess that could have been it.
Pathway that leads up to the temple was guarded by the animals from the 12 zodiacs. A pagoda greeted us at the entrance and another structure to watch out for is one of the Goddess Buddha as pictured below.

Busan Korea - Day 4 - rebeccasaw-070

Busan Korea - Day 4 - rebeccasaw-071

Busan Korea - Day 4 - rebeccasaw-077

Busan Korea - Day 4 - rebeccasaw-078

The Chinese prays for anything and everything; but praying for safety on the roads seems legit. 🙂

Busan Korea - Day 4 - rebeccasaw-079

For those who like to linger, the rest area under the shades makes for a nice shelter. A hybrid of chrysanthemum and rose was in bloom and its bright flowers bought colours to the whole area. 

Busan Korea - Day 4 - rebeccasaw-073

Busan Korea - Day 4 - rebeccasaw-074

Once you’re pass the pagoda the entrance is just on your left. Descend the stairs and one of the first thing that greets you is a smiling black bellied and nosed Buddha statue.

Busan Korea - Day 4 - rebeccasaw-080

Rub his belly or nose if you are attempting for a son. If you are not already aware with the Chinese belief, back in the olden days (perhaps even now?) a male baby is always a priority to the family as he would be the heir to carry the family’s name.

Busan Korea - Day 4 - rebeccasaw-081

Another was for academic achievement. At this point I thought wryly to myself; “Where’s the God of Common Sense?”. I know a lot of people who desperate need that.

Busan Korea - Day 4 - rebeccasaw-085

Walk on and you will be passing through a tunnel.

Busan Korea - Day 4 - rebeccasaw-082

Right after this tunnel I got my first glimpse of the majestic temple resting on the cliffs looking out to the beautiful East Sea of Korea/Sea of Japan (depending on who you are talking to, this name of this sea is very debatable).

Busan Korea - Day 4 - rebeccasaw-084

Stone lanterns “guides” your way down the 108 stairs, the number 108 symbolizing the 108 agonies/sufferings of Buddhism. It also means 108 of butt and thighs exercise when you make your way up eventually on your return route. 🙂

Busan Korea - Day 4 - rebeccasaw-087

At the end of the descent is a choice to continue on to cross the bridge to the temple or to pay a visit to the golden statue of Buddha that sits on a breathtaking natural landscape of rocks.
There is no one to stop you from climbing down the rocks to the sea. The water was inviting and the atmosphere was one of a quiet, contemplative world a Buddhist temple  characteristically brings.

Busan Korea - Day 4 - rebeccasaw-089

Busan Korea - Day 4 - rebeccasaw-092

Haedong Yonggungsa Temple - rebecca saw blog-007

Busan Korea - Day 4 - rebeccasaw-090


Haedong Yonggungsa Temple - rebecca saw blog-008

Say a prayer if you wish. Today I pray for Malaysia.  :'(
By the way, does anyone knows what Buddha is this? Some research results says it’s Yaksayore-bull (The Buddha of Medicine).

Busan Korea - Day 4 - rebeccasaw-094

Haedong Yonggungsa Temple - rebecca saw blog-003

We finally made our way across the bridge into the temple after hundreds of shots. While crossing, you can make a wish at the wishing “well” by throwing coins into bowl on top of the tortoise or the one held by the stature.
If I’m there today I would have wished for a fair and clean election. :'(

Busan Korea - Day 4 - rebeccasaw-093

Busan Korea - Day 4 - rebeccasaw-096

But that morning nothing political was on my mind. We crossed the bridge like some excited tourists, explored the grounds and added more memories into our minds and CF/SD cards.

Busan Korea - Day 4 - rebeccasaw-097

Busan Korea - Day 4 - rebeccasaw-099

However these ugly ropes and beams really made photography difficult. My guide told me that they were celebrating a festival just weeks before and these were for the lanterns and decorations but has yet to be taken down. Pretty much like the ugly election flags and posters marring our sidewalks, roads and buildings currently.

Busan Korea - Day 4 - rebeccasaw-100

Right now by just looking at this picture gave me a little solace and peace. Perhaps I should consider a meditation retreat soon. Either that or I’ll start looking at migration options.

Busan Korea - Day 4 - rebeccasaw-101

Busan Korea - Day 4 - rebeccasaw-102

I’m kidding of course. I’ll never leave Malaysia. Not just as yet. There is hope and there is still a fighting chance.

Busan Korea - Day 4 - rebeccasaw-103

Busan Korea - Day 4 - rebeccasaw-088

Busan Korea - Day 4 - rebeccasaw-104

More stairs. I can’t say I was complaining. Stairs are good for the bums and legs. 🙂

Busan Korea - Day 4 - rebeccasaw-105

We went up for a closer observation of the Goddess of Mercy statue (Anyone who knows better, correct me if I’m wrong as I’m not sure of the actual names of these gods).

Busan Korea - Day 4 - rebeccasaw-106

The Goddess of Mercy is known for her compassion and loving nature, two traits that I wished more people would have. Myself included.

Busan Korea - Day 4 - rebeccasaw-110

From that vantage point, we are now at the opposite view of the rocky “patio” earlier. The view of nature, raw and unadulterated, has always captivated me more than any city view, no matter how lighted up or funkily designed the buildings are, could ever do.

Busan Korea - Day 4 - rebeccasaw-108

Busan Korea - Day 4 - rebeccasaw-109

Busan Korea - Day 4 - rebeccasaw-111

Back at the temple area I took some time admiring the craftmanship and art around and on the buildings. It bought back memories of my recent trip to Kathmandu and I reflected on the cultural sites I have visited in Nepal then.
It was awe inspiring to see such intricate and delicate craftwork and I will always respect the people whose hands craved and painted all these themselves.

Busan Korea - Day 4 - rebeccasaw-107

My guide insisted that I pour water over this statue and til today I’m not sure of the reason. If it was for purity (the act of washing/pouring water) of corruption then I should have poured a few more rounds for my country.

Haedong Yonggungsa Temple - rebecca saw blog-006

Here are some “reading materials” that I managed to snap on my way out. Yes, after ascending 108 stairs.

Busan Korea - Day 4 - rebeccasaw-112

Busan Korea - Day 4 - rebeccasaw-113

Busan Korea - Day 4 - rebeccasaw-114

I’m thankful for these as many places we visited in Korea does not have printed, tourist-friendly brochures in English. Our guide was helpful but language was still a barrier.

I have not spoken about these earlier but since we are heading out of the temple now I’ll show you some pictures of the road leading to the temple. This lone lane are flocked with street vendors which was also a lively sight to see.

Busan Korea - Day 4 - rebeccasaw-115

And of course, as you can probably have guessed, I was more interested in the food sold than anything else.

Busan Korea - Day 4 - rebeccasaw-069

Busan Korea - Day 4 - rebeccasaw-053

I would eat these delicacies anytime – boiled snails and silkworms but it was nearing lunchtime by then.

Busan Korea - Day 4 - rebeccasaw-063

Busan Korea - Day 4 - rebeccasaw-062

The fermented green and roots would take me some time to understand. I need a Korean friend who speaks GOOD English to explain each and every one of these!

Busan Korea - Day 4 - rebeccasaw-066


I want to know what goes into each and every one of them, how long were they marinated/fermented for, how are they consumed and with what and how they looked like fresh before marination. So many questions but no one to answer them!

Busan Korea - Day 4 - rebeccasaw-067

Busan Korea - Day 4 - rebeccasaw-068

Health “experts” cautioned against consuming too much fermented items due to the potential risks of infections. The Koreans has eaten these for ages and their health is none for the worse.

Busan Korea - Day 4 - rebeccasaw-047

Busan Korea - Day 4 - rebeccasaw-048

Odeng – it’s everywhere. And it’s good!

Busan Korea - Day 4 - rebeccasaw-054

Next I saw some kind of herbs or dried flowers/roots which I’m guessing is for medicinal purposes.

Busan Korea - Day 4 - rebeccasaw-051

Busan Korea - Day 4 - rebeccasaw-057

If I were to live in Korea and eat one type of seaweed per day, I wonder how long would it take for me to try them all?

Busan Korea - Day 4 - rebeccasaw-060

Busan Korea - Day 4 - rebeccasaw-059

And of course the obligatory stalls selling souvenirs.

Busan Korea - Day 4 - rebeccasaw-055

Busan Korea - Day 4 - rebeccasaw-056

Busan Korea - Day 4 - rebeccasaw-061

Busan Korea - Day 4 - rebeccasaw-064

Busan Korea - Day 4 - rebeccasaw-065


Haedong Yonggungsa Temple is open from 04:00 am – 19:00 pm everyday of the year.

Haedong Yonggungsa Temple - rebecca saw blog-001

Admission: Free to all.
Directions: Hop on Line 2 to Haeundae Station and take exit 7. Get on bus 181 and alight at Haedong Yonggungsa Temple. Very straightforward! 🙂
For more historical information you may refer to this site: http://www.yongkungsa.or.kr/en/

If you drive there’s parking available but this is chargable. Cars: 2,000 won. Buses: 5,000 won. 

Busan Korea - Day 4 - rebeccasaw-045



One other cultural but more on the modern arty side of culture is the Gamcheon Cultural Village.

Busan Korea - Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-127

Busan Korea - Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-126

Here we were mesmerized by the colourful toy-like houses hazardously perched on the hillside. At times it looked like a toy village, good for visiting and taking pictures but I found out soon enough that these are actually livable homes with families inside!

Gamcheon Cultural Village - rebecca saw


Busan Korea - Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-185

Colours, vibrant colours are everywhere. From the roads to the walls and buildings. It is almost unreal.
The shops are like the “cottages” you read in fairy tales; small, pretty and quirky. The roads are tiled and some parts in colour.

Busan Korea - Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-132

Busan Korea - Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-142

Busan Korea - Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-128

These “fish” shaped arrows shows you the way to explore the area. Just follow it and you will be bought to some of the key sights/sections worth checking out here.

Busan Korea - Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-133

I’m not sure what was the obsession on the fishes (perhaps it’s because Busan is a port?) but fishes seems to be pretty iconic in this cultural village!

Busan Korea - Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-134

Busan Korea - Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-138

The walkways are neat and clean. The ” entrance ” into the Gamcheon Cultural Village is also within one of the turnings here.

Busan Korea - Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-142

Like I said, just follow the fishes aka arrows.

Busan Korea - Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-147

There is a sort of treasure hunt game that is a style of exploring this place. You will be asked to go to certain buildings in the village and you can get a stamp at each marked destination. When you have collected the stamps, you will get a prize/postcard at the community centre at the exit of the village”.
Actually there’s isn’t a proper entrance or exit per se but we were just following our guide that day so we were like blind mice following our Piped Pier! In fact, looking back I felt that the village was a bit confusing.

But if you’re not a rush, just follow along, walk up and down A LOT of stairs, stop to take photos and appreciate the view. Those into arts and culture would love this place.

Busan Korea - Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-180


So many stairs. It was my workout of the day!

Busan Korea - Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-164

There is a map at the information centre/community centre at the END/exit of the village (which is pretty stupid) that you can buy for reference but since we were already done with the tour I didn’t buy any.
The stupid thing is this wasn’t informed at the beginning and we didn’t know about it.

Anyhow, here are some of the quirky attractions of Gamcheon Cultural Village.

Firstly, remember to follow the fishes/arrows.

Busan Korea - Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-146

The alleys are pretty narrow, as you can see, but it does add character to the place.

House Project – a photo gallery dedicated to exhibit the photographs that were taken here and also printing services.

Busan Korea - Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-143

Walking in, we got an idea of how small a house within this village is.

Busan Korea - Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-145

Busan Korea - Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-144

And that’s it. A square of a room and another room with photographs on the wall.

The Dark House. Quite a concept – energy, light, illumination… Ermmm ok, let’s just say I didn’t quite get it.

Busan Korea - Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-148

Busan Korea - Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-149

But good for one camwhoring photo.

gamcheon cultural village - Busan

At Home.

Busan Korea - Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-167

It was basically this room with these green things. Sorry, too abstract for me. I was facing the mirror so I decided to take a photo of myself.

gamcheon cultural village - Busan (3)

At this stage I gave up trying to make sense of all the rooms. This one was some art room I think.

Busan Korea - Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-168

This one is cute. 🙂

Busan Korea - Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-131

Busan Korea - Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-130

Further exploration turned up some whimsical designs that was quite cool.

gamcheon cultural village - Busan (4)

A new found friend – Ker Ying. She looked so cheeky here!

ker ying

A mug as a ..actually I do not know what was the purpose of that mug-looking structure. Maybe it’s an attic? But heck, it’s cute right? 🙂

gamcheon cultural village - Busan (1)

On one of the walls along the maze of alleyways in this village was these boards of “art”. I can’t fathom what were they supposed to represent. As you can see, I do not possess much of a creative intuition.

gamcheon cultural village - Busan (2)

Busan Korea - Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-169


And we walked on somemore; passed houses (I was tempted to ring the bell), greeted some cats along the way, said hi to one or two Korean aunties, stumbled upon an old Korean grocery store, and in general just following the FISHES (arrows).

Busan Korea - Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-160

Busan Korea - Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-161

Busan Korea - Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-162


Busan Korea - Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-151

Busan Korea - Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-163


Anyeonghaseyo aunty! 🙂

Busan Korea - Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-165

Busan Korea - Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-166

Busan Korea - Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-170


Busan Korea - Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-182


Busan Korea - Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-173

Some were actually private properties.

Busan Korea - Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-181


Another of the key attraction here is the elevated “platform” that allows a panoramic view of the whole village and its surrounding areas.

Gamcheon Cultural Village - rebecca saw-001

The platform is spacious and perfect for the view. And photography of course.

Busan Korea - Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-152


Looks like some Lego village yes? 🙂

Busan Korea - Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-155


See that “board” over there?

Busan Korea - Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-179

It’s a “picture” of trees and clouds, just like some children’s drawing!

Busan Korea - Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-178

Further in the distance you can glimpse the sea and hills.

Busan Korea - Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-157

Just on our right was this really cool giant trampoline. Well, not really a trampoline but it was a bouncy platform that allows the kids to have their fun.

Busan Korea - Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-153

Busan Korea - Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-156

On our way to the exit I saw this rather interesting optical illusion.

You see, if you don’t “match” it correctly it looks like this.

Busan Korea - Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-190

But if you snap your photo at the right angle, then it would look like this.

Busan Korea - Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-191

Ok I don’t think I really got it but you get what I mean right? 🙂

And finally we are nearing the exit! This is the community centre with a fake receptionist and a fake jacuzzi with a fake old men. How quaint.

Busan Korea - Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-184

Busan Korea - Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-186

Hi uncle! I hope you’re RICH. 🙂

gamcheon cultural village - Busan (5)

One last picture. Did you notice the PAINTED background/mural? If the photographer takes the picture from a certain angle, it would look like part of the real village.

Busan Korea - Day 3 - RebeccaSaw-129

So yes,  Gamcheon Cultural Village is a very nice artsy and creative venue. A lovely relaxing place (if you discount the stairs) and fabulous for photography.

Here are some information that I gathered from the internet.

Gamcheon Culture Village was formed by Korean War refugees back in 1950. The village’s location on the hillside long made it a temporary place of abode for the poorest of the poor, who aspired to move on to better accommodation as soon as possible. But the village is now an attractive feature of the old city with its terraced houses on the hill, and maze-like narrow alleyways. To preserve this local cultural treasure and historic resources, local residents, artists, members of the academia and local government came together and started a project to develop it into a sustainable cultural village.
Finally, the poor hillside village was transformed into a beautiful village of culture and became a new tourist attraction for both Korean and overseas visitors, with its own distinctive culture and unique views.

Admission: Free for all.
Directions: Metro to Toseong-dong station (Line 1), Exit6.
Bus no. 2 or 2.2 OR Taxi – 3000-4000 Korean won.

** This is a media trip with the Air Asia X team and Busan Tourism Board. We were in Busan for the Air Asia X inaugural KL- Busan flight launch and had the good fortune to explore Seoul and Busan for 5D4N.
If you have any question for me about Busan, do drop me a comment here! 🙂

Busan Korea - Air asia X media trip group pic


** Pic credit to Aliff Zulkifli.

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