Gaviscon CNY “Eat Well, Digest Well” Photo Contest

Barely a week had passed since we welcomed 2016 and I’m already preparing for the new year of another kind; Chinese New Year!

gong hei

As part of my new venture this year, I’ll be collaborating exclusively with a delivery service to promote Chinese New Year goodies.
Think of it as Becky’s choices of Chinese New Year cookies, specially curated CNY hampers and some local delights such as waxed meat and BBQ pork.

Stumped when it comes to finding the best pineapple tarts? The elusive melt-in-mouth peanut cookies are not out of reach anymore!
You have burning questions on WHERE and the cost of Chinese New Year dinners this 2016? Looking for a good place to reserve for your family/company CNY dinners?


Well, Becky is here to save the day!

I’ve tasted over 15 types of pineapples tarts and over 20 cookies from all around Malaysia. Some of my suppliers/homebakers are from Ipoh, Penang and Melaka.
From the sample I’ve received, I’ve shortlisted a few excellent layer cakes, some amazing homebaked cookies and a superb nutty sugee cake. All of these will be available for purchase soon.

BELOW: ME – eat eat eat

CNY cookies

But of course, it is hard work curating such items.
If you think binging during the Chinese New Year leaves you bloated and in discomfort, try imagining me at “my job“; a few food reviews in a day followed by more tasting at home with food/ treats sent by various home bakers.

I keep myself in shape and I control my portions but there are times my stomach gets stressed.
For that, I rely on Gaviscon.

I have a whole collection at home. The Gaviscon Double Action sachets are always in my bag.

When I travel, which I do often, I’ll bring along a bottle of Gaviscon in my luggage.
For short trips, 2-3 sachets are sufficient as contingency.

IMG_5778 IMG_5790

So, eat in moderation whenever possible, but if you do experience an unpleasant burning sensation or tightness in the chest area after a meal, it could be indigestion or heartburn.

Get relieve from Gaviscon.
Gaviscon can help to soothen and cool down the burning pain in just 3 minutes and gives you long lasting relief up to 4 hours.

Gaviscon Double Action gives complete relief from heartburn and indigestion. Its combination of acid-neutralizing ingredients and a special Alginate which creates a foam barrier in the stomach keeps acid down in the stomach to where it belongs and provides long-lasting relief.

Here are 2 diagrams to illustrate my point:

How Gaviscon Double Action works:

Screen Shot 2016-01-01 at 6.43.28 PM.png

My pick is Gaviscon Double Action but if you think your condition is mild, then the Gaviscon original works as well.

Screen Shot 2016-01-01 at 6.44.38 PM.png

So while I was stocking up on Gaviscon for my next food trip, I discovered the “Eat Well, Digest Well” contest just launched this week.
One of the main reasons it got my attention was it is a simple photo contest and the photos required are pictures of food!

Heck, I’ve plenty of those, especially now with the numerous upcoming Chinese New Year media tasting sessions.

Screen Shot 2016-01-01 at 6.21.15 PM.png

All you have to do is post your “best” food image with a caption and hashtag #CNYhochiak and #GavisconMY on Instagram.

Not on Instagram?
Well, you can spam them via email!

So this Chinese New Year, as you celebrate the occasion with festive delicacies, remember to snap many lip-smacking pictures of the food and (1) upload it on Instagram OR (2) email it to Gaviscon Malaysia.
You might just receive an ang pow from Gaviscon!


Big bowl curry mee at Selayang - Coca Restaurant -008

Contest details:
DATE: 1st January 2016 – 29th February 2016.

How to join?
Instagram – set your account to ‘public’, hashtag #CNYhochiak and #GavisconMY or tag @GavisconMY and upload your best food shot with a creative caption.

Email – Attach your entry photo and include the follow details in the email (Full name, Mobile number, Creative caption)
Email subject: “Gaviscon Chinese New Year ‚Eat Well, Digest Well‛ Photo Contest
Send your entries to [email protected].

Screen Shot 2016-01-01 at 6.20.55 PM.png

So, what are the prizes? Is it worth the trouble?

Well, I should think so!

For 6 consecutive weeks, there will be 3 winners weekly for the RM188 ang pow.
I’m personally eyeing the RM2,288 ang pow which would come in handy to repair my car.
Oh, I so want to win this! 🙂

Grand Prize: Ang Pow worth RM2,288 x 3

Weekly Prizes : Ang Pow worth RM188 x 3 (for 6 consecutive weeks)

• For more information, visit Gaviscon Malaysia
Instagram: @GavisconMY

Good luck my dear friends and readers!
The contest is on-going right now so be quick since there aren’t many entries as yet.
I’ll be checking the #GavisconMY and #CNYhochiak hashtags to see your entries. You can keep a lookout for mine (@wackybecky) on Instagram!

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