Garibaldi Italian Restaurant + Lounge, Bangsar Village I

Garibaldi Italian Restaurant + Lounge (10)

Garibaldi Italian Restaurant + Lounge is set to open its doors to public this coming Wed, 22nd Dec 2010. However, on Tues 21st Dec, the Lounge downstairs would be open but only for drinks and light snacks.

Garibaldi Italian Restaurant + Lounge (9)

Just this afternoon I had the opportunity to sample some of Garibaldi’s food as Garibaldi was hosting lunch for the Bangsar Village’s “Kids” for Kids” foundation & Supercars Charity Drive.

Lunch was served buffet-style, starting with a row of appetisers.

Garibaldi Italian Restaurant + Lounge (24)

Skewered tomatoes & buffalo mozzarella cheese.

Garibaldi Italian Restaurant + Lounge (21)

Salmon Tartare.

Garibaldi Italian Restaurant + Lounge (22)

The Beef Carpaccio was lovely. :good:

Garibaldi Italian Restaurant + Lounge (1)

As expected for an Italian restaurant, pastas and pizzas were the “main courses” for the buffet.

Spiral fusilli with Spicy Tomato Sauce.

Garibaldi Italian Restaurant + Lounge (7)

Spaghetti pasta with Porcini Wild Mushrooms.

Garibaldi Italian Restaurant + Lounge (5)

The lovely baked eggplant squares, of which I couldn’t get enough of.

Garibaldi Italian Restaurant + Lounge (6)

Garibaldi Italian Restaurant + Lounge (16)

Being pork – free, we were deprived of the swine but were served delicious chicken “roulade” with stuffing & mash instead.

Garibaldi Italian Restaurant + Lounge (4)

Garibaldi Italian Restaurant + Lounge (3)

The pizzas here were wonderfully crisp, with each bite releasing delectable aroma of freshly made dough. Light, crusty & smeared with fresh sweet tomato base, all of us enjoyed the pizzas, regardless of its topping.

Garibaldi Italian Restaurant + Lounge (20)

Capricciosa. Tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, mushrooms, artichokes, turkey ham, olives. RM34.

Garibaldi Italian Restaurant + Lounge (15)

4 formaggi. RM35
Mozzarealla, Ricotta, Parmesan & Gorgonzola.

Garibaldi Italian Restaurant + Lounge (19)

The specially commendable Pizza Bread (RM16).
White Pizza bread with rosemary parmesan & Olive oil. Seriously, if you are a bread lover like me, you will love the pizzas here.

Garibaldi Italian Restaurant + Lounge (18)

Rollino. RM32.
Rolled with mushrooms, chic sausage, black olives, tomato & mozzarella cheese.

Garibaldi Italian Restaurant + Lounge (13)

The few desserts at the buffet were the Tiramisu, which was disappointingly alcohol-free, the sublime flourless almond Choc Cake with Vanilla Sauce & the fruits with cream.

Garibaldi Italian Restaurant + Lounge (17)

Garibaldi Italian Restaurant + Lounge (12)

Another shot of the chocolate cake, just cos I like it 😉

Garibaldi Italian Restaurant + Lounge (14)

The menu in Garibaldi is pretty simple for now. There are 4 pages for food; one each for appetisers, (which includes one soup – the Minestrone), pizzas, pastas and desserts.
There are a total of 10 types of pizzas, 12 preparations of pasta (but with choices of only spaghetti, linguini and penne), & lastly, 8 types of desserts.

Lunch was generally pleasant & all of us loved the pizzas. Some of the food we had were similar to the ones on the menu while some were not. Also, the kitchen is still work-in-progress. Hence, to be fair, I won’t go into details on describing the food as yet. Watch out for my review once I have an actual ala- carte meal here. 😉

Meanwhile, I have also checked out the Singapore’s Garibaldi site & I do hope the menu here will expand soon to match the Singapore’s extensive one!

Garibaldi Italian Restaurant + Lounge,
Lot10 & G22, Bangsar Village I
Jalan Telawi 1,
59100 Bangsar, KL. (still WIP)

Contact: +603 – 2282 3457.

Garibaldi view upon stepping in from the front entrance. Downstairs is lounge for drinks & light snacks while the upper floor is reserved for fine dining.

garibaldi lounge

Suiting the vibe of the Lounge, there is even a DJ console!

Garibaldi Italian Restaurant + Lounge (8)

From the air -conditioned inside, one can opt for the al fresco area which is just adjacent to it.


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  1. Marcus Wong

    ok it works now. wanted to ask. looks expenso . and srsly. Ms Demanding (aka Girlfriend) tends to not want to subsititute material wealth with a good meal. meh.
    But the food looks good. also i wanted to make fun of the way you pronounce Tiramisu.

    Presence of pork is really not needed unless it is just unique. Parma anyone?

    other than that, meh, pork is just simple one of those versatile meats that i can use to make into anything else.

  2. Tummy-Rumble

    hello, I just went to the garibaldi in Singapore purvis street.. The food was good. I sure hope msian’s is as good though..

    1. rebeccasaw

      Yup I saw your post!!
      Haha..tis one here.. well, the menu certainly doesn’t have that many choices yet.

  3. Leo

    Then I will have to settle for chicken or fish… since they don’t do PORK!!!

    1. rebeccasaw

      Err.. there is no chicken or fish either. Pasta or Pizzas or some selections of appetisers FOR NOW…

  4. Marcus Wong

    it works! good god your readers respond fast, Fearless Leader

    1. rebeccasaw

      Ahhh… I’ll luv to think that I’m a reputable & trusted food expert whose opinions matters, but in reality there is a lot of other food bloggers out there.
      But hey, you know how fussy & non-pretentious I am. So yea. Be assured I only recom the best 😉

  5. hApPy HappY

    It’s Christmas time. There will be plentiful of food & drinks around.
    Merry Christmas & happy holiday.

    1. rebeccasaw

      Aww… Merry Christmas to you too!
      Hope to have dinner again one day k?

  6. Leonard Foong

    Whoa, so fast already posted arr Becky?! Please give me at least a month to sort out ‘teething’ issues as well as letting the restaurant settle down. I won’t be inviting anyone in for at least a month for reviews just yet! ^_^ Bear with me ya.

  7. Marcus Wong

    but, your pockets are deeper than mine (mine are full of other crap like knives and junk)
    so i will take your reviews with a grain of salt. (cos salt is cheaper :P)

    and fussy yes very much so. am not sure about the non pretentiousness but i agree with the fussy a lot. a lot.

    1. rebeccasaw

      Thks for the update. It was on the namecard I got from Roberto so I thought it was up by now.

  8. Dennis

    Just wanna check if there is any selection for vegetarian there? Not for me but might have some events with vegetarian participating…

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